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File: sp.exe
Name: ntsearch Adware BHO
Product: Cool Web Search
Manufacturer: ntsearch
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

InternetExplorer users get hijacked to Solution: Put the process into quaratine using Anti-Spy.Info.

If you you were unable to get rid of sp.exe, please try Anti-Spy.Info. This application can remove or quarantine processes and tell you whether this file is needed on your computer.

User feedback

There were 122 user requests for that file. 4 users classify it as harmless. 1 user classify it as not so dangerous. 18 users classify it as neutral. 33 users considered the file to be suspicious. 60 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete sp.exe. 14 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

Ratingdurch Trojaner eingeschleppter Prozesse; IE linkt auf  link for more info Niki
Ratinglässt sich löschen, nachdem man mit dem Security Taskmanager den prozess "sp.exe" beendet hat
RatingCan annoy IE6 as it install itself with the toolbar, and IE won't function properly with certain sites. (Screen turns into gray) G.H.
Ratingit blocks Panda Virus Scan, Panda's online scan is below  link for more info Peter Tavinor
RatingI believe it to be a form of spyware. more of a pain in the arse for hotmail users if anything. remove in safe mode, by searching win dir and registry. Simon Halcrow
Ratingproblems with hotmail KKWW
Ratingseems to be linked with browser hijacking malware.
Rating  link for more info Joe
Ratingspyware , cant surf with him when he run on the local computer make 100% cpu too  link for more info Ben alamio
Ratingel mcaffe lo detecta como adware potencialmente peligroso y dice q es un programa  link for more info jesus
Rating  link for more info
Ratinges una mierda, que no te deja ver hotmail ni otras paginas, y te caga media vida Un pobre usuario pedorro
RatingI found in my root (C:\ that is) on W2k. G.H. is right, screen does turn gray on and I killed the process and deleted the sp.exe and no problemo since. el_bibiq
RatingIt make IE pages white and seems too be memory resistent. It can be removed with HijackThis but the next day it's back again. Placed in root of C: drive. Zyklone
RatingIt refreshes your IE browser and shows a blank page and gives a lot of Page Not Found error on random sites Francis Kwang
Ratingthe file may get lost some programs when their are runnig, because the windows that it open interrup the conection of those programs Alejandro
Ratingit take control over you ( I think its illigal spware that do anything without your awareness, and I think it have something to do with Netsearch dave
RatingIt can't be deleted, it was created when I was surfing on the Internet, it is annoying and I hate it! Xammer
Ratinges un archivo introducido por hijackers que intenta descargar programas espias al entrar a ciertas páginas como hotmail, hay que borrarlo desabilitando restaurar sistema  link for more info Jorge
Ratingcomplementar ao comentario anterior: para elimina-lo vá ao gerenciador de tarefas do win e finalize o processo. Vá a pesquisar e ache todos os arquivos que ele cria. Delete todos. Se o "sp.exe" não quiser ser eliminado volte ao gerenciador do win (guia processos) e torne a encerrar o processo. Volte ao win explore e delete-o. O norton detectou mas não eliminou. Também é bom observar se pressionando ALT+TAB aparece uma janelinha em branco. É sinal de que o sp.exe esta presente. Tito Lívio
RatingI've just discovered it, it is located on the path C:\sp.exe, on my comp, and is every second refering to Hard Disk. Reading files "~CLBCATQ.DLL" located in system32 folder and also the file shdocvw.dll. Also hi has opened handle for ksecdd.sys service. this is a security service and why it needs it, if the sp is neutral, than?. timer, security, and resident == NOT neutral George kakabadze
Ratingun detector de spyware me lo detecto, ademas deke sospechamente staba abierto en los procesos!!! nose bien ke era pero lo kite y mi pc anda mejor!!  link for more info albert
Ratingnothing but the system is sure slow and a pop up shows after i enter my videos folder an error msg snake
Ratingdefinately virus like. it makes IE closed automatically Yang
RatingMakes your IE6 unable to show frames in HTML. KM
