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Information about realsched.exe file

File: realsched.exe
Name: RealNetworks Scheduler
Product: RealPlayer (32-bit)
Manufacturer: RealNetworks, Inc.
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"realsched.exe" is part of RealPlayer from RealNetworks, Inc. It is a RealNetworks Scheduler for playing sound and video files.

You can obtain detailed information about realsched.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 1968 user requests for that file. 16 users classify it as harmless. 6 users classify it as not so dangerous. 21 users classify it as neutral. 29 users considered the file to be suspicious. 8 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete realsched.exe. 9 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingRealNetworks RealPlayer Alex
RatingUsed for updates probably, part of the Real Player- a media program Nat
Ratingreal player update file, runs everytime you start up
RatingIt is Real's Pop Up Generator Pop Up = Pest like a fly Nocturnal John
RatingStarts everytime you boot through a registry key which if removed will come back again ! HaNi
RatingMonitors RealPlayer activity. Generates pop-ups, not RealPlayer related though. XGS
RatingYou download/buy real player :- you get Realsched.exe. It's part of the program. It's in the Task Manager Because it's doing something!  link for more info David Whatley
Ratingnothing wrong with it, super safe, doctor
Ratingjust for updating realplayer (super veilig)  link for more info doctor
Ratingspyware - passes personal info about. Thanks Real!
RatingTries to insert itself, in RUN section of registry. Runs with realvideo/realaudio, but not required, just an auto-updater. Nagware. Mike
RatingIt is an automatic update utility for Real Player. You can remove first by disabling the auto-update feature in your Tools- Preferences- Automatic Services- AutoUpdate (In RealPlayer). Then search through your registry for 2 locations of "realsched" (Type "regedit" after clicking on run in your Start Menu): The first will be a "(Default)" key, modify the key and erase the path; the second will be in the 'HKLM- Software- Microsoft- Windows- Current Version- SharedDlls' folder. Modify this key to "0". And lastly, open you "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\" delete "realsced.exe"
RatingOn my athlon 2400+, caused 100% cpu usage just for that process when it was running radchilies
RatingThere doesn't seem to be a way to prevent RP from launching it on computer startup. :( Sulan
Ratingreal player auto update program erkan
Ratingusing 99% of CPU and slowing system to a crawl
RatingIt's just an updater for Realplauer, it does no harm Anthony
RatingHas caused errors when it runs during a windows update. Gedda
Ratinguses too much cpu
Ratingi do not run Real, and it has appeared in my processes yesterday. i dont view movies or streaming with Real. Its not using CPU and minimal MEM, but it should not be there. Karl
RatingCauses 100% CPU usage. Annoying- cause my drive to only defragment to 50% after running all afternoon and night long Armandine
Ratingkeiner weiss, so richtig, was der RealPlayer,alles so "geheim" sendet.,wie jeder andere player auch. tomJ.
RatingSauerei von RealNetworks. Mein Computer hat nicht das ewige Update zum Ziel!! Permanent Updater
Ratingthe one process takes up nearly all of the cpu, and slows usage 2 much
Ratingit will not allow certain programs to open and run while its running catman
RatingCaused windows updates to be very slow and used 99% CPU Bryce
RatingIt uses up my processor resources Ninpolearner
Ratinguse 100% CPU when run on win2000 ???
