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File: smc.exe
Name: Sygate Agent Firewall
Product: Sygate® Security Agent and Personal Firewall
Manufacturer: Sygate Technologies, Inc.
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"smc.exe" is part of the Firewall from Sygate Technologies, Inc.

You can obtain detailed information about smc.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 365 user requests for that file. 63 users classify it as harmless. 2 users classify it as not so dangerous. 9 users classify it as neutral. 3 users considered the file to be suspicious. 2 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete smc.exe. 9 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

Ratingit is a firewall pippo
RatingThis is the Sygate Firewall program running. Clint
RatingEs ist eine Softwarefirewall und wird wenn es vorhanden ist vom User benötigt. ******
RatingShould not be removed, provides protection for your computer.They have a free version at the link below.  link for more info Howard G.
Ratingit is one of the running processes listed under Windows Task Manager, and is the Sygate firewall program  link for more info Kim
RatingIt is the sygate firewall, you won't find much better Bluescreen
RatingPart of Sygate Personal firewall Pro DanBhoy
RatingSygate Personal Firewall running in background MTB
RatingSygate Firewall S!Ri
Ratinggood firewall opportunist
RatingIt is a part of Sygate Personal Firewall balander
RatingThe Sygate Firewall engine. A very good firewall-program!  link for more info Greew
RatingIt is the Sygate Firewall running in the background Jesper K sevel
Ratingit is great at protecting your computer - leave it
RatingPart of the excellent Sygate Firwall program rob
RatingSygate Personal Firewall. Don't remove it. andrysh
RatingOne of the best firewalls John
RatingSygate Firewall process ISK
RatingSygate Personal Firewall ...
RatingSysgate Personal Firewall  link for more info r3l!c
RatingSygate Firewall OuluRock
RatingApparently part of sygate personal fwall Kheldysh
RatingPart of Sygate firewall. Must have! Sygate 5.6 was a resource hog. Went back to Sygate 5.5, and love it! Download here-  link for more info Scott Sutherland
RatingThis firewall rulezzz them all ,see the link and scan with and without it  link for more info Haxnoob
RatingSygate Firewall, uses a lot of CPU when lots of data going through p.i.m.p.
Ratingfirewall it is the best ever and so esay to use love it  link for more info Sygate Firewall
RatingPart of Sygate Firewall KK
RatingNever installed Sygate but it is running? Uses about 20mb ram... Pabu
Ratingsygate firewall. Should be perfectly safe
Ratingsicherlich ein Prozess einer prima Firewall, aber Webbroot Spy Sweeper meldet RegSchlüssel als Tiny Spy also Keylogger.. Oerf
RatingDon't revove it. It is great at protecting your computer Lucho
Ratingit's a firewall process.. and a firewall that's freeware! =) Meister
RatingThe resident part of Sygate Personal Firewall Sonic
Ratingsygate firewall
RatingSygate Firewall ist klasse und umsonst ! Donar88
RatingSMC nor responding errors when also running Norton System works. Machine locks up and needs reboot Paw
Rating its sygate Bill Clinton
RatingSygate Firewall but uses up heaps of my CPU for some reason Freddy
Ratingdas ding ist harmlos! gehört zum firewall von sygate... rino83
Ratingits a awsome firewall! look in to bittorrent its a good download site check it out u can find sygate firewalls there
RatingSygate personal firewall not to be removed Chris G Temecula
RatingSygate FIREWALL...said, the pro version is easily obtained for free peeps
RatingSygate Firewall File Very Useful, but with a lot of downloading, can (not always) run up about 92% of computer at times (512MB RAM) Generic User
Ratingthank goodness for sygate - much better than za imo
Ratingund was mach ich, wenn ich sie gelöscht habe und das programm trotz neuinstsll. nicht funktioniert wegen fehler in der anwendung/smc.exe Lumpi
RatingGood firewall. Uses a lot of cpu though. Jhq
Ratingits sygate personal firewall, great program aswell
RatingSygate is working for your safe. gio
Ratingsygate firewall , works excellent vigi
RatingIt's part of Sygate Personal Firewall (Pro).  link for more info Michael
RatingSygate Personal Firewall  link for more info Yogi Bear
RatingSygate firewall's "Security Management Console" Must have but is greedy for memory resources. M Spooner
Ratingprocess of a good firewall  link for more info Mirrakor
RatingExcellent Firewall Program.
RatingNetzwerktransfer wird enorm gebremst! Flo2005
RatingSygate Executable that contantly fails with WIN 98 Mark
RatingHowever at times it can consume up to 95% of the cpu cycles on startup.
RatingIt is a security floor in sygate firewalls, it is a process that is often hijacked #Jared Somerville
RatingSygate firewall process (as you may have guessed!), usualy takes less then 20 cpu, but sometimes goes up to 90's... just restart and cpu usage should go back to normal (dont ask why) Geeza
RatingUses 100 % CPU sometimes Alex-sasha
RatingSygate Personnal Firewall Process max
Ratingsygate personal firewall works perfectly tolga
RatingSygate Firewall claudia1220
RatingSygate Personal Firewall Looping
RatingOhne SMC.exe startet z.B. die Firewall beim Windows Start nicht! Arnusawaree
RatingV5.6 uses lots of CPU, up to 90%, though there is no traffic  link for more info Soundman_de
RatingIts A sygate Firewall,i a using it since 1 year and i never had problems with virus,spyware and all.... Anupam Gupta
Ratinglaggs the computer Kira
RatingIf you check it with Anti-Spy.Info, it says it listens on port 1026, 1027 uhg
If you know more about smc.exe, so post it here.
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