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Information about rundll32.exe file

File: rundll32.exe
Name: Run a DLL as an App
Product: Windows
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

Note: The rundll32.exe file file should appear only the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. If you happen to find this file in a different folder, it is possible that your rundll32.exe is in reality a malicious file. Many trojans and viruses try to cloak their real identity by using the names of legitimate files. Any time that you encounter a suspicious process, you should verify the digital signature and the file path, for example using Anti-Spy.Info.

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User feedback

There were 1780 user requests for that file. 18 users classify it as harmless. 7 users classify it as not so dangerous. 23 users classify it as neutral. 17 users considered the file to be suspicious. 34 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete rundll32.exe. 29 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingRunDLL32 is used to run DLLs as programs Alex
RatingFor some reason this program is hung in background and is stopping certain programs from opening. Ryan
RatingSame meaning as Ryan. Program blocks some other programs from running and also blocks websites from opening. When process is closed, sites opens imediatelly.. Sid
RatingOpen it with notepad; search for text "padding"; if it is ther you an unidentified object; size of dll32 worm is 31,5 to 32 kb pete
RatingAll already written on Windows DLL Archive.  link for more info Chris Korte
RatingIt does as Ryan and Sid have said, but it also inhibits Yahoo messenger from working properly as well. Mark
RatingThis program is part of Windows, used to run program code in DLL files as if it were an actual program. However, many viruses also use this name or similar names such as 'rundII32' (uppercase i appears the same as lowercase L in many fonts). It's also commonly used by spyware to launch its own code.  link for more info Inuyasha
RatingRunDLL32 is used to run exported functions of a DLL or EXE file...
RatingSlows Windows XP from shut down/ log off. Ronnie
RatingRundll32.exe loads and runs 32-bit DLLs. Rundll32.exe comes with all versions of Microsoft Windows. If you are worried if this process is legitimate, check the .dll name that follows rundll32.exe. Spyware, adware, keyloggers, trojans, etc often hide behind the rundll32.exe process. N/A
RatingYes, its exactly 31.5Kb large.Viewed by Notepad its clearly, that the file has been modified - some "1337 artwork" is hidden in there. Also many "paddings" divided by an "XX" at the end of the file. I solved the problem, by booting in save mode, closing the process "RUNDLL32.EXE" and deleting the file.. untill now, it had no effect to windows. But IF, you can always copy the real rundll32.exe from your Win XP -CD. Since then, I had no more [email protected] and starting programmes/games. Sid
RatingRunDll32 was deleted and now I cant open my control panel JD
Ratingwhen you do not have a fire wall to stop it it opens a site and takes over your home page I do not remember wich one but it did it until I instaled zone alarm when it was in the list I did not give it access and then rest my home page and deleted the site but it still loads Berni
Ratingsearch high and low and found that rundll32exe can hide trojons and spyware and can also be trusted software that just uses this line to run unknown software Stephen Eccleston
Ratingcauses the CPU to work in full load or performace shoots to 100% n makes the system dead slow, when stopped works normally  link for more info Binish
Ratingit prevents windows to shut down correctly, needing to shut down manually
RatingThese data is creating from Windows, if it where not there, we can not open our contros panel. BlackMaster
RatingThere are some legitimate uses for (the real) RUNDLL.EXE for example, the nVidia driver settings control panel uses RUNDLL.EXE to load itself into the system tray. If you bring up the context menu on the nVidia system-tray icon and tell it to exit, RunDLL.exe will most likely disappear from your process list as well. Note that if you ask the tray icon to exit, the nVidia tray process will no longer load on startup. To re-enable it, you must go into DisplayProperties/Settings/Advanced/GeForceXXXX/TroubleShooting/ and then check the "Display nVidia Settings Icon in Taskbar" checkbox. John
RatingIch weiss nur, dass diese Datei auf meinem Rechner dafür sorgt, dass immer wenn ich den Internet Explorer öffne sich dieser im Task Manager unter Prozesse nicht mehr selbstständig schließt. Alex
RatingIt can shut down your computer, and screw it up, as well as overwork your CPU,a nd you computer may get really slow or crash. Also, It makes it so you can't print ANYTHING, or burn CD's. It also opens a trojan and may download other bad files to your computer. Terranwolf[.com]
Ratingit kept erroring, and slowing down my computer. so i got rid of it...and can't open my control panel!!! so i would definitely not recommend deleting the file...but certainly find out how to tame it! JPac
RatingSome users or should i say malicious users, are using this prog to initiate unwanted dlls. E.G. Swap mouse buttons and log off a user on logon. Snipper
