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Information about mstask.exe file

File: mstask.exe
Name: Task Scheduler Engine
Product: Windows
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

This is the task scheduler service, responsible for running tasks at a time predetermined by the user.

Note: The mstask.exe file file should appear only the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. If you happen to find this file in a different folder, it is possible that your mstask.exe is in reality a malicious file. Many trojans and viruses try to cloak their real identity by using the names of legitimate files. Any time that you encounter a suspicious process, you should verify the digital signature and the file path, for example using Anti-Spy.Info.

Virus with same name:
W32.Myparty (msstask.exe) - Symantec Corporation

User feedback

There were 326 user requests for that file. 6 users classify it as harmless. 3 users classify it as not so dangerous. 2 users classify it as neutral. 3 users considered the file to be suspicious. 7 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete mstask.exe. 2 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingWindows Task Scheduler Alex
RatingTask sheduler for windows - annoying with zonelabs Ben
RatingPart of the Windows® Operating System. This is the Windows Task Sacheduler, it runs certain programs and processes at times that you can specify. Can be somewhat of a problem, don't use it unless you have to. Nathan
Ratingmakes my cpu run 100% all the time
RatingIt helps the processor and RAM to run sytem settings such as IE  link for more info Fabian rodriguez
RatingI had a copy in winnt folder, it's just 15KB, at's supposed to be more than 100KB and tries to connect to Internet. Definetly a virus.
RatingZoneAlarm says MSTask.exe wants access to the internet on ipaddr why does mstask.exe want access to internet? Daniel Brockman
Ratingit is needed, but slows down the computer
RatingNot to be run all of the time. I did not install. Only run the EXE provided in the zip file. Louis
RatingCan be loaded as Adware.StartPage spyware/virus. Difficult to remove, Adware missed it, and Symantec detected but could not delete it. GET RID OF IT ASAP. Keith
Ratingconstantly tries to RPC's to strange IP-Adresses , I block these with sygate PF, file seems to be i.o. David
Ratingit keep my computer runing at perfect condition al the time omar
RatingWindows's Task Scheduler service. Can be disabled to free resources, but scheduled tasks will not run and new tasks may not be definable. Alex W
RatingDas Original gehört zum Windows Betriebssystem. Durch falschen Gebrauch kann man sich erhebliche Schwierigkeiten einhandeln - Ausführung von Befehlen als SYSTEM. Hans
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