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File: smss.exe
Name: Windows NT Session Manager
Product: Windows
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

This is the session manager subsystem, which is responsible for starting the user session. This process is initiated by the system thread and is responsible for various activities, including launching the Winlogon and Win32 (Csrss.exe) processes and setting system variables. After it has launched these processes, it waits for either Winlogon or Csrss to end. If this happens "normally," the system shuts down; if it happens unexpectedly, Smss.exe causes the system to stop responding (hang).

Note: The smss.exe file file should appear only the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. If you happen to find this file in a different folder, it is possible that your smss.exe is in reality a malicious file. Many trojans and viruses try to cloak their real identity by using the names of legitimate files. Any time that you encounter a suspicious process, you should verify the digital signature and the file path, for example using Anti-Spy.Info.

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User feedback

There were 1290 user requests for that file. 23 users classify it as harmless. 4 users classify it as not so dangerous. 10 users classify it as neutral. 13 users considered the file to be suspicious. 24 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete smss.exe. 9 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingWindows Session Manager Subsystem Alex
Ratingnot dangerous, smvss.exe is used by various worms, so be careful to note the difference rich
RatingMicrosoft system file
Ratingappearing on the task manager, with less cpu and memory usage.when tried to kill, it says that its a critical system process and cannot be terminated  link for more info partha s das
Ratingit slows down my pc big time Danny
Ratingi agree with danny it slows every thing up, must be removed Robert
RatingDo not touch Optimus
Rating2 versions of it run smss.exe and SMSS.exe, the second one isn't needed Delf
Ratingis included in Win 2000 bootdisks Ninkyo
RatingIf it named in the Anti-Spy.Info "s" then it's a virus ,but if it named "smss.exe" that means OK Haitham
Ratingmacht den pc echt lamm b_tight
Ratingdanny, from what it looks like, it doesnt
RatingWhen right click on a file in explorer check ur CPU%. it boosts up to 100%, thats what smss and csrss.exe does
RatingIt's a normal windows file, but the dang thing seems to get corrupted along with csrss.exe all the dang time. Not sure how to clean up. v.v Dark Prophet
Ratingfound it inside my windows directory and system32 the one in windows directory was smaller I have deleted it and everthing seems to work,
RatingObviously this is a windows subsystem file but may be a virus with a combination of other processes that appear in the taskmanager Telangana Reddy
RatingNot a Virus Mufti Mahmud
RatingA large number of spyware and trojan programs use a version of this file and the csrss.exe, both created in the %windir% (NOT %windir/system) to contact websites and irc to download programs and give outside access to your computer. Val
RatingSession Manager Subsystem,Application that is used to start, manage, and delete user sessions or client sessions under Terminal Server. is NOT a security risk John
RatingI removed it from a client pc and had NO problems rebooting. File was in the sys32 directory too. CJ
RatingDie smss.exe ist der Sitzungsmanager. (Session Manager Subsystem) Dieser steht als erstes Subsystem da, und startet die darüberliegenden Subsysteme und Dienste. DataFighter
RatingDie Datei an sich ist völlig harmlos. Wird für Netzwerkverbindungen benötigt. Einige Trojaner nutzen Lücken dieses Progs, aber dafür gibts ja AV-Progs. EvilGonzo
Ratingsmss.exe, if located in system32, is LEGITIMATE AND NOT A VIRUS! If located somewhere else, and taking 100% cpu etc, it's a virus that just happens to use the same name, in an attempt to trick you! DUH
RatingJust read the note about this file above. If it is not in the c:\Windiws\System32 folder, it is a trojan. Go to safe mode, and simply delete it. Piet
Ratinga file with the same name in "c:\windows\system", it like a virus, but antivirus can't detect it
RatingBei der Datei smss.exe handelt es sich nur um einen harmlosen Sitzungsmanager. Gacho
Ratingits in my startup i just unchecked it everything runs fine Wild-e
Ratingmake the pc useless by making it SLOW stig
RatingA virus named "ravlovgate" Monarch Wqs
Ratinginstalls with BOOMBox Internet Radio ---- Spyware  link for more info nervewreck27
RatingIf its not in your system32 folder, delete it. Andrew
RatingTrend Officescan recently picked this file up as being infected by BKDR_AGENT.CZ by its real time scanner - but a full scan of c:\ reports no infected files. I one evenening between 2am and 5 am trend detected it as a virus BKDR_AGENT.CZ every minute - still looking into problem. Could be nothing or could carry a high damage risk like other variants of BKDR_AGENT Richard