RatingIt file very dangerous. Grania
Ratingspyware that causes damage to IE Sladjan
Ratingspybot says it's a spyware Y
Ratinglink to site. Very annoying and problem in accessing emails pluto
RatingIt completely messes up my Internet Explorer, and Powerpoint and Outlook also seem to be affected Theresa Willerup
RatingDisturbing Internet explorer Sphinx
Ratingthis file causes a problem to your browser every time you try to open a page the browser turns the charecters in your page into question marks and doesnt allow you to surf safely. what you need to do is to go and check in your registry and search for the file and delete it evey think will be back to normal then jehad batal
Ratingattacks secure site certificates, remove it from startup and delete the file immediately greg bennett
RatingTurn some website into white or gray with IE6 and "invent" hyperlinks with some words like money, web, news etc... Annoyed
Ratingthis file block hotmail pages. can not access to check mails and block internet explorer closing all.  link for more info ever_net
RatingSpyware or trojan - It usually installs to C:\sp.exe, doesnt bring up any icon which is sneaky. Also will not let you delete it as it is running as a service. Hit cntrl alt delete and stop the service / end now and then you can delete it. I think spybot can block it but did not remove the .exe, I had to do this manually. It has gotten so bad on the net lately, I find myself running spybot and ad aware every few days. The most innocent sites can have this crap. Geoff_s
RatingVirus: blank page with frame IE6. Avast didn't see anything. you must stop process sp.exe and kill in boot and in register. hobiecat
Ratingit gives continuous popup "IE ERROR" pravin
Ratingwhen it 'infects' your computer, you get a 'operation aborted' error and some sites cannot be accessed Marius van Wyk
RatingI had it on my puter an couldnt get rid..puter slowed down an acted very weird I believe its a virus..stop it by "end task" in "running processes" then find location in your puter an delete it!! spen
RatingAfecta a Outlook y genera un mensaje de error en Windows XP al tratar de chatear o abrir una pàgina Joe Lacuñada
Ratingit blocking site that have a security pp
RatingWork like a virus when is active, block the acess to the e-mail settings, and sometimes close all IE operations. To finish your activity, you have to close it in Task Manager, but remove it from system I don't know (try deleting from registry). Overkill_Brasil
Ratingit comes in with imesh (when started) then tries to take over computer when running some programs
RatingIt makes my disk where AVG is installed unreachable!! Thomas
RatingWe had it on two of our machines. As has been said it resides as c:\sp.exe. Use task manager to stop the process, then delete it. Do a search for NTSearch and unistall that. You will have to do a download to uninstall NTSearch, don't worry it does not put something else on your machine in its place. Good luck all. Jon Buxton
Ratingi had it on my computer and does not allow my ie to open frames, also redirect search to maanu
Ratingmakes links from words like money, cash, net, web, etc and makes it absolutely impossible to use hotmail. Luthien
Ratingafecta al iexplorer y al rendimiento del ordenador haciendo que vaya mas lento. y no te cuento como va outlook de tortuga!! da gusto einna vallekana
Ratingblock hotmail pages and changes the way you see other pages, is located at C:\, just remove it from startup and delete it wakko
RatingDit SpyWare programma maakt het onmogelijk om op Girotel Zakelijk Online in te loggen.  link for more info GTZ
RatingIts spyware Carlos
RatingPone hipervínculos a ciertas palabras (mail, etc) y borra ciertas páginas que requieren contraseña. Santi
Ratingdelete its reference in registry and in windows\prefetch, then reboot and erase sp.exe under system root directory (usually C:) Gilla
Ratingsearching for more info about this fella. Hijacks web page and does not allow java to run. About 5 PC hit in the organisation i work for. Manually stop service, remove from registry startup, and then delete file. JonP
RatingView source did not work for me from ie, and 2 ie process was running all the time and was not able to kill the ie process too. Its very annoying santosh.
