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Information about nprotect.exe file

File: nprotect.exe
Name: Norton Protection Status
Product: Norton Utilities
Manufacturer: Symantec Corporation
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

Nprotect is part of Norton Utilities. (It replaces the default recycle bin.)

You can obtain detailed information about nprotect.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 459 user requests for that file. 18 users classify it as harmless. 1 user considered the file to be suspicious. 2 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete nprotect.exe. 4 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingAuto Protect Not Working FRANK
RatingTeil von Norton Antivirus 2004. Der UnErase-Assistent, der es vorteilhafter als der Windows Papierkorb ermöglicht gelöschte Dateien wieder herzustellen.  link for more info Vampire
Ratingit's in C:\Recycled\NPROTECT and can't be removed trewq
Ratingmu  link for more info strike025
Ratingit's not dangerous it protects your pc from outside virusses and trojans pininfarina
RatingUninstalled Norton, but the Norton Recylce Bin ist still there DarkspY
RatingRecycle protector  link for more info Matt M
RatingNorton Protect Gustav
Ratingrestart in dos mode type deltree /y c:\recycled\*.* and deltree /y c:\windows\tempor~1/*.* then when done type exit press or cntrl alt del , and restart and in regedit type in search nprotect and del all the keys , and nprotect is gone , well it worked here good luck bp
Ratingused for GunBound (game) as a anti hacking program  link for more info
Ratingit helps protect games, such as gunbound or ryl james
Ratingwhen ur norton antivirus is in taskbar it shows in the taskmanager
RatingIt makes sure you erase anything from the recycle bin and not recover them. Mostly for reasons of security and cover-up.  link for more info Durim Trimi
Ratingcreate a new startup for the ccapp under startup and restart everything will be resolved rizwan
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