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File: ccapp.exe
Name: Symantec Common Client User Session
Product: Norton Antivirus
Manufacturer: Symantec
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"ccapp.exe" belongs to Norton AntiVirus, runs auto-protect and email checking facilities.

You can obtain detailed information about ccapp.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 796 user requests for that file. 79 users classify it as harmless. 7 users classify it as not so dangerous. 39 users classify it as neutral. 20 users considered the file to be suspicious. 17 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete ccapp.exe. 29 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingPart of Norton Anti-Virus 2004 (and more i guess ;)  link for more info LizzardX
Ratingit keeps trying to send packets to verisign sureptiously joe public
RatingPart of Norton AntiVirus 2003+ AutoProtect feature  link for more info Cage
RatingNorton Internet Security ? JQ
Ratingi think its a monitoring program jack hoff
RatingDas ist ein Teil von Norton Antivirus.  link for more info Vampire
RatingConstantly uses a large chunk of memory Andi
RatingAssociated with Norton AntiVirus 2003, which runs auto-protect and email checking facilities. Without this service, both facilities cannot function correctly. suhel
RatingPart of Norton AntiSPAM 2004, when this crashes, Outlook's mail stops working, have to restart computer spacent
Ratingnorton's Common client application, central service that susses out how to operate the main norton stuff which can be tricky in a multi user environment. For example 2 users may be logged on ( say using fast user switching is one way ) And two NAVS are running on two different taskbars, There are Not really two NAVS but just one CCapp controlling the lot... To control the lot independant of user's or before logon you must be a service :) .... Its apparent high CPU usage can therefore be there antivirus or other norton process chugging away doing their job ... allow access for updates etc.  link for more info, another link for more info Jason
Ratingit uses a lot of my virtual memory
RatingPart of NAV so I turned it on.. Bill
Ratingtries to break out of my firewall all the time. Azzos
RatingCan cause the computer to hang when shutting down. Don
RatingI run Win98 SE, and ccApp FREQUENTLY stops responding, thereby causing Outlook Express & other apps to become unpredictable. When ccApp is running, it prevents Freecell from running. It's a giant pain. Bruce
RatingMy computer says there is an error with ccapp.exe then my internet doesn't work, i think that this process is therefore neccesary matt
RatingSolution to ccapp hogging memory  link for more info doddy
RatingSometimes uses 99% of CPU, especially when going in and out of Mozilla and using Outlook Express mjdiii
RatingUsed by nortonAV to scan files in the background. (Auto-protect) KDE
Ratinglöst trotz deinstallation von Norton antivierus extrem hohen upload meine Systems aus. Sollte eigentlich gar nicht mehr vorhanden sein karo
Ratinguses up more memory then i would like it too
RatingIt uses a lot of memory!! Mufti Mahmud
RatingPart of Norton AntiVirus. Auto Protect for your Desktop and whole system Soulless
RatingIt is located in a Symantec File area. When the process in stopped shut down with Task manager I get multiple errors. 80-100% CPU usage. braindeadjones
RatingThe computer hangs up with the message "ccApp is not responding"
RatingSpybot tells me it is a virus or malware, but when I get rid of it my Norton antivirus auto protect is disabled and I need to reinstall Norton to get it going again. So I have learned to ignore Spybot on this one... Alan Ffreshwater
Ratinginterferes with normal PCMCIA LAN card communications...
