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Name: NewDotNet Domain names
Product: NewDotNet
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware):

"NEWDOT~2.DLL" or 'newdotnet_(number).dll' is an InternetExplorer Add-on that allows you to access non-standard domains such as .shop, .med, .mp3, and it provide search results when an user enters keywords in the address browser address bar or attempts to resolve a mistaken or non-existing URL. It is not overtly harmful in intent, but counts as Unsolicited Commercial Software as it installs behind your back and its purpose is to generate revenue for its manufacturer.

A very large range of software installs New.Net, including RealOne, AudioGalaxy, KaZaA, iMesh, Grokster, BearShare, Babylon and Radlight.

Removal: Open the Control Panel and looking in the 'Add/Remove Programs' list.

If you you were unable to get rid of NEWDOT~2.DLL, please try Anti-Spy.Info. This application can remove or quarantine processes and tell you whether this file is needed on your computer.

User feedback

There were 29 user requests for that file. 1 user classify it as harmless. 1 user classify it as not so dangerous. 3 users classify it as neutral. 6 users considered the file to be suspicious. 23 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete NEWDOT~2.DLL. 5 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

NewDot BHO ergin
If you donīt remove correctly the file, can damage the Layered Service Provider (LSP)  link for more info Jecko
Watch what you download
It killed my computer, nothing works even with new hard drive J.R.
cannot stop the process through msconfig because it autoloads itself again phoenixtears
nightmare!! richard brown
cannot be delted in safe mode, adds a new entry to the startup group if removed from msconfig T J
I kept getting an error and it shut what I was working down.I think I got a trojan virus from it, but not sure of the source. They happened at the same time. Velma Masi
it has corrupted my computer.
NewDotNet Client Support Web Site  link for more info
If it is loaded, try TYPE "newdotnet" on search engine (e.g. google) and then you'll get "Error 404". If I try disable it my internet connection crashes! xcalibur
It is a trojan
Remove it from control panel. PasiV
it shut down my internet for two weeks phil
I got newdot after I had cleared a trojan h17 out and until I identified the problem
this file may cause Internet Explorer to crash, encountered it once and cannot get to the internet. Try to run antispyware program for added security anonymous
my antivirus finds this file but can not remove it . because of it i have problems with my internet. there are pages that cannot be opened because of it WiQit
Completely hijacked my computer. Restored to the day before my computer went nuts and then removed it with Microsoft spyware beta. MBrown
keep getting error msg:"Error Loading Newdot~2.dll" Anyone know if i can get rid of it? DJ
it wont let me run norton antivirus or spybot!
Damaged my LSP when I removed it. Still trying to fix Al Jimenez
Took over even using up to date Norton & Microsoft updates. Removed manually KIRK PEEL
I've deleted the file NEWDOT~2.DLL using Norton's "Wipe Info". But I still can't remove the Startup Command for it using RegEdit, I delete it and comes back the second I changed windows Cramstyle
When i get on my computer i cant get on to the internet sandra
I can't use my wireless network now I'll have to do a restore and start over james
stops my internet connection homer
if you go to (sorry i have a dutch comp)uitvoeren and you type regedit you can go to search.typ ..newdot en what he found delete it .do this so many times that he say that all the registers are clean.newdot is not agressif but i dont like it john
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