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File: jusched.exe
Name: Sun Java Update Scheduler
Product: Java
Manufacturer: Sun Microsystems
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"jusched.exe" belongs to Java - this is an OS independent application environment.
( Java technology is a portfolio of products that are based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on many different kinds of systems and devices.)

You can obtain detailed information about jusched.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 4203 user requests for that file. 39 users classify it as harmless. 7 users classify it as not so dangerous. 17 users classify it as neutral. 12 users considered the file to be suspicious. 7 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete jusched.exe. 6 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingIt's Sun Java's automatic update scheduler. It periodically starts another process that check for updates for the Jav VM. David G.
RatingYou can disable it with jucheck.exe in the same directory. You usually dont need the scheduler. Lucas B.
RatingDie jusched.exe der Firma "SUN" sorgt für Javaupdates Osiris
RatingIt's unnecessary and annoying. It slows your PC down. Kaaos
RatingOpen Java Plugin from WinXP's Control Panel, click Updates tab, uncheck the option to check for updates Rob H.
Ratingunnötiger Ballast cbi
RatingIt corrupts memory and slows down the PC and changes passwords and makes things run slow. No link to delete it! I know more
RatingThe jusched.exe automatic update scheduler is relatively new [j2re1.4.2_04] and by default is loaded set to check for java updates from Sun every month after installation. The process is nearly always sleeping, but eats up 2.4 Mb of RAM . Rare problems when it attempts to phone home for updates. Default behavior easily changed through the Control Panel - Java Plug In - Update tab - uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically" and be sure to press the "Apply" button before closing the applet.. Can also be disabled in registry HKLM \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run . Thomas M.
RatingJava update scheduler from Sun Microsystems. Not dangerous, just wastes memory. Bert Q.
RatingKeep my java update quicker. It good if you use alot of java. Justin
Ratinggoto to java icon in control panel select deselect auto update and whalha gone Vansin
RatingI need more ram so I'm disabling it. Thanks for the info! Mark C.
RatingIt is simply an automatic update feature. If you want it, keep it if you don't want it, disable it. Martin Hanson
Rating2.5mb memory, doesnt even take 1s cpu time in no problem (and it's not dangerous) Cen
RatingUnnötiger Ballast. Um es aus der Autostart-Funktion zu entfernen, tippen sie bei "Ausführen" msconfig ein, klicken sie auf Systemstart und entfernen das Häkchen vor jusched.exe!
RatingIts a pain in the tail :( Turn off auto update! smaxx
RatingHarmlos. Ist für die Java-Online-Updates zuständig  link for more info Seth
Ratingunnötiger ballast - regedit/HKLM/Microsoft/Windows/Curent Version/Run und jusched.exe entfernen
RatingIt's a memory and resource hog Barney Fife
RatingHarmlose Datei. Automatisches Updateprogramm für Java. Wer es nicht braucht kann es aus der Autostart-Funktion entfernen. Uwe K.
RatingCould possibly be exploited to allow access to a system. Aka Trojans Port Sniffers would be looking for a way to use it as an exploit. Start makeing programs that tell you what their doing and why their doing it. Sir_EOT
RatingWell, it's not dangerous but the file is dated 2068 which is weird!  link for more info Danny Lau
RatingHave limitted tech knowhow . Want to disable for more RAM Vansin suggests deselect auo in control panel but can't find Jarva icon other than in Add/Remove. Welcome clearer explanation ??? Tricia
RatingDie jusched.exe der Firma "SUN" sorgt für Javaupdates. DeinMuddn
Ratingsunjava app. Star Jones
RatingIf you wish to disable this prosses the easiest way is to do it from the system configuration utility. For those of you who do not know how to get there Win XP: Help and suport, tools, system configuration utility. Star Jones
RatingEs un programa que se ejecuta en background perteneciente al Java enviroument. Permanece inactivo la mayoria del tiempo pero una vez al mes chequea en internet si hay alguna actualizacion para JAVA. El único problema es que por mas que permanezca inactivo, consume memoria RAM. Para eliminarlo simplemente hay que ir al Panel de COntrol, hacer click en el ícono de JAVA y en la pestaña de Actualizar desactivarlo. De esta manera no se cargara mas al arrancar Windows. Pablo Javier García
RatingÜberprüft in frei konfigurierbaren Abständen, ob eine neue Version von Java verfügbar ist. Verbraucht als Prozess ca. 2 MB Hauptrspeicher. Einstellungen kann man vornehmen in der Systemsteuerung Java Plug-in Aktualisieren. Wenn man das Häckchen vor "Automatisch nach Updates suchen" deaktiviert, wird der Prozess nicht mehr automatisch gestartet. Fantomas
RatingI disabled it, just because I don't these "automatic" updates. There are enough with windows as it is. And if it works don't fix it.