Ratingsmss.exe seems to be hard to delete adware (found in the windows file not system 32). Basicly a trick as it is a shared name and the process may not be stopped as it trickes windows into making it seem as a critial component. It may be deleted by renaming it rebooting and deleating the renamed file. Tom
RatingI got smss.exe on my sys 5 times including sys32=45k/smss inc:\windows\=48k/ 1 in prefetch=30k/ 1 in sp1 files/i386=45k and 1 in c:\windows\software distribution\download\=50k i take it this is not good!! anyideas? Paul
Rating"smss.exe is a process which is a part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is called the Session Manager SubSystem and is responsible for handling sessions on your system. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. For More Detailed Process Information Get WinTasks 5 Pro" cornholio
Ratingits a system file tony
Ratingnot dangerous loopthedanza
RatingThis isn't a virus. If you've installed the service pack, that file automatically gets installed with your system, no biggy. Smss stands for Session Manager SubSystem. In other words, this program is responsible for controlling sessions on your computer, which will help to stable and secure your computer. It's a critical system process, which means taskmanager can't stop it. 666 - diese Wahrheit
Ratinggot it from It IS a Virus BackDoor type and it shuts off my nortons. If it wasnt for my firewall , I'd never of known. Only Trend Micro online scanner found it and still cant delete it Mike Van
Ratingif located c:\windows\system32 then ok, if not.....sneaky they have the same names...they all should be named giel
Ratingcan also be in windows/servicepackfiles/i386 and in most cases is not dangerous crux
RatingIt can be dangerous. If it's not in windows/system32, delete it. If it's in system32 but uses an abnormal amount of system resources, replace it from the file on a windows boot disk (for your version of windows, of course)
Ratingirc client, some french Warez channel. Don't know if it made any harm. Was in c:\winNT\security\database and in registry. micke
RatingA lot of viruses/trojans try to create files that have the same names as Windows' crucial files. Same goes for SMSS.EXE. If this file stays in the system32 or system folder of the Windows directory then it is a critical system process and should not be deleted (you cannot end its process). Otherwise, if it lies elsewhere and consumes a large amount of CPU resources then it is definitely a virus/trojan and should simply be deleted (in Safe Mode or Real Dos Mode). It can also be detected by HouseCall online virus scanner. Use the link below to launch HouseCall.  link for more info Danh
Ratingbremmst bei ISDN total aus, am Besten per Firewall blocken und nicht löschen (wenn nur System32) Runkel
Ratingsystem file daniel
RatingThe smss.exe is trying to connect to the internet and as a system file it should not.
RatingIt comes with WindowsXP. It's in C:\Windows\System32 folder when you install WindowsXP. George
RatingWindows Session Manager Subsystem runs executive program windows, such as microsoft word!
RatingIf you remove it would damage The CPU and says,the NTVDM has encountred illegall instruction. It can contract virus but to clean it up! zee
RatingI found smssxp loading in taskmanager. It stops the tasbar and desktop icons from loading. It's all over my regstry and I cant seem to get rid of it. Sharon Kent
RatingWe all know that this file is a subsystem file, but the error that some are getting is tricky, I myself getting the same error , but the file name for mine is "unable to find smsse.exe and to make sure the path is correct and all library resources are available" thats the question I have, has any one come accross this Frankie
RatingIf this is not some kind of Virus/Trojan, then why are so many people having this problem, non of you guys have addressed that yet that think this is a normal file. Trev
Ratingauch bei mir infizierte sich die datei mit dem virus WAM32 !!! nun die auswirkungen merke ich nur online. aber dies ist sehr ärgerlich. kann keine online games ohne lags spielen. und mit dem antivirusprogramm kann ich den virus auch nicht empfernen. xorgy
Ratingthe entry i found on my system with hijack this is REG:system.ini: Shell=Explorer.exe smss.exe - and seems not to be the "Windows Session Manager Subsystem" process since this one is also being (positively) identified by hijack this and is running under .../windows/system32 - where it is supposed to be running. i suppose it s not a normal process beees
Ratingsystem files are crucial for the system processes of your comp - but - some viruses will pretend to be a system file so they cannot be detected - at the moment, my current smss.exe is running at over 500mb (which isn't good - it increases like a page file). Jake
RatingIt's not a virus or dangerous worm.i had no probs with that. a lot of worms are having simillar names with the system files. Vijju
RatingJust ran Trend Micro virus scan and it says SMSS.exe (virus) cannot be removed or repaired/cleaned... SMSS EXE TROJAN
Ratingits dangerous when is other forms, for example. smsss.exe, ivy
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