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Information about nwiz.exe file

File: nwiz.exe
Name: NVIDIA nView Wizard
Product: NVIDIA Treiber
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

You can obtain detailed information about nwiz.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 474 user requests for that file. 78 users classify it as harmless. 6 users classify it as not so dangerous. 17 users classify it as neutral. 7 users considered the file to be suspicious. 13 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete nwiz.exe. 8 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingNVIDIA nView Control Panel Alex
RatingProgram for controlling graphic-card  link for more info Kater
Ratingit is an optional service installed by nvidia detonator graphic drivers, can be disable in winxp in the service applet
RatingNvidia - Control-Prg for Graphic Card
RatingIt checks for updates for the NVidia video driver
RatingNVIDIA file a
Ratingcan prevent your card from working John
RatingThis file finds your email address and your contacts email address and signs them up for spam. This is a mass mailer engine. I used xsoftspy to prove it. Justin
RatingNvidia - Optional Service Chris
Rating nVIDEA nView Desktop Manager Configuration Wizard. I done start -- run -- nwiz.exe = the "nView Desktop Manager" appeared. I thinik it's harmless, but pointless - for that window doesn't appear on machine bootup (shoulder shrug). Jodda
RatingJustin is correct, I ran xsoftspy and also proved it. Arthur S
RatingNVIDIA Wizard Executable Moises
Ratingit has an interference affect on my optical mouse
RatingNVidia desktop wizard  link for more info Tim
RatingIf you're using an nVidia graphics card, leave it alone. If you're NOT running an nVidia card, you should uninstall it to avoid conflicts with your current video card.  link for more info Kenton
RatingNvidia video card manager.... Benjamin
RatingDie Datei is nur von Nvidia und kommt durch die Installation der Treiber für die Nvidia Grafikkarten
RatingApplication for NVIDIA Graphics cards that allows a users to have 32 virtual desktops, get a desktop larger than the viewable area of the monitor, divide the display across more than one monitor, manage applications, Steven
RatingIts the executable for the NVidia options and control panel. You don't need it on startup,uncheck it in msconfig XerO
Ratingit's a file that is used for nvidia drivers. It's not essential and you can safely remove it for faster boot up if you wish GaRHaR
Ratingyou need this service to nicely manage multi display or tv-out setups etc... along with nvcpl.dll .... some trojans seem to break these and are difficult to fix because they rely on bits of IE 5.5 or higher to do pretty menus etc... mostly harmless in themselves...  link for more info Jason
RatingIt is a pure Nvidea function with no malicious code whatsoever. Paul
RatingThis enables extra nVidia options in the advanced settings for the display. Ish
RatingI wrote it for Nvidia, it is not spyware. It is an optional component for the Nvidia Video drivers Programmer
Ratingnwiz.exe is not harmful to the computer system. But this filename can be used by dangerous spyware and adware programs to mislead the user dank
RatingI've been watching NWIZ.EXE lately and in all honesty the file is harmless. For those that are paranoid, simply create a rule within SYGATE or ZONEALARM or whatever F/W you're running to prevent connection to net. Planetmaker
RatingApplication that allows a users to have 32 virtual desktops, get a desktop larger than the viewable area of the monitor, divide the display across more than one monitor, manage applications, and many more features.Also if you want to manage multiple monitors this seems to be neccesary. Yalin
RatingThis is an nVidia driver control file that needs to be present if you have an nVidia graphics card. If you download any nVidia driver from the nVidia site, this file will be included in the package.  link for more info Rob
RatingOnly dangerous if you use something other than nVidia card. Especially harmful to an ATI user. David
RatingStop making up shit you morons. It's not spyware or a virus. Mike
Ratingits simply a nvidia program justin
RatingIt's a virus or NVIDIA system files?  link for more info Cesarporto
RatingNvidia-Treiber. Glaub ich nur für Übertakter. NWIZ abschalten macht nix aus, zumindest nicht für mich.