Ratingusing a lot of mem Slaphead
RatingMy computer sometimes has to force close ccApp.exe when shutting down Steven
Ratingnorton antispam2004 uses this file to check for spam dazza
Rating Constantly uses a large part of my computers power tillfllig
RatingSlows down your computer! Anj
RatingIt is a required component of your ever-vigilant Norton AntiVirus. Traci in Texas
RatingWhen we did an uninstall of Norton Internet Security 2003, upon reboot of our laptop, we started receiving and error msg indicating that symstore.dll could not be found. The ccapp.exe was still trying to startup. Jerry
RatingVery Problematic with NAV 2005 & WIN XP. I keep having to uninstall/re-install NAV2005 because on bootup the WIN Install Wizard pops up as though trying to install a program and then NAV2005 auto pops up and says that it does not support the repair feature and I must uninstall/re-install. Susanne Gyasi
RatingScan Disk will not run nor will Solitary or freecell. I do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete. And then click on ccapp and close the program. Then I run scan disk or play game . To go out on the web I reboot the computer and go on line.  link for more info RedOak21
RatingI get a kick out of the people, who say its uses a lot of memory on my system, in Anti-Spy.Info it shows this process using 0% (zero percent) man hold on thats a lot of memory. It should only use memory when its in use.  link for more info Chrispixx The Great
RatingccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used by both NAV and NIS. It calls the different program features in NAV and NIS. For example, in NAV, if Auto-Protect and Email Scanning are enabled, then ccApp.exe makes sure that those programs are running. If ccApp is disabled, then Auto-Protect and Email Scanning will not run.  link for more info oceanMan
RatingI thought I would come back and add the information that Symantec gave me on my problem. In my case none of the below site helped. My problem is CcApp . It is a shame that when you disable their program (Norton) that it doesnot stop this program also from running in the background.  link 1, link 2, link 3 RedOak21
RatingPart of NAV... problem is is that it is now running my CPU at 100% util... and it is stuck there... even after reboots. This happened also once with their Norton Security product.... once again, Symantec crapware strikes again! Ben
RatingIt started to become a problem the day I installed Norton Internet Security 2005 (had not used NIS before). It keeps locking up Outlook, and every time I try to reboot it seems ccApp is hanging and not responding. Simon
RatingSafe component of Norton Internet Security or Norton antivirus 2004. Started sometime to consume high CPU while sending or receiving e-mails. Workaround on this by Symantec does not work in my installation. Uf!  link for more info Raul
RatingPart of NAV 2005, uses all available CPU time even though NAV isn't running. Process wouldn't let itself be stopped. Had to debug it to make it quit. ret
RatingIt is a legit file! It's for Symantec's consumer products 2003-2005 (most likely later on too). Also, it should be digitally signed for authencity. AntDude
RatingThis program kept writing to my hard disk every 4 or 5 minutes and kept my defrag program from executing. Piper
RatingPart of Norton email protection but it eats up all your resources and slows everything to a crawl. Tony
RatingScan Disk will not run nor will Solitary or freecell. I do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete
RatingI remove it with Ctrl/Alt/Del if I want to play Freecell otherwise no can do! Mari-Lou
RatingIT IS Norton Internet Security !!!!!! prob crap but it is your firewall !!  link for more info
Ratingccapp.exe seizes my machine during email download about 50% of the time Jeffrey Lamkin
RatingIt's Associated with Norton AV2004 and Norton Internet Security
RatingWhy rnaapp.exe started by ccapp.exe and connect to Internet
RatingSeems to take 99% of my cpu time! Cohen
RatingVery Problematic with WIN XP Susanne Gyasi
Ratingshutdown error mark
RatingIts an important process for NIS2005 and the Antivirus, to ensure that its working properly.  link for more info Emmanuel
RatingThis is the Norton/Symantec task for Virus & SPAM protection in your PC. It can appear to hang on close down as it is attempting to be the last service out to prevent Memory Viruses altering your PC's Op SYs  link for more info Paul
RatingGrabbed 96% CPU and thrashing. Don't know why.
RatingIt is the file Norton antivirus or norton internet security uses to enabe auto protect and email protect etc. if you disable it, it will not run those things Leigh O'Neill
Ratingnever had a problem with it until i installed an external hard firewall after some one hacked y computer and read back my computer stats with Nortons FW up and running. Now it crashes daily causing me to reboot
RatingIt prevents me from running several of my games. When I boot them they screen goes black and tries to run but then back to windows. The only time I can get them to work is by killing ccApp while i play. Marc
RatingListens on ports 25 and 110, probably as part of the email scanning services. Keith Reid
RatingNorton System Works/Norton Antivirus LiveUpdate file. All I know is that I installed AdAware on my computer and I must have missed this file getting deleted, cuz now whenever I try to do a liveupdate in Norton, it says that a program is running that needs to stop before it can install the new updates. (Do NOT Delete) ZRU2U
RatingSpikes the CPU when shutting down and logging back in under Remote Desktop Robbo
RatingIt is kind of a pain, but I end task ccApp in the Close Programs dialouge box before shutting my system down. haus
Ratingoccasionally slows computer severely Tyralt
RatingNorton is a piece of s***, quit using it. Mike Carpenter
RatingThis process needs to much memory - memory will grow and grow and grow .. unit yet my ccApp.exe takes more than 1.6 GB
RatingSymantec says: "ccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used by both Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. It calls the different program features in Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. For example, in Norton AntiVirus, if Auto-Protect and Email Scanning are enabled, then ccApp.exe makes sure that those programs are running. If ccApp is disabled, then Auto-Protect and Email Scanning will not run."  link for more info, link for more info Norton Critic
RatingImportant Symantec Auto Protect file (Common Client APPlication)  link for more info John
Ratingccapp.exe works perfectly on my computer with Win XP with ZoneAlarm, Symantec Antivirus, and Norton Internet Security enabled and it even works perfectly with Freecell and Solitaire played in split screen mode troublefree.