Ratingwhen i start my system cpu usage is going nearly 99% because of rundll32.exe using nearly 85% of cpu venkatesh
RatingIt try to locate itself to my startup folder, I guess it is a virus Norman Lo
Ratingdo i need this proces to use my programs?my msn doesnt work klapp
Ratingdeleted and now cotrol panel is inaccessable! Liz
RatingMicrosoft DLL to run DLLs as programs, contained in Microsoft operating systems. But: many virus/worm use this filename too, have a look at the following link  link for more info Jan
RatingWithout it, I cannot access my Control Panel or any of my Display Settings. anonymous
RatingRunDLL32.exe is in itself harmless - it's a neccesary part of Windows. The problem comes from malware/badly coded programs/etc. These commonly use RunDLL32 to open popups, run keyloggers, etc., but it is also vital to many ligitimate processes. Don't remove it - just try to find out what's running it, then remove that. In the meantime, kill the process using Task Manager. Remember, something legit may be using it too, so use info like the "Mem Usage" & "CPU" to guess at which it is... generally though there'll only be one "rundll32.exe" process running, the bad one, if indeed any. SirPavlova
RatingI had a hard time with Rundll32 taking the place of Explorer on my hard drive. Remove VX-2 with ad-aware fixed the problem. KR
Ratingeach website is saying different stuff... rundll32 is a windows file.. and one website said it even contains time n date information.. is it harmful? when i check my processes it runs on 100% Blabla
Ratingonce deleted it has a back up file to add to the start up undeteted so that it puts a lock on the control panell but i do not worry abot it that much because i am staring to find away around it and learning to kill it because your virus protector will normally skipp over because it thinks it is microsoft certified like some of the drivers and anyway it is like a old dos all viruses that i have found i play with them on my older computer.if you want to learn more about a virus get a older computer and down load it in to it and start playing with it and see what happens william
RatingI know that if I don't close it from my Close Program Box I can't play Freecell. I wish I could understand it enough know if I should get rid of it. lucy
Ratingrundll32.exe is substantial part of MS Win operating system and nessesary to launch all dll's - compiled Win32 programs (both good and bad) DO NOT REMOVE! Just YF, Programmer
RatingIn my case it was part of the nVidia Desktop Manager functions, nVidia uses it to launch the tweak tool in the sys tray. If you have this and you have nVidia you can probably relax. If you do not have nVidia it is likely you have a worm. mooter
Ratingdamned slows the machine, can't even open new windows properly and programs and webpages load a lifetime long... what the heck...
RatingHere is a site for more info and resources on RunDLL32:  link for more info ChuckO
RatingZone Labs asks me if I want to open it. I say no. The computer doesn't seem to be any the worse for it Leon W
RatingYou can't STOP the dll when its running, everything still works fine. Do not delete it! Guido
Ratingonly operates on windows other and 2000, XP, and 2003. Im currently looking for more info, but i have XP and rundll32.exe is in my processes. My computer keeps restarting for no reason and sometimes does as soon as windows boots up. Jonathan
Ratingit slows down my computer and doesnt let some of my programs run correctly cruzer3004
Ratingi also deleted it by accident and can't use my control panel! How do i get it back? plz help Andrew
RatingIn my firewall I get RANDLL32.EXE is that the same thing as RUNDLL32.EXE It keeps on poping up on my firewall it won't stop, and I don't want to let it in, what should I do I can't get rid of the popup dude
RatingIts New Dot Net Spyware according to My Firewall!
Ratingits really anoying it makes my comp really slow anthony from new zealand
Ratingcheck the properties it's orgin is smart link.
RatingAs others have stated "can`t open control panel/add remove programs etc". My question is "how do you remedy this problem?" Jimbo
RatingMANY viruses are hidden with this name like run32dll or rundii32... i was infected with rundii32.scr, and it eats about 20 mb ram and goes with your processor somewhere at +80% marius
Ratingbei mir ist rundll.32.exe nicht mehr vorhanden. Wie bekomm ich sie wieder?
RatingJe ne sais pas, c'est de Microsoft mais ? Pascal
Ratingit is used to run hotmail and i deleted it and i cant use those things..i NEED it back and i dont know how to get it? ahh amanda
RatingIt is a necessary program for the dll librar to process properly. If you are having problems or errors due to this file, it is not the file itself, but a virus or trojan which is hiding behind it. Oskar Greye
RatingAs I have seen some people directly deleted it ! but first check when the process is ubicated. It is possible to see the rundll32 when you open the contro panel ! so do not deleted it , Win needs the process to work right. Festratocastro
Ratingin Win9x, it ia a necessary process -- leave it alone. In xp and other os, it is malware! Get rid of it! TurboP
RatingI have 2 RNDLL32.exe processes running. Is this normal?