RatingThis file is from NVIDIA software, and if contains any spyware, I think it's just to check if u have your license Lone
RatingSooner or later it'll bring you machine to its knees. Kill it ASAP. Really hard to investigate why, after boot/logon, hard disk is 100% busy. Well, it's nwiz. Andrew
Ratingnwiz.exe is a part of NVidia's Nview features installable alongside it's graphics hardware products. This application will give the user access to additional features which allow the configuration of up to 32 monitors on a host, or to expand the desktop across many monitors. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference. Leonardo Müller
RatingI also checked with McAfee and it is reported to be a worm called Bat/Mumu  link for more info Robert Allen
RatingThere are 2 nwiz.exe's. nwiz.exe is indeed a utility in NVidia but reports there is a virus called Agobot which also uses that name as part of its process. Agobot meant it to mean Norton Wizzard. If you have an NVidia card it's useless if you have only one monitor and can be easily turned off with Msconfig.exe and it will not turn itself back on. That's why there are conflicting descriptions of it on this page.  link for more info Daniel in Florida
Ratingfor the twats who think it is a virus, stop being so paranid. but you may be correct, that is only if a virus has actually replaced the file or embedded itself in it. And everyone else, stop paisting exactly what is found on the 1st entry found when searching on google! We've all done that search and don't need to read it again. jack
RatingWhat the heck is it doing on my PC when my monitor runs on an ATI graphic card? Waste of processing time=kill! kill! Ambrose
Ratingif it exists in the NVIDIA dir. and is about 450k maybe its OK. If its in system32 and difernt size, maybe kill it. Michelle
RatingThere are 2 nwiz.exe's  link for more info Daniel in Florida
Ratingnvidea driver wayne
Ratingnwiz.exe is a part of NVIDIA Ric
RatingThe normal location of nwiz.exe is C:\Windows\System32\nwiz.exe - if you find it somewhere else then it is a virus. There are plenty of viruses out there which do, in fact, mimic other core files. So long as nwiz.exe is in the correct place you have NOTHING to worry about. Ian Armstrong
RatingI recently became aware of a nvwiz.exe entry in my startup menu of msconfig. This happened to be around the same time my machine became compromised by a Dialer.8 variant virus *received when browsing sites*. For the past year or so, I've only been using an ATI vid card. I removed it and added an entry into my BlackIce program to kill it immediately. Barry
RatingPersonal Experience tells me there is a lack of clear information from invidia about this files use. But I do not believe it to be spyware or a virus or whatever. However I do think it may have a marked inpact on sys startup (win2k user here) Wes
RatingSee Yalin Mike and Leonardo Muller. Harmless and mostly painless. The NVCplDaemon and the control centre that run RUNDLL32.exe in the background can cause you to drop out of applications (Grey top bar) which is annoying if you are typing. If you really want the super extra options that nView Desktops provide, turn it off at the Status bar. NB a Clean Machine is a mean machine. Dominic
Ratingnwiz.exe is a legitimate service for nVidia graphics cards. NWIZe.EXE (notice the extra 'e') is a different filename and a different story that Robert mentioned above. I also use Zonealarm firewall and this program has never ever requested access to internet! Again though, if you DO NOT have a nVidia graphics card, you'd better remove it from your system, otherwise, just let it do it's job. If it's eating your resources, re-install your VGA drivers to correct the problem. Kopros
Ratingreplaced video card it was working and I did a recovery on my computer and now my graphics look awlful when I am on the web. I dont have the software the came with the the video card at this time are there some other way that I can go about this to make everything look as it did before I did the recovery. Can I get this cleared up without the software and or disk............... Clay .................
RatingAssociated with the newer versions of nVidia graphics cards drivers. Allows you to immensely improve desktop layouts by setting preferences and optimizations. However, this isn"t necessary for the operation of your system. saltycpo
Ratingits a display options driver! leave it alone or slow your card. you need this to run your g/c past safe (slow) mode. ltc
RatingNVIDIA nView Control Panel I usally remove it from the registry under LOCAL_MACHINE run folder.
Ratingnwiz.exe may cause graphics in M/Soft Word not to display properly. Uncheck in msconfig. Major nuisance until found. Mike Ryan
RatingI have a Nvidia Card but I killed it and I had no Problem after killing TÜRK
Ratingnwiz.exe of 725k in windows\system32 caused CorelDraw to crash. I deleted it, ok since. John
RatingNVIDIA nView Control Panel. Wenn eine Nvidia-Grafikkarte installiert ist harmlos valu
RatingAssociated with the newer versions of nVidia graphics cards drivers. Allows you to immensely improve desktop layouts by setting preferences and optimizations. However, this isn't necessary for the operation of your system. Xsoftspy will report it as the BAT.Mumu A virus because the virus will use this filename along with others. Search your system for Start.But if you think you have the virus and/or you do not have an nVidea card. Mark
Ratingabsolutely harmless weather u keep the process running on your system or delete it just make sure u have a nvidia card LaminatedNacho
