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Information about cdantsrv.exe file

File: cdantsrv.exe
Name: C-Dilla RTS Service
Product: CD-Secure/CD-Compress Windows NT
Manufacturer: C-Dilla Ltd
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"cdantsrv.exe" is part of C-dilla software protection (used e.g. by Autodesk Inventor)

You can obtain detailed information about cdantsrv.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 559 user requests for that file. 9 users classify it as harmless. 2 users classify it as not so dangerous. 1 user classify it as neutral. 1 user classify it as bad and recommend to delete cdantsrv.exe. 6 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingC-Dilla - Program anti-piracy, Andre
RatingAutodesk License Server
Ratingits a licence program used by 3d studio max (at least 5 and 6 use it) van Baalen
Ratingcopy protection (e.g. 3dsMax)
RatingHas something to do with copy protection on. On CD's I think.
Rating(system32\DRIVERS) Lizenzmanagement Software C-Dilla (RTS Service), Beispiel für "3D Studio Max" dan
RatingC-Dilla is the Licensemanager for 3DS Max 5 + 6 stb
RatingIt's a license management program for Discreet's 3D Studio Max 4, 5, and 6, that was made by Macrovision to validate the license  link for more info
RatingC-Dilla is the software license manager for 3DS Max 5 + 6 Morris
Ratingthis is a problem. See link  link for more info suzee
RatingUsed by visual slickedit as well - license manager
RatingIt is a software lock. Instead of using a device to phyisically plug into your system, you have to have this running in the bg for 3DSMax to open. Joseph L. (Chicago, IL)
RatingCDANTSRV.EXE/C-Dilla is now in my NT services & was installed with my PC Game Silent Hill 3....I NEVER had 3DS Max Anything Erica (US)
RatingThis is installed with AutoDesk 2005 software - appears to be security/protection software for AutoDesk apps.
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