RatingThis is norton anti-viruses auto-protect utillity. If you disable it you are preventing Anti-VIrus from scanning office files, e-mail, and incoming files from the internet. outopian
Ratingpart of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Editions and other Anastas
Ratingannoying cpu usage, but guess i'll survive ;) zipper
Ratingchecks email in/out for norton stevelock
RatingIt is linked with norten. When i close it norten closes. When it is running, my PC crashes when im on the internet for too long. Ryan
RatingTries to connect to's POP3 port. This is a university in Istambul.. So something is very fishy. Mikko Ruuska
RatingSlows down machine. I get error message that CCAPP caused a failure due to invalid CCFWSETG.DLKL Herman
RatingThis is a NAV file - However, it does have issues with XP, where it's using from 0% to 98% of my cpu available...Even when not actively doing anything, and NAV is disabled. If I knew the WHY behind this, I could probably work around it, but it's a good case for going to McAfee, less trouble with XP there. Zan
RatingThis file comes with norton but for smaller computers, it can be a paint, NOTHING will happen if you terminate this program in the task manager. Michael
RatingccApp.exe is from Norton Internet security/antivirus. Causes 3d games to continually minimise to desktop.
RatingMine just says that its tryin to install and norton does not support this install it tells me to uninstall and then reinstall it but would that be a wise thing ebcasue then wont i have to get it all set up again??and everyone says it takes a lot of memory but it doesnt for mine i got xp version
Ratingwhenever i shut down my comp i have to manually close it to shut down... anyone know how to solve this? npoenn
Ratingthis is the norton file which is necessary for autoprotect of computer,which is afeature of norton. Syed tahir hassan
Ratingnorton internet security etc essential file...this thing is just a giant blak hole, sucking up all my system resources to the point where i cant even right click on the desktop without a 2 second delay, and forget about opening any programs, let alone switching between winmap, msn and ie! although it does its job and protects your computer, its no longer worth using it cos it runs soo slow.., meh *clicks uninstall chris
RatingPart of Norton Personal Firewall. You can turn it off by not scanning email.
RatingThis process must always be forced to close on my win xp system, seems like a problematic file.
Ratingseems to be a part of norton antivirus, usually has trouble closing on shutdown, used a lot of memory darcy
RatingAny program can potentially interact with another program. This program does use up some of the CPU but unless you have an old computer it shouldn't be that significant Killafife
RatingUses a lot of CPU . Constantly hangsup Outlook and prvents email download. Using WP Pro and Office XP. GerryZ
Rating85% of the time i shut down it requireds a "end task" FM III
RatingMy system has to force it to close / shutdown now takes 10 minutes or more (on WIN XP Home) Magnani
Ratingdrastically reduces my computer's speed Eric Caves
Ratingi have been working tirelessly to speed up shutdown for 4 months, no links but shutdown and restart is a nightmare it freezes then takes around 10 mins to shutdown. can anybody help me i would be in great debt to them i hope to solve this probloem before he new year! Mark Webster
Ratingtaking up all my cpu usage , I can't do anything else Barbara
Ratingit is a Norton antivirus program mmasloub
RatingI had this problem and it drove me crazy trying to figure what was going on. I eventually determined that if you have the task bar at the bottom of the screen, the ccapp is not a problem. When you drag the task bar to the top of your screen, the problem returns. Strange, but true. Poor programming on someone's part. John B
Ratingit and eventmgr.exe hog up to 85% of my 1.2GHz machine for minutes at a time. Intolerable! Symantec should fix this immediately, or i'm leaving them! [email protected]
RatingCentral to functioning of Norton AntiVirus, Personal Firewall, Internet Security. Takes 44MB RAM under WinXP Pro, but 0% CPU - unless you are constantly running e-mail like Outlook (why don't you exit??) or spending all your time on-line such as with role-playing or streaming media. Better safe than sorry. Stephen
RatingSymantec's bad implementation of ccApp and ccEvtMgr is as big a pain as most problems they want to protect against. Wolfgang
RatingAlso Norton Internet Security 2005
Ratingnorton, i think, because if you shut it down, Norton email security is disabled wagie
RatingIt's an essential application (part of Symantec Norton Internet Security 2004) that works to auto-protect your computer. I agree with previous comments that it slows down your computer and uses a lot of virtual memory. I didn't find this too problematic when running a single program, but multi-tasking can be slow. I tend to disable Norton AV sometimes anyway to speed things up. I never drop my firewall though. Russ