Ratingunless you run multiple displays on an nvidia card you don't need it 1n4mat10n
Ratingmy image still freezes, though i have a new card, all other components are also replaced, still same prob, i'm disabling for protection and see what happens Vince
Ratingappeared when I updated nvidia driver- it's harmless b boy
RatingIt really has a malicious impact on an optical mouse, but there was a problem with NVidia card on this machine before Yelena
RatingXsoftspy identified it as Bat/Mumu-A. So I got symantec's Bat/Mumu-A removal tool and it said I didn't have the worm. I'd say it's safe even if it makes your optical mouse jitter on startup. Dave
Ratingnwiz.exe is a part of NVidia's Nview features installable alongside it's graphics hardware products. This application will give the user access to additional features which allow the configuration of up to 32 monitors on a host, or to expand the desktop across many monitors. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference. Kristina / Canada
Ratingthis is not a worm, the worm is called "BAT/Mumu.worm" NWIZe.exe is a file associated with the worm. And Besides, its not even spelled the same. Notice the difference? geoff
RatingThis file stops Print shop 15, 20 and printmaster (on HP PC) from displaying the graphics of the choosen project, yet "print preview" shows the graphic. Joe
RatingIt is needed for your nVidia video cards. Remove it if you do not have one!!! Charles "Gospelsinger" Vogt
RatingIts like a keylogger if you get rid of it releases a worm and causes your computer to crash repeatally if in system 32 Micheal James Lynn
Ratingi found it in my nvidia director but it was named nwiz.ex_... i found it also in system32 named nwiz.exe... what shoul i do? Orion
RatingI am now sure it is dangerous (more of a pest) It is not Nvidea but it downloads SAHAGENT and ADMILLI SERVICE onto your pc W
Rating"Daniel in" = right. Theres 2 separate NWIZ files. One is a virus, it calls itself "nwiz" short for "Norton Wizard" and pretends to be part of virus protection. The other is the NVIDIA Driver which you of course don't have to be scared of :) ... If you do a Windows Search, only the "NVIDIA Driver" file will come up. Trust me, I have the virus now and is a pain to get rid of (W32.Gaobot, details available @ I just upgraded my computer, and am no longer using NVIDIA Drivers, but still have the NWIZ.exe file on my harddrive cos anti-virus cant get rid of it!  link for more info Emma
RatingIt is definately an InVidia file for your video card. Let it alone! Louisiana
RatingPrevents Quickbooks Pro (possibly others?) to backup. Unchecked in msconfig allows backups. virtually lost
RatingNwiz.exe is a trojan w/ same name as the nvida util - kill it wmlagna
RatingThe nwiz.exe process is usually a sign that your computer has been infected with the Gaobot or viruses/trojans. However if you have an Nvidia graphics card, part of the nvidia drivers software will also run a process with this name.  link for more info Simba
RatingMine has nwiz.exe and then says installquiet. this is in system32 and surely suspicious. there is also a ez_sp thing. Sarah
RatingMy machine kept restarting following bootup... I entered safe mode and disable nwiz.exe from my startup. System now works great. konx
RatingRandom lock up's especially while surfing, used start/stop utility to prevent loading at start up and have had no further lock up problems. make your own minds up aj
RatingYou need it for your NVIDIA video card KZT
RatingThere are 2 types of nwiz.exe. One of them being linked with nVidia graphics cards and the other being a virus. The virus file name is "nwiz.exe\ install". If this is the case delete it. Seann
RatingNot a virus and actually useful for settings, etc... no harm in stopping it from loading during start-up using msconfig... boot time has improved slightly without it. I do NOT recommend deleting it altogether from your system though... The Roppfather
Ratingits both a Virus and nVidia graphic sevice and here is how to figure out how..Before you edit the registry, you should make a backup. On the 'Registry' menu, click 'Export Registry File'. In the 'Export range' panel, click 'All', then save your registry as Backup. Gösta Suvinen
RatingVideo display driver, common DUde
RatingNVIDIA driver Yoda
RatingInstalled on Win98 at Windows\System. I run Norton Security; the NWIZ file disabled Norton Security, and prevented me from accessing and enabling this function. Hanan
RatingInstalled on Win98 at Windows\System Hanan
RatingCan possibly cause Dell Laptops to lockout (blackscreen) and need reboot Johnny
RatingIt's a bootsector virus! Mac OSX user
RatingAt my PC, it shows as "nwiz.exe \install", and I recently deleted all my nVidia files because i chanched my card. Shadow
RatingAssuming there is NVIDIA software installed you should find nwin.exe files at several locations. They are all different NVIDIA Nview Wizards. I am running Windows XP and my specifics are: C:/CABS/Winxp/Display/Nvidia4/nwiz C:/WINDOWS/system32/nwiz C:/WINDOWS/system32/ReinstallBackups/0007/DriverFiles/nwiz C:/NVIDIA Display Driver/nwiz C:/NVIDIA/Win2KXP/53.03/nwiz Some of the so-called ‘expertise' being offered on this site will cause more damage than any virus I am aware of. Get a professional opinion before deleting stuff just because you don't know what it is. Burton
RatingIts for nvidia gpu Jason
RatingI Use NIVDIA drivers, so no hurting as far as I know Henny
Ratingfound on a PC that has an integrated intel graphics card and there has never been any nvidia drivers installed,
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