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File: msbb.exe
Name: Search Assistant (MSBB Web3000 spyware)
Product: Web3000
Manufacturer: Web3000
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

Part of nCase (Web3000) advertising modul by that is included in some freeware (adware) and starts automatically when Windows starts. You can remove it in the Control Panel.

If you you were unable to get rid of msbb.exe, please try Anti-Spy.Info. This application can remove or quarantine processes and tell you whether this file is needed on your computer.

User feedback

There were 641 user requests for that file. 8 users classify it as harmless. 1 user classify it as not so dangerous. 5 users classify it as neutral. 30 users considered the file to be suspicious. 99 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete msbb.exe. 13 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingWeb3000 spyware which is included with some adware products and is started from the registry when Windows is loaded Fastjack08
Ratingi deleted it, it makes trouble
RatingIt's spyware! It is very noisily application! Vladimir
RatingIt appears to be Spyware - it logs all internet accesses in files called fiz* in the windows dir Sparky
Ratingviel cpu last - Spyware Matthias
Ratingsymantec thinks it's a high risk, as do i mumin
Ratingtilt your machine several times ryan dapel
RatingI'm pretty sure it's connected with a surge in ad pop-up frequency. I have 'noads' installed, but for some reason this uninvited parasite makes blocking those ads slow and burdensome. When I deleted the software, my whole internet connection speeded up. Peter
Rating...Spyware  link for more info Krotti
RatingMSBBI.EXE in C:\WINNT\.... will install it. It creates an \FEOK directory with some log and text files that contain references to pages on commerce sites I haven't visited. It looks to be placing orders or searching prices or something related. AR
RatingIt eats a lot of ram. It should be classified as a worm. Hell
RatingThis is REALLY a virus! this made my computer re-installed 5 times !!! you better Delete it once u first discover it! Kevin
Ratingkept freezing up my computer denise
RatingI know that it can be related to sasser
Ratingwhen i tried to uninstall 180solutions, the file 'msbb' was lanched n took about 40 MB memory so i had to end tht process, finally i just deleted tht folder instead of uninstalling it. phew! sadf
Ratingfor delete this run "C:\Program Files\180Solutions\FLEOK\msbb.exe /uninst_simple_init=y" Saxer
RatingSpyware- uses a lot of resources - use adware to remove mark osude
Ratinggoddam spyware!!! guni
RatingWhen msbb is running on my computer, it's impossible to start Internet Explorer. werty
Ratingspyware  link for more info Itchi
RatingFrom 180Solutions for 'comparison shopping', can replace winsock.dll Roger
Ratingthe result of deleting msbb from my computer is WinXP is not loading anymore! Yoko
RatingI have had repeated problems with different spyware. I keep deleting them and they others pop up. Your site is a great resource for figuring things out. I deleted msbb and several suspicious exe files today. Thanks! p2
RatingBad Spyware - froze my computer on every start. Easy to get rid of find it in Control Panes add remove programs under 180search assistant  link for more info unknown
RatingSpyware very annoing and uses very much MUCH RAM!  link for more info GAUAN
RatingI found msbb.exe on my computer and attempted to uninstall it, no dice, so I installed a firewall so I could find out what keeps reinstalling all the spyware on my computer - this is what I came up with, apparantly this is just the front end of this spyware, it installed these services as well: syjnu.exe - cirg.exe - nlkupo.exe - ajdjb.exe - gbfxt.exe - gbfxt.exe - tqutuzw.exe - lxdnzruse.exe - msbb.exe, every single one of these pieces of software attempted to access to the internet automatically at the following address: ( craigchamberlin
Ratingunder programs listed as 180 search assistant delete by all means necessary chris
Ratingi removed it and now my computer keep saying, on log on, that msbb.exe cannot be found and worse still i have lost my internet connection!