RatingAnnoying little bugger... As temporary solution just end the process in Task Manager. It stops the problems with some sites temporarily! Mr J
Ratingese archivo no lo detectaba mi antivirus pero si molestaba porque creo que todas las paginas al entrar duraban un segundo y desaparecia quedando en blanco. Igual me meti a procesos y se me hizo raro ver el archivo y pos lo quite, igual en el regedit estaba el maldito Norman
RatingBlocks internet Connection MaD
Ratingwon't let you open some websites. Check symantec website to remove this file.  link for more info F Trevino
RatingDrives me crazy iCQ
RatingWhat a pain, screw my wifes system daily. Search Registry for sp.exe and delete. Also search and destry gp.exe, gp2.exe, pout.exe and pin.exe this is a rehash of an old bastard virus. To search registry just type regedit in the the run box when it pops press ctrl and f to search and f3 key to find the next incident. Compression
RatingEs un ejecutable, el cual hace que algunas paginas del Internet no se muestren y en especial las relacionadas con Hotmail, "ES UN DOLOR DE CABEZA", la solucion es Fácil y Rápida...  link for more info AMIGO NEUTAL HOTMAIL x SIEMPRE
Ratingit totally block the entire internet session, some downloads and public and personal pages as mails it doesnt let them open, been trying to delete but it has been imposible. HELP¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ ERNIE
RatingCLOSING THE SP.EXE PROCESS let you view the java sites. Giulio Cesare
RatingSP.exe as the main file. Blocks/changes/currupts internet pages. Hard to uninstall - Ad-aware can remove it as a temp measure, but it does come back. May cause pop-ups but this could be unrelated. Linked to NTsearch by finding key words and puts it into the search engine. More annoying then dangerous. Robinb
RatingI found the process as sp.exe in the root drive of drive C: I deleted it from the drive, and from the registry. problem was resolved. :-) markgusto
RatingAs it's been said earlier, it turns the screen grey or white in certain sites. It is easy to clean with the programme "hijackthis". just look for the reg entry that ends with sp.exe and delete it  link for more info Micke Sundqvist
RatingStupid Adware, the government should sue! Joe
RatingEpson Smart Panel
RatingEste archivo blockea al internet explorer y no deja usar ni el correo web de hotmail ni de yahoo. Saulyo
RatingDestroy's your computer's abilty to think or use hotmail Christof
Ratinghas the following files in it, Dc2.exe and A0016151.exe. Trendmicro says it is TROJ_Spooner.b  link for more info Katherine
RatingIt closes several running applications, like RegEdit, Ad-Aware and Office applications. Surfing the Internet brings up several pop-up windows, such as mobile ring-tones, on-line gambling, making-money sites. Sometime you cannot surf certain sites, like italian portal Tiscali. Deleting this file (in c:\) isn't enough, must search in registry or services. IT novices could be in serious difficulty. skagway
Ratingnot detected by avg, try to delete the executable c:\sp.exe, if you cant delete it from windows, go to the command prompt and delete it there. the file has not caused any damage to my computer, only some worries on how it got onto my drive. chrissie chris
Ratingthis file too much painc , block , like adware. Sadiq Solkar
RatingI get problems with some sites on internet. Yngve
RatingThis is very annoying, My spy-ware and anti virus couldn't find it. In the end I stopped it running by going to Ctrl, Alt & Delete, then doing a search for all .exe on my hard drive and it came up on my route, I deleted it from there. Hopefully it will stay gone. Annoyed
Ratingits not that dangerous, just annoying, and any page with minor script errors completely dies. open regedit.exe and search for then delete any reference to sp.exe and also, it stores itself in your temp folder, and temporary internet files. so delete those too. (its a good idea to clear them out anyway, they mostly just waste space) maddox rox
RatingI removed it by using Anti-Spy.Info, but it wasn't easy DeaTH
RatingUse msconfig to prevent it running at start up. then delete it from C:\ and all will be well. Rastanearian
RatingI wanted to thank you guys for the info. ntsearch is *** s***. Don't use it Martin Crescimo