RatingMakes defragmentation by windows disc defragmentor impossible due intermittent disk writing. Is part of Norton antivirus but still active after switching off autoprotect. Can only deactivate using task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), Bart Smit
RatingNAV file running in the background - constantly. Eats resources, especially with iTunes running. Mikkel
Ratingit is your autoprotect function. The problems listed are not because of this, they are because people don't know how to set up Norton or Windows. The issue with Norton trying to reinstall and saying it does not support the repair feature is caused by moving the start menu shortcuts or deleting them, not by this app.  link for more info god
RatingNorton's all purpose event handler, very sloppy. Their auto-protect has always sucked, just shut it off and it won't use too much memory. To prevent more memory leak also scan only incoming mail, Norton always has problems when both enabled, no need to scan both direction anyways.  link for more info
Ratingpart of norton anti virus 2003,2004&2005 . If you have norton ,you need this for the mail scanning. you will find it in (win98) c:program files  link for more info stevelock
RatingNorton Scanner for incoming/outgoing email and attachments.  link for more info OrnThorpe
RatingccApp is more than a memory hog as discussed at I've install Roxio and ccApp sits at the top of the processes list using up 100% of cpu preventing access to any of my drives using Explorer. Can't put in the background, disable or do anything except uninstall software that is not the cause of the problem. NortonSmith Young
RatingThis is norton anti-viruses auto-protect utillity.  link for more info Geogre Bush
RatingccApp.exe is a file that is for symantec Chris Akin
Ratingit freezes my computer in Windows 98 sec. & knocks me off-line! Test says comp. is in audit mode but no one at Symantec seems to know how to fix it! hedgehog1
RatingMicroSoft Spyware hotline advised this is a necesary file and should be allowe to connect to Symantec Woodrow
RatingIt belongs with norton.If you have Norton AV it needs to run so it can support Norton. If you like NAV then leave it alone. Its a side pusher to support the emails. If your having problems with it contact Norton. It could be that a virus attached itself to ccApp.exe via back door. If you can Get Spy sweeper and run it to check for any hijackers, ccApp is a vunerable entry because it has no HKEY-Root stabilty. By the way spy sweeper would be a great investment its probably the best out there.  link for more info bluejay
RatingIt kills my system every time I try to do some work in the network (excel, word) sorift
RatingMust have it for protection. Does error out on shut downs often. Robert
RatingIts a Norton file. N0rton
RatingSlows machine Stops close down Wayne
RatingUses a lot of memory.. slows the system is not necessary for system to keep running properly Vivek
RatingFor me, it is inconvenient at shutdown - will not close and must be manually terminated Steve
Ratingslows down machine. on logout ends up not resonding causing long delay. Potus
RatingI know it's something for Norton antivirus, but that's about it. It sometimes causes my computer to be slow to shut down though. (I sometimes get the "ending program" dialogue, and that is the process that needs to be ended 90% of the time) Lilly
RatingSymantec accept that this file is necessary and yet do nothing to improve the CPU maxing problems, but go to lengths to say tough if you want the anti virus to run - garbage, I want my subscription fee refunded! Kaz H
RatingIt is a part of Norton Antivirus and Firewall. It renders both of my PCs useless: Windows 2000 and XP home. The XP crashes all the time and the 2000 is so slow and then it crashes. It is a legal app and it is not dangerous. It just renders your computer useless, so useless that if you had a virus you wouldn't know it. Also, ccapp crashes when Antivirus or the Firewall go to so LiveUpdate to get their virus definitions or when any other scheduled program goes out to the Internet (such as Microsoft Updates). Ivana
RatingPart of Symantec Norton Internet Security  link for more info Georg
RatingPart of NIS 2005 Chris
Ratingsometimes ccApp consumes the 97(appx) percent of my memory and the only way for making it go down is rebooting. I used to have Norton Antivirus, but I never unlocked it. How can I erase the process? Leo
Ratingtry clearing nav from the registry jdv
Ratingslows my computer down conciderably vukodlak
RatingEmbeded file for (NSC)part of agreement HS poindexter1621
RatingUtalizes all the cpu it can grab on xp pro. don b
Ratingwindows keeps having to "end program" it on shutdown frank
RatingDisabling will prevent browser access to secure (https) sites. John
Ratingit's sucking up cpu usage and slows things down to a standstill sushila
RatingIt consumed lot of memory and slow down my computer speed, therefore. Surti
RatingI do know that it's used for Norton Antivirus now, I thought it was spyware. Fr0
RatingNorton auto protect email ......hangs shut down process, eats memory, freezes software apps. Teak
RatingCauses my computer to freeze! When my computer starts it says its having trouble with that file.
