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Information about msmsgs.exe file

File: msmsgs.exe
Name: Windows Messenger
Product: Windows
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

The Windows Messenger from Microsoft provides Online Chat and Instant Messaging.
If you don't use Windows Messenger, you can disable it as follows: Start -> Programs -> Windows Messenger -> Tools -> Options -> Preferences. Uncheck "Run this program when Windows Starts".

Note: The msmsgs.exe file file should appear only the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. If you happen to find this file in a different folder, it is possible that your msmsgs.exe is in reality a malicious file. Many trojans and viruses try to cloak their real identity by using the names of legitimate files. Any time that you encounter a suspicious process, you should verify the digital signature and the file path, for example using Anti-Spy.Info.

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User feedback

There were 1296 user requests for that file. 19 users classify it as harmless. 7 users classify it as not so dangerous. 13 users classify it as neutral. 12 users considered the file to be suspicious. 25 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete msmsgs.exe. 6 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingMSN Messenger for Online Chat and Instant Messaging Alex
Ratingthis is the exe for MSN Messenger Crazyboy74
Ratingmsmsgs.exe is a Windows Messenger executable which is automatically loaded during XP boot, not a MSN Messenger (msnmsgr.exe). It is safe to disable and does not effect usage of the MSN Messenger. Easy removal:  link for more info ProArt
RatingWindows Messenger also in C:\ProgFiles\Messenger\ (XP)
RatingThis is MSN 6.2 messenger program gman
RatingMSN Messanger  link for more info Ricky Jones
Ratingalle msg egal welche sind ein hohes sicherheitsrisiko, da hacker über irq auf ihr system gelangen können amadeuz
RatingWindows Messenger, not MSN Messenger - correct. However, that other link from ProArt is wrong - that refers to disabling the Messenger Service. Try this:  link for more info syrynxx
RatingThis is Windows Messenger that comes bundled with Windows OS. MSN Messenger is seperate from the OS and can be shut down fully or started up whenever you want. Hank.
RatingLike ProArt said, it's the Messenger service that XP uses to alert Microsoft of updates and such, different from the MSN Messenger. Techie
RatingNEW Hijack! This file is located in c:\program files\messenger and 1.7Mb. IE is Hijacked with Win32/TrojanDownloader.Small.UT Trojan and NOD32 was unable tot rename or delete the file c:\windows\system32\crtv2_32.dll (size: 4k). After killing msmsg.exe (not MSN Messenger!!!) I was able to delete the DLL and the hijack was solved.... Anti-Spy.Info reported this msmsg.exe also as dangerous! Didn't found more articles on this yet! Spinning
Ratingmsmsgs.exe is not very dangerous for most intents and purposes. It's annoying though if someone knows how to exploit it. Imagine working online and suddenly a messenger box opens up from someone wanting to chat with you... and all without MSN Messenger being open. I got rid of it. Syrynxx's link is accurate on elmination techniques. See that. Sam
RatingI've not been able to disable this executable. Even when it says disabled it seems to run anyway sending data to "keylime stats". This attempts to log data several times an hour and this is verified through my firewall. ogre8fluffy
RatingAll I know is there is no way to stop this from running in your background processes unless you uninstall it permanately!!Everything else just seems to disable it for a short period of time. Swanson
RatingWindows Messenger, not MSN Messenger If you want to dissable it (it is safe to do) simply erase it from your disk. I have tried other options and none really worked. Isaac
Ratingthere is a new virus using the name "msmsgs.exe" because you THINK its a normal executable. Watch out for it Merkur
RatingThis is NOT Msn messenger, msn messenger comes up as msnmsgr in your startup me
RatingGoing by BlackViper it just waste's memory, disable it.  link for more info WATCHMAN
RatingSome ports are not published by Operator ! cyberblob
RatingWOW, syrynxx!! Thanks for the info!! Commissar
Ratingfound as spyware, not messenger!
RatingCan connected to worm_agobot.ab or  link for more info Lenisterman
RatingQuite malicious and annoying at times, but normally harmless. Xtra_Zero
Ratingannoying but not dangerous... Carina