Ratingusing 98% of my cpu on win98 Jon
RatingTurn off the Message Center checking and Auto update will stop it. Dave
RatingIt causes 100% cpu usage on my computer. Slowed the system to a crawl. Kill it. Potrod
Ratingusing up 100% of cpu brenda
RatingCan use up a lot of memory and bandwith. Unnecessary - just check regularly! Sallyann
RatingRealplayer uses this file to copy info and save it for when you are online, then it sends it to real. It copies info like the movies you view to how many drives you have connected and much more. real claims not to use the info in a bad way, but it is spying on you. You agree to it when you accept real player install agreement. Don
RatingUnstable, badly written malware. Get rid! GR33DY
RatingI shut it down with justshed and lvcoms everytime I login vocatude
Rating just stop message center checking and auto update, do not need to edit registry Guil
RatingComes from realplayer and uses up my CPU usage Garrett
RatingI don't want any extra programs to run on the background, especially not when it's using almost all my CPU-power, while doing nothing. I'm going to try and find and delete everything in my registery on realsched, and disable it unsing msconfig. Then i'm going to delete it, and when it's running again after my next boot, i'm going to use another player wich does NOT let programs run hidden on your pc. It's just simply annoying. Ceristimo
RatingReal Player Scheduler... Kill process then delete the entry from the registry! Farah
RatingHarmlos, aber ein frecher Dienst von den Machern des kostenlosen RealPlayer Jochen
Ratinguninstalled real player to make it go away. was taking 100%cpu mike
RatingAnother very good reason not to use annoying Real Media / Player Oz
RatingIt's nagware. To turn off, open real player, go to Tools- Preferences- Automatic Services- AutoUpdate and click off "Automatically download and install important updates" TP
RatingIt's a major pain in the CPU! Mel
RatingI managed to get it to not load on boot using msconfig but couldn't find it in the services list. Took very little cpu usage on Athlon xp2000 and Winxp
RatingIf it's eating your cpu, then its most likely not the real realsched.exe that is showing up in your task list. A lot of spyware files are named "realsched.exe" to try and trick you into thinking that it's part of realplayer. Rob
RatingAs others have started, it's also taking 98% CPU on my Dell w/XP Kevin Dibb
Ratingkann mit tools wie simon xp-tuner 2004 deaktiviert werden (absolute empfehlung) spotting
Ratingbin it , nothing but trouble and resource hog SloPoke
Ratingreal player , annoying update
RatingShows 100% usage - if multiple users logged on it will spread across all users to dominate the clock usage. freedomcs
RatingReal Audio autoupdater. HP and Compaq owners from 2001-2003 may have it bundled. DiamonDt
RatingNot needed. Not helpful. BruceK
Ratinghas to do with real player jones
RatingNote: Turning off the Message Center also disables realsched.exe, the RealPlayer automatic update utility. To disable the Message Center: 1. Open RealPlayer, and click the Tools menu (upper-right corner of the player). 2. Choose Preferences. The Preferences box opens. 3. In the Category pane under under Automatic Services, click b Message Center. 4. Click the Configure Message Center button. 5. Uncheck ALL items in the window that appears. 6. Click OK twice to save your changes, and close any other windows. 7. For best results, close RealPlayer and restart your computer. Craig
Ratingusing cpu at startup Norman
Ratinguses 100% of my CPU (XP, 866-Pentium3). Henrik
RatingSends information to Real; loads at launch even when disabled Drbb
RatingIt prevents the Autoplay camera wizard from running on RealPlayer V10 dcmccunn
Ratingthis realplayer updater continually wastes cpu cycles, ok to remove it from the registry startup run list paul
RatingThe RealPlayer updater... just go to Tools-- Preferences-- Automatic Services-- AutoUpdate and turn it off! PhantomSteve
RatingIt definitely uses too much CPU. I uninstalled Real One Player since it proved to be such a pain. Helium
Ratingeats CPU like cake, uses 95-100% Mac OSX User
RatingThrashed my CPU, made system nonresponsive. Kryztoph
Ratinga nuisance at best and a backdoor at worst
RatingRealplayer 00 % cpu 189 kb speicher StarFleet
RatingI run older machines (P2s & P3s) and I notice that while it's not a trojan it is a resource hog. I like realplayer to the point of having it as the only media player on my computer, but realsched.exe has to go. I can update it myself w/o having a program do it for me.  link for more info Radzero
RatingIt's not really dangerous it's just junk that you don't need. Realplayer sucks and if you use RealAlternative it's much better. camo
Ratingi think it's not good and i take it away! Amui
Ratingdisable it using spybots teatimer!! "its reals manual update scheduler" scott808
RatingRuns even after RealPlayer is shut down. Gecco
RatingIm uninstalling, I recomend finding a rm player that has no net/spyware feature NH
RatingReal player's apocalypse plug-in. Delete it or your comp will blow up!
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