RatingI have NAV & ZoneAlarm Pro and ZA reported that ccapp.exe tried to send my mother's maiden name to my ISP! Morris
RatingIt sucks, and I wish I could just get rid of the darn thing, but I know it is necessary if I want to continue using my NAV JL
RatingThe file was located in windows\system32\ and I got the message that it is infected by RBot.PL worm... I killed this piece of junk. Mike
RatingThis file is extraordinarily annoying. It makes up 98% of my CPU usage, even when not running any e-mail programs. It's very frustrating to disable.
RatingIt stops responding when downloading some messages in OE and Netscape Mail and hangs up the download. Need to restart. Message has to be deleted before it gets to mail prg. Walt
RatingI installed NIS2005 on XP a month ago. Recently the Windows shutdown process became extremely slow (5 minutes or longer). And it always started with closing CCApp.exe. I was very frustrated until I found the following solution: turn off the NIS Personal Firewall and turn on the Windows Firewall instead. Now the shutdown is measured by seconds. Also my internet-enabled programs now can run without a problem. Li
Ratingits a part of Noton Antivirus and you can also see it aprart from task manager while closing win xp as End Program - ccApp mohan
RatingCcapp is a royal pain! Slows computer immensely. Computer doesn't shut down properly 90% of the time. Publisher
RatingPart of Norton Internet Security- I found it ran at 99% on occasions when receiving email until I removed Outlook Express from the applications list in NIS (I use Outlook as my email client). Now seems OK TonyW
RatingI hate it because it takes much memory and i get error message when i shut down computer Oskars
RatingThis program conflicts with outlook. Think it has something to do with FW not accepting automatic checks for new e-mails when the screensaver is on. The problem has not occured when I'm working on the machine, but suddenly the cabinet fan start up at full speed. All progam are reported as Running, but in the Process window ccApp.exe is showing constant use of 50% of CPU, and use more than 55' kb memory. Can't kill the process, and when I shut down PC, ccApp.exe is not responding. I'll throw in an hour in fixing this. If not solved, NIS will be repaced by Zonelabs ZoneAlarm. bts234
Ratingwhen i load my printer driver and try to open internet explorer it stops responding and my pc goes to hang position deepak
RatingIt hog up to 85 % of my 1.5GHz machine for minutes at a time.
RatingNorton runs this exe file to control traffic.It uses too much memory(70%-80%) . It seems dangerous. Commander
Ratingit sux , makes my computer so slow and takes too much time to shut down vero
RatingccApp.exe is a part of Norton Internet Security. It does slow my PC and always has to be forced to end when shutting down. Rick.B
Ratingregularly stalls out at shutdown with not responding. Norton is bogus but what else for spam blocking? rjsnorg
RatingUses 31MB in XP Pro SP2, hardly earth shattering
RatingIt uses all available resources under WinXP, slowing the hell out of my machine. Stay away from Symantec corporate crap, get Kaspersky AV instead. HuitZiloP
Ratingis part of Norton AntiVirus 2005 ... IBM tech suppro said only way to get control of my PC back (pegged at 100% CPU by CCAPP.exe taking 99% of CPU is de-install) .l... finally after weeks of suffering//I get my PC back ... NORTON sucks azornes
RatingThis program took up approx 96% of my memory... which is pretty inconvenient (keep in mind it happened after running a virus scan or two). I tried to manually end the process in task manager, and it denied me access, so I had to shut down and end it that way. Pretty inconvenient if you ask me.... I wish Norton would fix it. John
RatingWindows 2000 forces it to close when shutting down, makes the whole process five times slower than before installing Norton JasonBotheredBYccApp
Ratingits related to NAV sacchutendlya
RatingIt uses port 1098 that I need for my App Server Stefan
RatingPart of Norton Antivirus, always fails during shutdown. This site showed me more than a few people have the same issue. Moose
Ratingcausing windows to hang when shutting down.....glad to finally know what cpApp is..... lisa
RatingNorton common client, used by norton firewall & antivirus. Takes a lot of mem, e.g. 600M after 8hurs Iks
RatingI have W98SE and this file hangs for about 5 minutes when I start my system. If I Cntl-Alt-Del it shows that it is hanging but eventually it works itself out. A pain in the arse but necessary I guess.
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