RatingProArt is referring to the "Messenger Service" used by network administrators, but this process (msmsgs.exe) is related to the Microsoft Windows Messenger instant messaging client. This is also *not* MSN Messenger. MSN Messenger is used by consumers to communicate with friends and family. Windows Messenger is the enterprise variant of the product designed to work with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and 2003. So to recap, this is *not* the "Messenger Service" used to alert users and administrators across networks. This *is* an instant messaging client. It is *not* MSN Messenger. Dustin D. Cook, A+
Rating1)msmsgs.exe could be a virus as long as it is located into the system directory (../system32 for win xp) 2)Windows Messenger is not MSN Messenger and you could stop thi service by going to control panel-- system and maintenance-- services (I can't remember exactly since now I'm working on Win NT). Anyway even if removed the task "msmsgs.exe" still run onto your pc 3)I would try to remove MSN Messenger (see syrynxx's link) and then (if you want) reinstall it. After reinstalled it go to options and unchek the flag which enable it to run in background Pitopito
Ratingis a spyware. because i dled and they it prompted me to restart the computer. jose
RatingI have uninstalled windows messenger and only use msn messenger. Msn messengers proscess is msnmsgr.exe not msmsgs.exe, and i dont know why its still running! Mike H
RatingKnew Nothing until my Firewall kept going off with this file asking to act as a server. =...and launching IE. Annoying, irritating, potentially dangerous. Charybdis
Ratingmsmsgs.exe is not msmsgr.exe(MSN Messenger) or messenger service. It's a downloader virus. Boris
RatingWorm downloader!, i just updated windows messenger from official website and a worm was found after installation, deleted, and then a different one appeared, you can delete the worm, but the msmsgs (located at /Program Files/messenger, not at Windows/System32) will be still there. Wierd, at least Nene
RatingYou can get rid of it. Trust me here - I've used this on many computers and it's never reappeared. To disable it for good got o RUN and enter this command: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove Mark
Ratingpart of windows messenger exe but not used any more because of msn messenger
RatingAlso a worm which is called AGABOT.AAB , use this name (c:\windows\system32\MSMSGS.EXE) Freefall
RatingThe file hasn'ts been dangerous with my computer. It's just annoying to see soemthing start up that you don't use. My one gripe is that you can't really uninstall it. Messiah
RatingDid not have before Norton AV. Found after NAV. Disabled NAV-MSN Messenger protection. MSMSGS stopped completely. rvoltaire
Ratingwindows messenger, 100% useless program since i never heard of anyone using it, it's junk, wasting CPU and RAM, so i blocked it from launching on startup
Ratingpour le desinstaller , il est considéré comme un spyware par PREVX,et s'execute a l'ouverture de windows comme application par defaut et le seul moyen de le desinstaller est demarer, executer, et copier coller dans executer :RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove bertrand
RatingWIN XP Pro: with eMule can get lost and eat CPU like made. Hard to find, Explorer Search & CMD: dir doesn't find msmsgs.exe. I found it finally in C:\Programme\Messenger with free download of Anti-Spy.Info. I killed the process via WIN TaskManager, RENAME msmsgs.exe false_name_msmsgs.exe. Doesn't get lauched anymore, By the way, not being in C:\Windows\Sys32 does not mean that it is other than Bill's crap software. dick brenholtz
RatingMsmsgs is detected as trojan.small (+ others :: See my link). Msnsgs is the legitimate messenger.  link for more info Benjy
RatingThis file is the Windows messenger program you get with a fresh install of XP. It could be hijacked...but usually is just harmless and a waste of ram if you have MSN 6.2 from. 6.2 is more secure than the default windows programmy.  link for more info Expresso
RatingI tried the process outlined in syrynxx's link and Windows Messenger does appear but I can't remove the check from the checkbox. sckoobs
RatingMSMSGS.exe first showed up on my start up and I found it because I my puter froze and I lost my mouse and part of my keyboard a tech told me it was a virus or spy ware but neither my spyware or my virus scanner caught it so I found it and tried to delte it but it would not go i had to put it in safe mode then it deleted or so I thought since this my computer now shows that I have something in start up called UserFaultCheck and MSconfig not sure what it's doing but it had to all come from this MSMSGS.exe.. Angie P
Ratingbecame suspicious when it was taking up 99% of CPU process, and I wasn't running MSN messenger. zollie
Ratingdeletes all ms office files and stops efficient internet use Jared
