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File: internat.exe
Name: loads the different input locales
Product: Windows
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

Internat.exe runs at startup; it loads the different input locales that are specified by the user. The locales to be loaded for the current user are taken from the following registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload
Internat.exe loads the "EN" icon into the system tray, allowing the user to easily switch between locales. This icon disappears when the process is stopped, but the locales can still be changed through Control Panel.
Note The locales for the "System" are loaded from here:
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload
These locales are used by system services that are running under the Local System account or when no user is logged on (for example, at the logon prompt).

Note: The internat.exe file file should appear only the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. If you happen to find this file in a different folder, it is possible that your internat.exe is in reality a malicious file. Many trojans and viruses try to cloak their real identity by using the names of legitimate files. Any time that you encounter a suspicious process, you should verify the digital signature and the file path, for example using Anti-Spy.Info.

User feedback

There were 193 user requests for that file. 21 users classify it as harmless. 1 user classify it as not so dangerous. 9 users classify it as neutral. 5 users considered the file to be suspicious. 2 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete internat.exe. 2 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingInput Locales Traybar icon is used to change regional settings Alex
RatingKB selector KnowAll
RatingIt appears to be handling the keyboard locals. Next to the time on the lower right courner you should see your language displayed. In my case its "EN" for english. Ending this process should remove it from the tray.  link for more info Carlos D. Garza
Ratingthere are two versions of internat.exe and the most comon one is as you say for language settings of your keyboard but here is the kicker there is also a internat.exe that is part of a virus/trojan `password stealer abd should definatly be investigated if you dont run more than one language on the pc keyboard settings  link for more info wolf on the loose
Ratingif u have "aston shell" installed, is one of aston's files  link for more info Mihnea
RatingIt's not dangerous, it's a process started by Windows. Arne
RatingIt runs with Aston shell (explorer replacement). Hugh G. Rection
RatingDefinatel;y been having problems with it... Keyboard setting should not be activating the internet. I was forced to block transmissions on my firewall program before deleting it. There are two Internat.exe, and one is a Trojan horse, but as yet i don't know how to identify the other Joseph
RatingIf it is the Netsnake virus it will reside in the C;\windows folder, if its a system file it will be in c:\windows\system32. (for XP) Use this to differentiate. Also the good process has a ZIP icon, while the virus has a "?" icon  link for more info Negster22
RatingOn my computer (Win 2000), the good file in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM has a "?" icon and I don't have the virus so I wouldn't worry about the "?" icon. See the link for how to tell if you have the virus and what to do about it.  link for more info Brian
RatingI have the internat.exe file with the "?" icon in athe c:\windows\system32 file. Also, checking the version under properties, I find it's got a Microsoft signature. dkcc
RatingIn windows 2000, the one with the "?" icon ist the good one! bleedproof
RatingIst ein Trojaner, schwer zu entfernen dieterpapa
RatingIn google suche ist die internat.exe als Trojaner identifiziert worden  link for more info MagicMad1337 (m&m)
Ratingthis have to do with the region options under your control panel try open the region option, then to the input locales tab and uncheck the "enable indicator on taskbar and the internat.exe will dissapear
RatingUsed to switch between language charsets. But can be infected by worms!!! MORT,
Rating"In windows 2000, the one with the "?" icon ist the good one! " That is not correct !! It is infected if it has the ? !! fed-up guy
RatingI have Win 98 and the icon with a "?" not only has a microsoft signature, but is located at the c:\windows\system folder, not the c:\windows\system32. Maha
RatingI have rated this as dangerous to flag up a potential trojan/ password thief. There are two versions of internat.exe. The official microsoft version has a ? icon and is used for keyboard language selection. The trojan has a zip file icon and is nasty, stealing passwords and using e-mail to forward them to the initiator.  link for more info machinesurgeon
RatingThe one in c:\windows\system32 is related to Keyboard Locales. If you remove all Keyboard Locales except for one, after reboot you'll notice the icon for selecting keyboard language in the taskbar is gone. And the internat.exe process will no longer run on startup. Holf
RatingMS digitally signed exe, which enables language switching in the taskbar and loads as a boot process. In any other location apart from sysroot, it could be malicious. charismagic
Ratinginternat.exe = tastatur-layout-umschaltung (z.b. DE/EN) virtuellesue
Ratingi have two copies in c:/winnt/system32 both with the '?' - does that mean it's ok? Faris
Ratingit runs in memory and networkconnection is impossible. I deleted it in start up, and after restarting the pc, the network connections are all right again ! HVH Systems bvba, Belgium
Ratinghello.. dont worry, this is only international keyboard (other than thte default, english.) take it from the doc.. to see for yourself, its simple.. just after a fresh load of w98, you wont see internat running with you press CTRL ALT and Delete (which shows the programs or tasks that are running).. However, when you go to control panel and keyboards and load a new language keyboard (russian, for ex), then you will see internat running, when you press CTRL ALT delete) its as simple as that.. all the best.. the doc..  link for more info Dr Ken James
RatingWindows 2000 SP4 - File is in c:\winnt\system32 and c:\winnt\system32\dllcache. Created date SHOULD BE 07 December 1999, 12:00:00. Icon SHOULD be question mark. Loads from HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Bruv1
RatingNot an trojan, just clik on an blue icon that is shown next to the clock an disable it from runing everytime Neto
RatingDas Umschalten zwischen verschiedenen Sprachen (in Deutschland meistens Deutsch = DE und Englisch = EN) wird durch die “internat.exe” ermöglicht. DataFighter
RatingMicrosoft provided file is not needed for english windows users. I have sucessfully deleted both copies \i386 (install from dir) & \winnt\system32, windows complianed about a missing system file but works fine after I denied replacing it. ds
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