RatingThis file takes over my entire CPU , I can't make it go away,
RatingDoes anyone how I can reinstall the file "Rundll32.exe". Is it possible to send the file by mail ([email protected]) so that I can copy it on to my pc? Frank
RatingRundll.exe is required to execute a DLL as an application, a kind of which the control panel is. A
Ratingi deleted the fine and nothing from my control panel will open now. keeps telling me rundll32 is needed to open programs, wish i can put it back now Tim
Ratingits used to load 32 bit libs, it sucks, the hour glass beside my cursor keeps popping up and going away really fast, and in task manager, it opens and closes really fast making my comp really sluggish Dr.Evil
Ratingmost of those files are adware ,spyware ,or viruses howard
RatingIt's using 9% of my CPU , a 3Gig Barton core XP. running 18 DLL's Douglas
Rating3 or 4 of these files keep popping in & out of my task manager and freezing up any program I'm in. If I get rid of it, the programs run normally Sammylou
RatingSame as Norman, When ever i start the PC it says it can't be found, so i guess that it told the PC that it should run it. :-S @L()
RatingSa destruction rend le panneau de configuration non opérationnel eric
RatingMy Rundll32 is modifided with this padding , but it doesnt run in the taskmanger and my system doesn't run slowly. I deleted it and needed to install Windows because Nvida CP didn't work and so on.... Max
RatingThis file, on certain systems, does pretty much everything the other people say. Rundll32.exe is a windows system file used to make .dll files run as a regular application and, if deleted, you may have minimal customizable options to your computer. Control panel, user account prefrences, and more will not run without this file, which makes it required and a perfect target for trojans, spyware, etc.. To get your computer running back to normal get an anti-virus scanner that will try to repair system files but DO NOT remove this file. A link to a good virus scanner thats free is below.  link for more info Mike Z. G. (Delinquent986)
RatingThere seems to be 2 versions of rundll32.exe The harmless windows origin and the dangerous trojan one.. Kill the pestile immediately The right one is in sys32 dir and the evil one elsewhere in your windows or system dirs.. Victor Motas (Finland)
RatingI had two instances of "rundll32.exe" running in task mgr on windows XP. It turned out to be connected to nView from my display adapter install. I stoped it by:: Turning off nView Desktop Manager: Display Properties/Settings TAB/Advanced/GeForce TAB/Left Pane..Desktop Management/Right Pane..Disable/OK/Display Properties OK/....That did it for me it's not there anymore. Daniel "Dtoolman"
Ratingthis dll file runs my cpu usage up to a 100%!!!! EAA Alladien
RatingRunDLL32.dll is most commonly used on systems with Nvidia Graphics Card. On these systems, it is most commonly referred to as Nvidia Quick Tweak. Just make sure it is in your Windows/system32/ folder and that it is properly signed by either Microsoft or Nvidia. Druid Zeb JP
RatingRunDLL32 is the means by which an entry point into a DLL can be called. Such entrypoints could be good or bad, your guess is as good as mine. Asking if RunDLL32 is a virus, is like asking, "Is Windows a virus?". Many programs use RunDLL to execute detatched processes. These hang up as easily as any other software, but usually you cant see them on your desktop. If RunDLL is causing your computer to run slowly you need to find out what is causing RunDLL32 to be running. Andy Ash.
RatingI suspected something fishy with the file, when shutting down windows 2000Pro it would always be hanging around in the background. It took away the ability of some of my programs to run, once I ended the process in the task manager everything worked fine. Webgrrl
Ratingrundll32 was constantly running and slowing down everything I tried doing, avast antivirus recognized it as virus and several spyware programs recommended to delete it. My computer started working as soon as I shut rundll32 down. After I deleted it, everything works great, except I cannot run .av movie. So I guess it is true, there are two types of rundll32. Vesna
RatingA necessary, but maskable executable Racimo
RatingI am also trying to find out how to fix the problem.Something easy to do so that it does not slow down your computer, is to give it low priority by right clicking it in the task manager window.Just until you find a way to get rid of the problem Kappa
RatingWhen it runs my notepad, outlook express and my frontpage do not work and when I disable it I cannot connect to my ftp or check for email. Johan
Ratingrundlil32 is hacker with the "i" Ian
RatingI have PalTalk Messenger 7.0 and Rundll32 always messes it up. My webcam works fine (for example Logitech ImageStudio works) but then when I try to go on my cam on Paltalk, I get the mesage that Rundll32 has performed an illegal operation and then my cam never loads. Eko
RatingIts needed to run the date n time function, mine wont work because my virus remover removed it so i need to re-download it TC
RatingYou can just close it manually from taskmanager. It isn't such a big deal.
Ratingwindows needs it.
