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File: javaw.exe
Name: Java command line tool
Product: Java
Manufacturer: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"javaw.exe" belongs to Java from Sun Microsystems, Inc..

The javaw.exe command is identical to java.exe, except that with javaw.exe there is no associated console window. This implies you can't get it to display the version with -version since there is no console to display it on. Use javaw.exe when you don't want a command prompt window to appear. The javaw.exe launcher will, however, display a dialog box with error information if a launch fails for some reason.

You can obtain detailed information about javaw.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 392 user requests for that file. 36 users classify it as harmless. 3 users classify it as not so dangerous. 16 users classify it as neutral. 10 users considered the file to be suspicious. 6 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete javaw.exe. 3 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingIt is the SUN Java Runtime  link for more info
RatingUnterstuezt anscheinend Azureus Mitch
RatingIt's a sun java file Lounatic77
RatingThis is the JAVA Runtime, In my case its running Bittorrent Azureus Client argon
RatingYou can Disable it
RatingIt will kill performance on Windows 2003 Servers Francisco Arostegui
RatingPrevented web from loading when Zonealarm blocked it Frank
RatingIt's "part" of Azureus and kills system performance Ivo
RatingIt's a sun file Michael Decker
RatingI'm using it to run Azureus as wel,, it's killing my processor. It currently has 132 megabytes in my ram
RatingHP use it in their status monitor
RatingSome HP print drivers w/HP Toolbox will install this executable as part of the initial setup. HP confirmed that this is okay. D. Lawson
RatingFor Bittorrent Azureus, how it downloads and uploads Any
RatingIt will eat memory like crazy on a powerful computer if let alone Avs
RatingThis is the JAVA Runtime, In my case its running Bittorrent Azureus Client Manu
RatingIntergral Part of Azureus the Java interface  link for more info Knotryder
RatingRequired if you are running Java Apps. Killing it will also kill the java app you're running. For Java Application Launcher  link for more info A1programmer
RatingUsually required to run java applications, java plugin, and the such.
RatingJava runtime files, used in co-operation with Azerues, and as others say when you have a fair few files loaded into it for downloaded, completely kills performance :(
Ratingit is run by hewlett packard printer toolbox marco v
RatingIt works with Azureus and freezin' up my system maskmeyo
Ratingthe *itch killed my system boo
RatingVery useful command from Sun's Java Runtime Environment. I write java code and use it all the time. Sam B.
RatingIt's with Azureus, uses almost all resource of the system Tze yu
RatingI just renamed it and my azureus works Amit
RatingBenutzen fast alle Torrenttools und frisst nach einiger Zeit Inaktivität am Rechner den Speicher. Aber recht harmlos, wenn man den Rechner über Nacht laufen lässt! Megaboon
Ratingwell whatever it is its slowing my computer down a crap load...if i end the process it speeds right up Romero
Ratingwhen i start limewire pro 4.05, this is the file that loads. wtf?
RatingIt's a memory hog Jordie
Ratingassociated with limewire and other java programs. SP2 firewall and norton give u the option 2 disable it Yusuf Yusuf
RatingIt's a real performance hog on Win XP Pete
RatingPart of Azureus - kills performance Lieven
RatingPart of the SUN Java runtime. Needed for Java programs.  link for more info Ben!
RatingThis is the Java Runtime Environment. This (or one of several third-party JRE's) is required to run any Java program. It is comparable to vbrun600.dll to run Visual Basic 6.0 programs or FrameworkService for .NET applications.  link for more info Jason Tovey
RatingIt's definitely NOT a part of Azureus. Azureus just uses it to run.  link for more info M4r33 \ ()5
RatingKeeping azrures upload/downloads limited will help control mem usage, but needs to be watched constantly DigitalTreez
RatingUsed for Java apps. Java is usually slow so this will eat pc resources like a fat pig. In combination with a memory proggie like freemem quite managable. Outgoing connections to the internet can be disabled without cousing it to freeze up or anything. eNdEmiOn
RatingAzureus, SUN Java Runtime ok, but javaw.exe is trying to send e-mail on my PC Ur-1el
RatingIts not "part" of Azureus, it runs it! Björn
Rating=java.exe, but without console output. Good for swing/AWT applications. Don't have difference among others java application: same memory and processor consume. AlanZ
RatingUse it with Azureus - uses a bit of system memory, but nothing to worry about Yeah
Ratinghp instal - destroying performance of computer - FU SUN dan
Ratingusing 150 mb of ram
RatingIt kills W2003Server. Has to do with HP printer toolbox. Delete it if windows 2003 server, it sucks
RatingIt is a Sunfile. Can affect the processor latency Raj
Ratinghp ProCurve toolbox uses it as well - it can be a memory hog Jason
RatingBenötigt Azureus... also dann an lassen!!! Ansonsten zieht es sicherlich nur unnötig Speicher. MfG Leon
RatingI think it IS part of Azureus , my cpu was at 100% , and I started ending processes of the programs runing 1 by 1 and checking the cpu status , when i ended javaw.exe my process went from 100% to 3% , I also noticed the Azerus system tray icon dissapeared and I had to restart the program : ) , btw , it doesnt always kill my cpu , in fact , this is the first time it's happened
RatingNot dangerous - but it eats a lot of ram, needed for java based programs, like Azureus. Mr_R
Ratingjavaw is a program that comes along with the Sun JRE. Can be used to exceute jar files. coool
RatingIt pops up after I installed a HP1010. The file is located in the HP directory. I guess it's part of HP's toolbox. It does eat memory though! 18.452kB of memory for a printer....but well it does a good job. Go Laser!
RatingJava Virtual Machine  link for more info Anonymous
Ratingslows computer performance Michael Sikula
RatingWorks with Azureus GM
RatingIt slows down the xp operating system. It requires a lot of memory. Stop the process and all becomes normal and faster again. JJJ
RatingI found that in azureus it would only start to take away my CPU power if I had capped my downloads to a certain amount. But with no bandwidth limit it didnt seem to slow down my computer at all. Acidtreat101
RatingJava Runtime, Azureus uses it....
RatingThis is the Java Runtime Environment. Java programs like Azureus or Limewire need it to run. It uses a lot of performance, but on my old (P3 733) system it only uses around 5% CPU with Azureus.  link for more info The Watcher
RatingIBM Thinkpads use it to download messages for 'IBM message center'. Once scheduled, the javaw process jumps to live unexpectedly. It can kills performance if IBM website is unreachable at that time. schrotti
Ratingcame with hp-printer softwar teggmo
RatingAzureus users, make sure you are using the latest version. JRE 1.5 Update 2, the recommended JRE on the Azureus page runs even worse than this one.  link for more info D-503
RatingI love Azureus but I hate the platform it was built on (Java). This exe is a real memory muncher. carls
RatingRuns as part of Yahoo SiteBuilder LP
RatingThis is the Java client. It will kill resoucres when running with a bit torrent program, by design not by fault. If your running a DL manager you have to expect the loss of memory.
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