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File: optimize.exe
Name: Internet Optimizer
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"optimize.exe" can be a Adult content dialer that dials numbers specific to porn related sites,
or "optimize.exe" can belong to a Internet connection optimizer.

You have to check the full path and the properties of this file to decide, if it is dangerous or not.

You can obtain detailed information about optimize.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 430 user requests for that file. 2 users classify it as not so dangerous. 4 users classify it as neutral. 8 users considered the file to be suspicious. 30 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete optimize.exe. 7 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingOptimize.exe is a virus.The icon is a round funny face like a moon.It won't optimize anything.The virus name is W32 Downloader.Dyfuca.Use F-Prot from dos to get rid of it or else don't open this virus hidden as an exe file.
Ratingmuss gefährlich sein !!!
Ratingspyware .. I guess it optamizes IE by keeping it hijacked!!
RatingIf the internet connection is slow and IE cannot find a site "optimze.exe" takes action
RatingI'm surprised, something different with my IE. It's become slower.
Ratingit's a pain in the bass !
Ratingopens dozens of window ads....hate it delete it Jesse
RatingIt was installed from a web radio site through media player without my knowledge or consent The surfer formerly known as the hijack victim before security task manager came into my life
RatingFind it. Kill it. Then kill it again to be sure (see link). Then run your AntiVirus.  link for more info Vince
Ratinglots of pop-up windows of ads i dont need
RatingCant be deleted as normal programs
RatingIt a Adware aka Spyware  link for more info Frank
RatingOptimize.exe is SPYWARE... It is very dangerous, it changes your computer by advertising, Notice any unexplainable popups? Optimize is that explanation. Use Ad-aware 6 PE to successfully remove it, and then clear your C:/windows/TEMP folder...... Optimize sucks...Spyware should be ILLEGAL! Jimmy
RatingWin32/Rbot.ABO Trojaner
RatingNot much except I did n't ask it to download. getting rid of it was easy, just stopped the process and deleted the 2 versions on my system. It's Only Me
RatingWas loaded onto my system without knowledge or consent. I believe by scripts on a webpage that opened through a DSO exploit. Brought with it DyFuCa, powersave, VX2, sidesearch, and 180solutions. All in one fell swoop. Killed all of them with Spybot, Ad-aware, and McAfee. Set McAfee to scan for possible unwanted programs. Philip
RatingIst ein Internet-Dialer
RatingSame as Philip, after deleting it my internet connection got even more slow (ha, like if it was possible) Martha
RatingEs ist Gefährlich und schlau. Ich habe es immer wieder und wieder auf dem Rechner. Ich habe keine Chance. Michael
RatingSpy Ware. It's in the temp directory. delete it. then create a text file, name it "optimize.exe" and make it read only. that's the end. mdeadly
Ratingit came with talktalk internet provider 1meg broadband also installed as soon as i connect (even after removing) in process's are Windows add tools,DYFUCA,POWERSCAN,IST BAR.SLOTCH,LSPLIST,SHOP AT HOME all this with talktalk in the uk mr bones
RatingLoaded w/o consent, definate spyware XPMaster
RatingWas loaded onto my system without knowledge or consent from Got powersave, sidesearch, 180solutions, too. Also got a lot of new bookmarks into my favorites and c:\xnqxr.exe (6144 Bytes). I identified all installed files by last modification date (all files within sysdate + 2 minutes), deleted them under plain dos, removed exenames from the run section in the registry. These all seems to be trojans / spyware. Don't know what xnqxr.exe does. All other exefiles on my systems are unchanged, so it doesn't seem to be a virus. Googled for xnqxr.exe, but found nothing... Martin
RatingGenerell: Optimizer=danger Hunger
RatingAdmilliserv or admillikeep Holly
RatingOptimizer can be installed by an OCX. So if u click ok to install some junk from a site, or numerous other ways. Regardless it sucks when it just installs itself on your computer when you are looking for articles on physics. GRRR
RatingIs very hard to elimnate the task Thinboarddrill
Ratingthat it's annoying, I deleted it with norton and it still hijacks mi IE when it's finding the page. Jenny Rose
RatingFound it trying to access the internet stopped by McAfee Personal Firewall. Loaded without my knowledge, so I suspect a script from a web page did it. McAfee VirusScan does a good job of deleting it and its entries in the registry. Jack
RatingSo far I've found out it needs to die badly. My aunt's dial-up was working smoothly for about 4 days, then all of a sudden, it's like the system hit a brick wall. Pages don't load and many features of XP don't work. For example, I can't open up the task manager under the admin's name because pop-up message tells me that the system's admin disabled that feature, yet Chris
RatingIt's a spyware/trojan. It was installed during the Win2k Service Pack Update(!) together with other trojans: W32.spybot.worm (winole.exe, mueehd.exe), (IST Toolbar), Dowloader.trojan (winfix17.exe). If u set up a new system, make sure firewall runs b4 windows update or it's a pain in the.. :o) To kill optimizer it has to be uninstalled (preferences, software), then reboot, shut down the process, login as admin (not local user) and kill it under local user where it hides. me2
RatingOptimize.exe is a virus.The icon is a round funny face like a moon. Search your hard disk for the file, Use task manager to kill the process, then delete the file. Use ZoneAlarm to catch it tryin go to access the internet.. LegionUK
RatingSpionagesoftware GF
RatingTurns off anti-virus applications, Downloads code from the internet, Installs itself in the Registry. darn thing. who needs it. Power Ranger
Ratingi dont know were i got it but it won't go away this thang sucks and i'm mad it wont delete
RatingIt self installed in my system along with "media pass" "sah agent" and other very suspicious processes... after rebooting in safe mode and running a complete virus scan it seems to have been removed but I still have problems with it's "cousins"... It appears in "Add/remove programms" but can't be uninstalled like that myself
RatingI hate it with it numerious spyware came thru with it. And windows keeps chrasing and saying: Can't find optimize.exe you need this file to open aplication (exe) files... sure it does MasterM
RatingDefinately spyware, as it was very annoying, and took up a lot of memory, which is common for spyware. XPMaster
Ratingnothing but problems caused havoc on many computers
RatingKann das gesamte System lahm legen Admin (Oberhausen)
RatingI had not only the optimize.exe file but I had ISTbar.exe too. Optimize wasn't so difficult to remove. ISTbar,exe is a very nasty file. I couldn't remove the file with Adaware first before I discovered the file kgcnjc.exe. I ended the processes kgcnjc.exe first, optimize,exe, powerscan and last istsvc.exe. After that ADaware removed all harmfull files which were responsible for this misery. Gerco Eikelenboom
RatingI can't seem to get it of my machine Peter
RatingDiese Datei habe ich auch und es ist ein Trojaner. LÖSCHEN! Al
RatingCame with Talktalk 1MB BB J
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