RatingI found 3 results of this file (sp.exe) have deleted all, and I really purprised when I found a link as a "value" in my regedit, it's: ms-its:mhtml:file://C:\foo.mht! , do not click/compy paste it into your web browser!! , maybe it's the link which we first time we got the file from , cheak : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Code Store Database/Distribution Unites/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Code Store Database\Distribution Units\{10000000-1000-0000-1000-000000000000}/Downloadinformation/CODEBASE then cheak the file value Khalid
RatingWill use tons of CPU cylces and display popup ie errors every couple of seconds. Logs key entries too. Very nasty spyware. Alex T
RatingSP.EXE stopped access to many webpages including this one. Ctrl, Alt Del allows you to end program, then can delete it using Windows Explorer. Also noted Norton and No adware looked straight through the program until I disabled it and put itin the trashcan. Then and only then did Norton Antivirus recognise it as Adware software. I am now having problems updating Norton Antivirus using the live update facility Steve Churchman
RatingThanks for the info about that sp.exe. I was wondering why my internet explorer can't open some pages and I couldn't delete that Adware for the first time but I deleted it by using windows task manager Manila
RatingEpson Smart Panel
Ratingvery bad, run the safe mode, and then run the AV, and all the army of spysweeper u have , it should do the trick TArek
RatingIt refreshes your Internet explorer browser and shows a blank page and gives a lot of Page Not Found error on random sites sunil madkar
RatingWas downloaded onto computer even with firewall on, but i discovered it almost right away. Causes huge problem with IE as it displays grey screens and turns random words into search links. Remove by killing the process in Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del), then delete sp.exe in c:. Also delete a related file named under C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch. xxxxxxx are random numbers. If you can't find the files, search on the computer by typing in sp.exe. good luck. Theresa
RatingAnnoying, potentionally dangerous, but easy to remove bob
RatingVery annoying, you get links to on every site you visit with your IE, can be removed with spybot. Naoe Ney
RatingDaña el Internet Explorer. Las paginas se abren en blanco. Poynting
RatingAll what is said above, plus that it uses most of you cpu after the computer has been turned on for a while.
Ratingit does nothing, it just sat there in my C drive doing nothing 3vil
RatingNot so dangerous but very hard-to-die;5 different AV and Adware programs haven't been able to delete it definitely.
RatingTrojan.Win32.spooner.f in HKCU und unter C:-entführt auf NTSEARCH,lädt Seiten nicht und lässt Compi abstürzen.zu säubern mit HIJACKTHIS in dt/engl. Der Internet Explorer ist ein Sicherheitsrisiko,auch bei höchster Sicherheitsstufe.Trojaner ist als BHO (Browser Helper Object) getarnt. Das passiert bei aktuellen Browsern, wie MozillaFirefox u.a.nicht  link for more info lululuminea
RatingIt prevents you from "mark message as read" in yahoo mail, and annoys the hell out of browsing hotmail.Sometimes if you cut and paste text from a website it puts embedded ntsearch links in it. Eddie
Ratingthere is a virus trying to access the computer when opening this page. (HTML script virus HTML/Exploit.Mhtml) mo
RatingSpyware. It hijack ie, links 2 page you don't want. slow your computer down. Even spyware doctor can't delete it from my computer.
RatingIn my PC it is in c:\ and in registry.To remove this delete the sp.exe c:\ and in registry "hkey current user\software\microsoft\windows\current version\run". Ganesh
RatingI have had it a couple of times.. and it is not always true that you can clean out your temp files and run spybot adaware and change your redgedit and get rid of it you my have to surch for the deployer program. wich can be placed almost any were on you comp try searching the rundll32 file first though
Ratingi dont know what it is but i see it is very dangerous, i wasnt able to remove that bastard i had to rewrite windows, at the end it has blocked norton, pop-up blocker, and it was always putting stupid popup on my desktop. my pc worked so slow that i couldnt play any games or use applications. ThunderstrucK
Ratingcreates tonnes of other files while ur surfin. It pisses me of because u cant really trust ur pc while ur having this sp.exe in ur system... There's a link here which tells u about hijackthis, but it's in french.  link for more info rob
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