Ratingi've deleted it it and the registry keys. It keeps coming back. mjp
Ratingit can mess with winsock. get a winsock repair tool! anon ;)
RatingSobre o arquivo eu nao sei nada, mas pode cre que é bucha!!! deixa o processador e a memória sobrecarregada Felipe - Floripa _brasil
RatingDon't like it! Partial list of log file it creates in my winnt directory . . . . . Search Assistant Log File Russ
Ratinginstalled XP, Norton AV, Spybot, and Ad-aware-- in that order. MSBB.exe showed up during the ad-aware installation process. With such a clean system, I can only suspect that spybot or ad-aware put it there. John
RatingRemove in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] de key msbb rs
Ratingits no problem for you (spyware, not a virus) but its very annoying but you can deinstall it easily with the control panel Thomas
Ratingit causes a lot of outbound traffic on the network and crashes internet access antonio frois
RatingSpyware! But we could name this also a worm! It eats lot of the RAM and it's impossible to load security updates nor new virus definitions (because it produces high traffic on your bandwith). Napsty
RatingMir ist aufgefallen, dass msbb, sobald ich meine ADSL-Verbindung ins Internet aufgebaut habe, pro Stunde ca. 20 MB Daten aus meinem PC absaugt (Download ca. 2 MB, Upload ca. 20 MB). Das Ganze verschwindet sofort, wenn ich im Taskmanager (des WinXP) den Prozess msbb lösche. Bento
Ratingkills IE and reinstals itself. Prosecute the company for cost of repairing computer damaged by this spyware parasite ken
RatingIt wastes about 41MB of memory and won't go away even after deleting it repeatedly. Whoever designed program should be given the Roman scourge. E
RatingIt opens secretly every time at startup of my Windows ME. When I turn it off through Control-ALT-DEL, I can open AOL 9.0. When I try to ignore msbb.exe, I cannot open AOL 9.0. Frank
Ratingpain in the butt. this spyware hijacks your bandwidth
Ratingtries to access internet - also seems to create a file (encrypted) called logbak.txt.... all very disturbing. My advice - delete it - mine ended in C:\temp... el loco escoces
Ratingseems to be a spyware; stopped by firewall, better be deleted.... Labojr
RatingMakes it's own log files. It blows
RatingIt keeps cmming no mahter what. You might delete it with a spyware remover and uninstall it... Lynch
Ratingmsbb.exe aint dangerous at all. but it's very annoying and msbb process uses a lot of memory, so if'll you find it: delete it! kobra
RatingWouldn't allow me to access the internet unless I shut down msbb.exe file by doing ctrl-alt-del.
RatingIt nestles itself in IE and stays there. very anoing Lord Roger
Ratingit's keeps messin up my comp and is eatin alot of memory
RatingSlowdown my PC & cost lots RAM Reeuenta
RatingCan't start IE. Difficult to eradicate/ Gator
RatingIt slows down your computer. When you turn on your computer the first thing you do is ctrl+alt+del, highlight msbb then hit end task Johnny
Ratingsome versions of msbb replace dll's,as Roger said.But it can be removed easily by Programs like "Adaware" Hellkeeper
RatingTook up my ram.... a bit of my cpu and eventually stopped internet explorer from opening paged and any java based applications from starting Plasmoid
Ratingspyware Papiya Dutta
RatingSpyware Anj
Ratingit is totally annoying, and eats all your ram James
Ratingremove it in the registry then in the program file if it exists and also in your temp files its a joke this msbb it also hides in the windows prefech folder along with coolwebsearch and web reabtes etc.... if u cant find it in the registry just go to edit and go to find type in msbb and click find it will find it if its in there after u delete it go back to edit and click find next till it tells you its finished searching the registry T1000
RatingI was unaware that I had msbb.exe on my system until Zone Alarm alerted me that it was trying to access the internet. I ran an anti spyware app and found 24 rogue applications that seemed to be associated with it; the spybot erradicated 22 of them and 2 were removed using "add or remove programs". Some of the other processes that appeared at the same time as msbb are: "web buddy", "bullseye" and "websync". João Cabrita Bailote
Rating I know of this file and system process from downloading a program called dvd xcopy from a direct dl site. And that's how i received it. So i suggest everyone should be careful what you download. What you think is free, is not free Kareem
RatingEats Ram, Nearly impossible to remove, installed without notice of the user somethimes. Under the new act passed by congress this company should be shut down and sued for damages :) Empathy
RatingIt makes a keylog file, and it has a file with the weirdest and most illegal used internet words (18+)... With all adds. Dangerous. Tim
Ratingcouldn't run internet explorer when it ran, when I deleted it, it crashed the computer--should be classified as a virus!! sccrmom
RatingFreezes computer up, keeps coming back, seems to have stopped automatic antivirus updates from being downloaded. Dave
Ratingkeeps coming back....must be through certain web sites visited...use hijackthis to delete it fluffwitt
RatingIt ate my memory like there was no tomorrow and I couldn't open explorer with it Sardukkar
Ratinglässt sich im taskmanager löschen dann im verzeichnis löschen danach ist ruhe ping
Ratingit eats about 40% of my memory... also causes my pc to reboot continuiously. Jeff
Ratingmade my computer chatter and hang. Search in explorer and delete asap gronan
Ratingcaused numerous hangs and crashes, treat it as a virus Richard
RatingLOLLLLL , doesn't have any problem, work with Linux Tux
Ratingi deleted it but i comes back !!! flex
RatingDelete! I have msbb.exe to!