RatingJava Autoupdate. If you don't want it, Control Panel - Java Plugin - Updates tab, uncheck the option for automatic updates wise_guybg
RatingCan cause WinXP to hang on shutdown. Best bet is to disable auto updates and peridically check for updates manually. TopDog
RatingWhat's weird about it is that it runs very rarely - just pops up out of nowhere... ballslap
Ratingjust stop it from running at startup, using msconfig or regedit john
Ratingjo harmlos
Ratingi hate crap like this that just sits in teh background and eats resources, but seems harmless Gahhhagahgg
RatingComes along with Opera Browser (and other Sun Java products). It is necessary to give Opera the same possibilities as Internet Explorer (but does not have the very serious bug with the mouse scroll bar that can invoke whatever script on whatever site (use the PUSH BUTTONS of the mouse, not the scroll button). VAN BELLE Jean Marc
Ratingwhen i start up computer and do NOT close this exe my pc crashes for some reason kenny
Rating We always recommend against having any software updating itself automatically, even if it prompts the user before applying updates. Stay in control of your PC and disable this task as follows : double-click on the Java plug-in icon in the Control Panel, go to the Update tab and uncheck "Check for updates automatically", click APPLY - this will disable JUSCHED from starting at boot-up. If you want to update Sun Java at a later stage, simply go back to the same Java plug-in icon in the Control Panel, to the "Update" tab, and click the Update Now button. SeanT
RatingI found linked with Trojan Byte.Verify, a memory leeching sleeze of an application. Unsecure and very exploitive of your system without manual initialization. Can also disable using "msconfig" in RUN menu. Go to startup tab and uncheck. yohannes_
RatingEasy to disable; good for development/test machines; should be turned off on production servers as most production environments would not have open internet access to allow this to run anyway. RichM
RatingNothing wrong, from SUN DabuR
Ratingeinfach msconfig gehn und ausschalten!
RatingThe Java SUN update scheduler. Just a RAM robber. Unnecessary Black Dragon
RatingManche Sites benötigen das Plugin unter Firefox. sabbelmutz
Ratingi dont know .. it showed up on my comp out of nowhere.. and i have deleted 15 viruses since..i have to find a way to get rid of it. kim j.
RatingI agree with all of the above.... I love these forums though! Very helpful
RatingCreates application error on start-up. Jack Bennett
RatingAs you disable jusched please take a look at CACHE tab and see how much sensitive data Java is caching in your computer without your knowlege. Disable it too. Roitberg
RatingI discovered jusched.exe running when I was alerted for having a virus on my system. The virus was only a spyware, bypassing the IE program execution prompt. I immediately turned off the internet connection started the virus checkr and checked the process table. jusched was running and two empty IE windows were open with the title "jusched". Must be some funny coincidence... Maybe it was triggered somehow johannes
RatingAll part of fun in the Sun -- but if you don't want to go chasing Java version conflicts (yes, they do happen), switch it off ! RewStar
Ratingit's useless. just remove it from the registry durant
Ratingeat memory, not need djidji
Ratingnot alot, but gonna disable it on start up. should not do things without asking first, its not polie Jonas
Ratingsoweit ich das bemerkt habe, stürzte winxp andauernd ab, nach der install ! die kiste war sofort im dos modus und bootete ! ruth
RatingNo harm pete
RatingUPdate-Acheduler for Java-Runtime Environement.
RatingI had a lot of memory errors and several other data corruptions. After turning it off (in "msconfig") it all stops. It may be a backdoor for bugs :/ Tom
RatingTo save confusion, the link in the control panel to get to the Java Plug In (and disable the auto-update), is through the "Other Control Panel Options" link on the left hand side under the "See Also" menu. Once you have clicked on the "Other Control Panel Options" menu, you should be able to see the "Java Plug-In" listed there. Click on it and go to "Update" and untick the "Check for updates automatically box". This should solve the problem. This is for Win XP. For Win 2K e.t.c. you will be able to find the "Java Plug-In" listed somewhere else in your control panel. Good Luck : ) Dodder
RatingIt takes over my CPU usage Scenario Detector
RatingJava Update Scheduler überwacht die Java Engine auf aktuelle Updates Matze
RatingIt only takes 1,5 mb ram. Sun microsystems is a trusted corporation omer
RatingI don't know how this file got onto my pc because I don't have java installed. Now the w32.mytob worm infected it and it can not be cleaned. I can't disable jusched.exe from control panel because it is not listed. Would it be advisable to delete it from the system32 folder? Jin
Ratingseems to be related to a javainstallation  link for more info dan
RatingIt's a Trojan!
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