Ratingcaused my comp to no longer boot Matt G
RatingIt slows your system down 100% of cpu Killer
Ratingwont let me change my desktop wallpaper just helps crash program rdl Beers
RatingAfter deleting Rundll32 from my computer Internet exploer along with the control panel. Simon849
Ratingit is constantly slowing down my computer and i have to end the process every time I turn on my computer Jill
Ratingrundll and Rundll32 are not normal for windows XP machines in the task manager. If so, it's a virus and use a virus remover immediately
Ratingit pops in startup monitor (very useful piece of shareware) and i can keep it from loading all it's applications but it still loads a browser hijacker and a couple other bugs...I can't catch it with Ad-aware or with spybot
RatingI have 2 of them and I know that there's only suppose to be one --- but my AVG anti virus doesn't detect anything and as far as I know it doesn't seem to be doing any malicious thing.... but I can't help but feel it is as I have 2 of them and my bro has 4! I'm sure it's not good but I don't know which is the legit one from the fake one..... dg
RatingOnly dangerous when corrupted, it's fine when first installed, so if you do have a problem, delete anything under the name of Rundll32.exe (and program) and then copy the same file back to where you deleted it from your XP Disk, for example. But the majority of the time it is dangerous, so if you hint corruption or worms, re-install the files! BeanZ
RatingEach time I go to Configurations and click on any of these items (mouse, printer, network, printers, .etc) I get the following message: Cannot find the file C:\Windows\rundll32.exe (or one of it's components). Check if this pad or file name is correct and if all neccessary libraries are available. STOP. By consequence I cannot go any further to change e.g. my screen saver .. Frank Witters
RatingI Agree!!!! rundll32.exe is substantial part of MS Win operating system and nessesary to launch all dll's - compiled Win32 programs (both good and bad) Do not remove! Just a victim
RatingI don't much this file, the only thing I know this file will be use by certain application. The problem now when I reload Windows it seems its run 2 "Run32dll.exe" Jemi
Ratingit sucks, it hacked my ie. my norton searches it, but cant delete it. i got it from COOLGOOSE.COM toxic
RatingRundll32 is a part of windows,The link below is a free process explorer. Better than using task manager!  link for more info Don
RatingRundll32 is a part of windows,  link for more info Don
RatingDiese Datei ist ein Virus !Der beim starten von Windows immer auftaucht. Okan Yildirimlar
RatingThis file is a virus more! Der with start from Windows emerges Okan Yildirimlar
RatingThe legit rundll32 is designed to be invisible in the NT/2000/XP task manager list. If you see it running on Task manager it is a trojan horse given the name 'rundll32' to mislead you.
Ratingthis is a system file if does not works you will get an error.  link for more info Ashish doshi
RatingI never had an issue withit until I installed a nvidia card. When my computer sits idle all nite everything freezes when i want to open them. Mike P.
RatingI had deleted this file because spyware use this. But almost all windows operations use this file also. you cant run control pannal without this program DL Alvis
RatingIch suche rundll32.exe, weil mein rechner Dateien ohne dieses Programm nicht öffnen kann.
Ratingmy computer says it can`t be found, and i need it to run programs in control panel. how do i find it, it is or was a part of my windowsxp. elaine
RatingIt's a Windows Utility to Optimize the System in backround alles_wizzer
Ratingi have 10 to 15 rundll32.exe running and they S-L-O=W everything down e.g webpages games and stuff i want todelete it but i am going to try going round it anonymouse
Ratingi know that since i have noticed it on my task manager my computor wont open most applications and i dont know if it related but cant get onto dave - uk
Ratingit allways comes out when i turn my computer on Tony R.
Ratingrun.dll itself does not appear to be dangerous. the trick is to determine which .dll files are being run and which of them are dangerous. in my amateurish (and probly) dangerous view. tgesix
RatingI have this file on my pc and it blocks any internet service from working When ever you try to connect to the internet using explore or open any network application it just block it. Even when you do an ipconfig it doesnt give a gate way ip or any real public add such as .67..Iam still trying to fix this on my pc and need help Singh
RatingCommon usageUsed to set taskbar Display Icon Properties (Advanced) Can be abused by intruder Trev
RatingRundll32.exe is part of the win operating system used to run dll as apps but there is another file with the exact name that runs and cannot be closed down through the task manager. If you do close it down it does not matter as it will run undetected and still and cause your CPU to falsly run at max CPU power when you access your hard drive or other IDE devices but the CPU is not running at full but windows thinks it is Rob
RatingRundll32.EXE is a Windows system file used to run a section of a dll file as though it were a standalone exe. It is only dangerous if maliciously used, or infected with a virus. Mid
RatingMy comp started working so slow and I just fond out runddl32 working on the system. It is a virus or not? Ann
Ratingraccourci exit windows+rundll32
RatingXP (as well as NT and server 2003) have a nifty little system file checker tool: go to Start Run sfc you can point it to the file you want to check, and it will re-copy it in it's original version from a cab file on your hard disk, or from the install CD. I'd like to know how to see what is invoking it
RatingGeneric App
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