Ratingi ain tno wizard with things like this but i agree on this file definalty being a virus! i'm currently trying to delete it, but can't seem to find a way! i'm sure it's got throw on my winmx downloading program, so if you have winmx look out for this file! it disguises itself as msn messenger but isn't!!!! :( Jamie
RatingWindows Messenger, which comes with Windows XP. Can easily disable it from loading at startup by removing it from Msconfig.. [Start Run Type MSconfig. Select the startup tab, un-check msmsgs.!! Anand
RatingFound the messenger login screen different - logs sign in passwords to c:\folders.fpd. Watch out!
RatingTwice I came back after several hours and it was using over 50% of my cpu trying to do something. Don't trust it at all, deleted it EnnoxX
Ratingrvoltaire is right, after unchecking the scan option from Norton AV msmsgs.exe stops running forever. could be the simplest way to get rid of it pako
RatingI have msmsgs in task manager even if i'm not running messenger, even though I instructed it not to start. It also tries to act as a server. Most people know that it is NOT a part of MSN so please refrain from adding just another post stating the obvious WTF
RatingSome hackers are using msmsgs.exe to attempt to install trojans, at leats on my PC. Norton 2005 allows you to see the IP address of the attacker as well as the process being used for the attack. After I uninstalled Messenger, and deselected it using msconfig, it would return in 10 seconds or less. Got a command to run from a different site to remove all vestiges of it, then I was able to remove it permanently using msconfig. Once I did this, about 1/3 of the resident programs running disappeared, and I haven't had any more trojan attacks. Chris
RatingI think it's a backdoor messenger service for system administrators to communicate with networked computers such as in a large office. It is NOT the MSN messenger. You can disable it from running in start control panel administrative tools services Messenger. I disabled it, which cures a LOT of popups!! However, I still have a problem that if my computer sits for a long while it starts up. Which boggles me, since I just scanned for viruses with NAV. Something triggers this thing to start even though its disabled. I know hackers and popup creaters use this as a backdoor to get around blockers. Pontisteve
Ratingmake the computer very slow clgan
Ratingflods network with broadcasts looking up arp asking who is at whatever address, compleatly lags network makeing it unstable ShivalWolf
RatingSyrynxx's link to removal of msmsgs.exe caused system instability - it wouldn't allow me to open Control Panel - don't know why - use with caution. Brair
RatingHave try everything to stop this file. then i use microsoft antispyware beta 1. and it found this and stop it never have problems with it again
Ratingsehr nervig und cpu auslastung dauernd 100% bei unserem alten rechner Elvis123
Rating'WIN XP ' It reboots my PC everytime my family logs off from one users to an other steve
RatingThere is a program that can disable it called Safexp just do a google search, It is eaither a very annoying thing that starts up or a worm Jmack b.....
RatingM$ XP component, NOT MSN. It does not seem to do any thing but use resources (at least that I want to do). I have tried to shut it off using Msconfig and other XP service controllers as well as three programs that let you control services. NOTHING shuts it off, it continuosly restarts without reboot. Can be a virus, but not this version. Timber Wolf
RatingI have tried everything to disable this file, I disabled it in msconfig, in 'services' it must be a virus or spyware of some kind takes too much RAM to be the normal msmsg.exe that is windows messenger (about 4X the amount it uses on my other PC) 13incher
RatingI have only noticed that this file appears on hacked copies of win xp sillyMe
RatingI dunno what happened, but my desktop wallpaper changed to a BSOD-like with a warning of spyware, couldnt changed it, there was no tab TO! it was gone. It added a toolbar which is called Virtual Maid and run msmsgs.exe as shell with explorer.exe. Also added proxy setting in my IE and kept crashing it each time i try to run IE. NO IDEA
Ratingit is trojan,and very annoying one hard to get rid of jouni
RatingI removed MSN Messenger from my computer as well as Windows Messenger. But I still can see this file in my task manager and whenever I end the task it disappears and come back in a few seconds. It slow down my PC, must be a virus. I don`t know what to do with it. candy
RatingIt's an annoyance, i block it from starting up
Ratingnot it's not a virus. its the standart-messenger you 've installed with windowsXP.. the downloaded msn messenger isn't the same file , right.. so NOT dangerous
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