Ratingsteals bandwidth and crashes "add or Remove Programs" everytime I tried to unistall and the msbb.exe file cannot be deleted from the folder it is in. info from another site about this: "Msbb.exe, delmsbb.exe, and dnxf.exe were created by "180Solutions" as a 'comparison shopping' program called nCase (also known as Web3000). This is advertising spyware that creates popup ads. It ma also overwrite your wsock32.dll system file, and may transmit lists of URLs you visit. In some cases, you'll see delmsbb.exe listed as an nCase uninstaller. In reality, it doesn't remove nCase files at all."  link for more info Mad Computer Owner
RatingAfter boot up XP is much slower. The hard disk goes berserk and starts swapping. Very slow system. I have 256 MB of RAM. Roland
RatingIf somehow you cannot delete "msbb.exe" what I did was I removed it from my processes and then ran Norton SystemWorkd on it, chose the Wipe Info option and done so. Thats a very good program. I hope I helped! -+aNUbiS+-
Ratingwill steal your all URLs and keystrocks kill_spy_and_adware_makers
RatingStrange, this 180solutions was installed automatically in my computer. Then my computer had problem. I finally found out the problem and uninstalled the sofeware. But when I logged into Internet again, I found this f***ing msbb file was in my computer again so that it didn't function proper. Spyware! Le
RatingIt consumes a lot of RAM - Among the higest in memory usage
Ratingjust locate the file and delete it, before doing that disable it from your startup using "msconfig" then uninstall all the extra tool bars on ur browser [email protected]
RatingThis is distributed with the installer of NiceMC input plugin for WinAmp! There is no chance I might have any interest to use WinAmp on my system! Joy
RatingAdware & Spyware (may be a worm). Pretty easy to get rid of if you can discover it at the very early stage. Joy
Ratingwas told if you remove it you really will have problems Stevareeno
RatingThis is part of the adware bound to DivX, Strangles bandwidth Jimmy
RatingIt used up almost half of the memory in my computer, leaving it running so slowly as to be almost unuseable. Start in safe mode and delete all msbb files. Rhyssa
RatingAntivir(c) found it on my c:\windows\system32 but, there was nothing on registry nor running processes... I just deleted it, after reading your opinions jKosh
RatingIt's spyware, eats up a ton of memory and should be removed ASAP. TF
RatingRun MSCONFIG, go to startup and turn it off this seems to do the trick DigitalZone
Ratingaffects explorer in a really annoying way...... never seen my pc working so slow
RatingI was lucky to discover it very early, my AV couldnt even quarantine it immediately. It replicates into svcnet.exe also, that file is usually located in C:\windows\system32\...if you see it get RID OF IT! concerned
RatingIt arrived on my computer a couple of days ago and I finally found it, I started in safe mode and was able to delete it that way. Very annoying and hope it stays away. SQ
RatingThis is Adware by nCase/180Solutions. See the link provided.  link for more info Seann
RatingThis, in combination with more of its ilk, will fubar your system bigtime. dalecosp
RatingI removed it from startup & changed the exe file to txt so I could bring it back if necessary [email protected]
Ratingconstantly made my computer crash and internet worked shitty, now i have deleted it and i can`T open attachments in word anymore jodler
RatingThs file can be installed if u have wind updates, so if u see this program in ur comp delete it! it have caused me lots of trouble  link for more info Alexis Ramon
Ratingreally has hijcked my PC, most of problems come when i use Hotmail. Does hotmail have something to do with it? Emp
RatingIt is a show stopper that keeps me employeed. remoniz
RatingPC hängt sehr oft (alle 3min für etwa 30sek)! Mit AntiViren Systemen konnte ich nichts machen, aber mit RegCleaner, Adware & Anti-Spy.Info ließ er sich vollständig entfernen! Laszlo
RatingIt links other computers to yours so other people have access to your computer. Judy
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