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File: nopdb.exe
Product: Norton Speed Disk
Manufacturer: Symantec Corporation
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"nopdb.exe" is a part of Norton Speed Disk (Norton Utilities) which is provided with e.g. Norton Systemworks 2003.

You can obtain detailed information about nopdb.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 666 user requests for that file. 25 users classify it as harmless. 2 users classify it as not so dangerous. 7 users classify it as neutral. 2 users considered the file to be suspicious. 3 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete nopdb.exe. 3 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingNOPDB.EXE is a service used by Speed Disk, part of Norton SystemWorks 2003. It is mainly associated with scheduling Speed Disk, but it does run by default. If you disable it, Speed Disk will still run when manually launched.
RatingIt takes up 99-100% of my CPU when it runs killing speed on all other processes. Jim Larsen
Ratingspeed disk will NOT run without this file,manually or automatically Mallikye
Ratingnot harmful, but can be a major CPU time hog.
Ratingit is used by norton systemworks, leave it be gabe
RatingEs del norton system works speed disk Luciano
RatingTry to schedule Speed Disk to run at times when you're not using your computer, as it will hog most of your CPU.
Ratingit is making my hard drive churn like crazy not using much cpu time though. jamie
RatingUsefull utility, but it hogs CPU for no reason like bad spyware. M
RatingMAJOR CPU KILLER-It is named speed disk right? Why should it bog the computer this is one thing Symantec did not test throughly in my opinion Leanna
RatingEdit your speedisk schedule so it runs when you're not using the computer - or disable scheduling and run manually.
RatingYou cannot in Speed Disk without NOPDB.EXE running. BUT, if you are not running speed disk or Norto Utilities and it is boging you down, kill it. Reboot if you need it back; I have not tryed launching from comman line. Britt
Ratingof course it takes up your available cpu usage when it is sorting your patient or disable spped disk and run manually when needed Steed
RatingIf you don't use a defragmenting tool on a regular basis you might want to leave it on or explore scheduling options. System Administrator
RatingRunning a high end 3.4 gig with 1gig ram and it still is using 50% of my CPU resources Carlos F
RatingUses 0 CPU percent, until scheduled defragmentation is started. A tip, don't use the HDD it is defragmenting ! To stop a currently running defragmentation that was scheduled, simply fire up speed disk, and you see the progress from the program, which is where you can click on the stop button if you want to have the resources back. Squija
RatingFirst, the process is not dangerous although though it does take up valuable space in memory and a cycle or two from the CPU when it's not active. Second, the NOPDB service needs to be running for Speed Disk to start, manually or automatically, so the service can be set to MANUAL instead of AUTOMATIC and will only activate when you start Speed Disk. Stopping Speed Disk will halt and unload NOPDB.EXE Third, this process only becomes a hog when it's actively analyzing or reorganizing your disk(s). If you don't ever use Speed Disk remove the application and then no worries.  link for more info AKomie
Ratingvery little cpu on non-paged disks Nick
RatingSchedule speed disk to run when you aren't using your computer so that it runs faster when you are using it John
RatingLooks to be part of Norton, but keeps crashing on me
RatingCPU Sucker Kill Norton
RatingNorton Speed disk Andy
RatingNorton Speed Disk is a disk defragmentation software. Crius
RatingSpeed Disk won't run without it, and it never takes up any significant CPU usage for me, so just leave it alone Mitchell
RatingLeanna "Speed Disk" defragments your hard drive when it does this it is moving a lot of files around that is why it bogs the pc down. Chris
RatingNOPDB.EXE hogs cpu for 2-3 min causing the hard drive to work like crazy. It is speed disk but its not supose to be working right now Malcolm
RatingThis runs on my machine even when Speed Disk is not running and sometimes (not always) hogs the processor. When I stopped it whilst Speed Disk was running, Speed Disk itself stopped (understandably). Pete
RatingIt's from Norton Systemworks 2005 Nick
RatingCheck where the file is if you are having issues or you are a security freak, but otherwise this file is generally safe and user installed. Arckanghel
RatingNeeds to run at a lower priority. It shuts down my system. It would be better if I could assign it a start time. Worst of all, as of most recent Live Update, I cannot kill the task. Doug Haden
RatingIf it's running and taking a lot of CPU, launch Norton Utilities, go to Speed Disk and STOP Speed Disk. Turn off scheduler within Speed Disk and it won't happen again. Aaron
RatingI removed nopdb.exe startup entries without significant consequence. I did so (WinXP, Norton SW2005) and the manual defrag still worked. Obviously, defrag scheduling might not be effective from doing so. RiXo
RatingNot dangerous. Used by Norton Speed Disk. Uses 2.5MB system memory. Uses no CPU time until Speed Disk application actually runs. It does not sort your drives until you run the speed disk application. Disable scheduling and run manually. This will not affect the program. Sam
Ratingcant remove pat
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