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Information about spoolsv.exe file

File: spoolsv.exe
Name: Print+Fax Spooler
Product: Windows
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

The spooler service is responsible for managing spooled print/fax jobs.

Note: The spoolsv.exe file file should appear only the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. If you happen to find this file in a different folder, it is possible that your spoolsv.exe is in reality a malicious file. Many trojans and viruses try to cloak their real identity by using the names of legitimate files. Any time that you encounter a suspicious process, you should verify the digital signature and the file path, for example using Anti-Spy.Info.

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User feedback

There were 1712 user requests for that file. 76 users classify it as harmless. 6 users classify it as not so dangerous. 40 users classify it as neutral. 15 users considered the file to be suspicious. 35 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete spoolsv.exe. 31 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingPrinter Spooler Service Alex
RatingIt keeps taking up my entire CPU, clogging the system. I have Windows2000, and I don't know how a printer spooler can use 90+ percent of my CPU for 10+ minutes! Johnny B
Ratingkönnte möglicherweise u.a. den Taskmanager unterbinden!!!  link for more info GinChiller
RatingDie spoolsv.exe gehört zu Windows. Sie sorgt dafür das Druckaufträge nacheinander an den Drucker gesendet werden, und neue Druckaufträge ordnungsgemäss in die Druckerwarteschlange eingereiht werden. ATZE
RatingI had this problem on one of our computers. As it turns out, there were print jobs waiting - not on our installed printer - but on Microsoft Image Writer. These print jobs were terminated and all is back to normal.  link for more info Dystaxia
Ratingunaware of the true reason why my laptop has been slowed to 10 minutes per operation, "spoolsv.exe" persists through my anti-virus scans and stops normal operation in order to re-boot--also with windows 2000. ben
RatingCareful...This one is a worm...quite typicaly found in your computer...if it is delete immediatly... JFSU
Ratingit's a windows file, it's not a freakin' virus people. strebor
RatingI'm experiencing the same as Johnny. Spooler is using over 50+ percent of CPU time and there are no print jobs waiting to be spooled. Annoyed
RatingIt's a spooler. When i deleted this file, I don't know why i couldn't boot i had to reinstall windows. Manu
RatingIt's just a windows file. It running in my processes right now and I KNOW it isn't a virus Bryant
RatingI had the CPU takeover problem, but like Ben said, it was because of print jobs on the Microsoft Office writer, not the actual printer. Go to control panel/printers and faxes and check all printers for waiting jobs. Tommy
RatingIt *could* be a backdoor for hackers. But it is also a valid Windows file. Be careful. This file opened a backdoor and was not detected as the backdoor.ciadoor.b trojan.  link for more info Neomonk
RatingPrinter spooler - harmless, but it takes surprisingly a lot of memory. Van
RatingIst ein offizielles Windows-Programm unter System32. Wollte allerdings ohne ersichtlichen Grund ins IN. Hab ich untersagt und keine negativen Folgen bemerkt. Gero
RatingIf the spoolsv.exe seems to be causing problems on your computer, you simply have a slow computer. It is NOT a virus, it is installed with Windows and is required for printing. Try defragmenting your hardrives before accusing Windows system process of being viruses. It only uses about 3 MB of RAM on my computer.
RatingIt's a print spooling application, but is easily targeted for spyware and/or worms. I recently removed it from a friends comp. Along with it came several adware bundlers and a king-kong sized headache. joe
RatingI agree with strebor. It's the Windows print spooler. If it's taking up CPU resources, you probably have a bad printer driver. Delete all the printers from your printers folder, then reboot. Troy
RatingThis file causes no damage as a windows file, However, the filename has been used before by some virii. No threat unless you download a virus. Gemquist
RatingI had the same problem that Spoolsv was using most of my CPU all the time... but as Dystaxia said there were printjobs waiting on the Microsoft Image Writer, I deleted the print jobs on the Image Writer and now it works fine again Rieky
RatingIt is a necessary file so leave it for gods sake. Variations of the name can be a worm but this actual file is essential for windows to operate. Paul
RatingIt will use some of your ram, but if you run your computer right it will not slow it down really any bit. Mine averages 5,000 K. If you do have a problem do like Tommy said and it should work well. Nick
Ratingdie nimmt die ressourcen von der CPU mit über 90% in anspruch und Bremst den PC gewaltig aus, auch wenn man ihn aus dem Windows Task Manager Löscht so setzt er sich wider rein ohne das der Drucker benötigt wird.  link for more info speedcroft
RatingIts cloging my system and i dotn even have a printer! joey
Ratingspoolsv.exe is sometimes just a alias and a trojan/backdoor ect ect would be under the covers doing its job. My recommendations is to scan that file for anything Andy
Ratingi don't have any print jobs... i guess it's another windows security flaw being exploited rick
RatingIf located in system32, it's the Windows Print Spooler - which is _safe_ and _not_ a virus! If it's located somewhere else, it's most likely a trojan, trying to fake you with a bogus name.
RatingSpoolsv.exe is taking 99% of my resources. Ker
RatingSame problem -100%cpu usage
RatingRight now, my firewall (Zone Alarm) is warning me that spoolsv.exe is requesting access to the internet!? Tom Smith
RatingIt just take 131MB of my memory.....really annoying
RatingIT IS a worm or trojan. It is a Windows printer spooler, yeah, but about 5 different types of backdoors name themselves "SPOOLSV.EXE" also. If your task manager shows the normal processes, except they dont have a user name next to them, this could be the problem... Scott
Ratingit took all my cpu, and it was my fault. This file is coordinating your printing/faxing actions. If you are in a network, one printer could have been installed not properly. Also, most of the times it's only the Microsoft Office Image Writer that as a list of prints to do. Ben
RatingIf it's so innocent, why would a print spooler need to acces the internet, for crying out loud?! Downstrike
RatingPues este archivo esta de la chingada, ya que manda a la madre al equipo en cuanto a rendimiento, pero todo esto sucede porque en WinXP trata de alcanzar las impresoras en red a las que tiene acceso.  link for more info Mexican Cabrón
RatingEs ist zwar der Drucker-Spooler, aber warum will der aufs Internet zugreifen?!? Das meldet nämlich meine Firewall (ZoneAlarm 5) [email protected]!n
RatingI had the same problem with spoolsv.exe taking 100% CPU. A Virus Scan showed me it was infected with Worm.Agobot.30.AP... AVG Antivirus healed the file and now it's all back to normal. By the way, AGOBOT often also infects csrss.exe...  link for more info Albux
RatingThis program keeps running and using up all my CPU, even after i close it from the task manager. I have not printed anything in the recent past so I believe there is no reason for it to be running and especially to start back up after close it! For now i have put it in Quarantine Lindsay
RatingThe only thing I wold like to know is why a "spooler" has to access the internet? As far as I know, a spooler puts into memory printing jobs so that the printer can print without locking up the computer that is printing. There should be no reason For a " spooler" to need access to the internet. hacker
RatingMy wife activated the MS Office60 day trial version on a brand New HP Athlon 3200+ (hardly a slow computer as suggested) and it loaded MS Office Image Writer (as I found out). Instantly the computer seemed to come to a near stand still. I checked Task Manager and found spoolsv.exe using over 90% cpu usage. I deleted MS Office Image Writer print job... problem solved. Johnny
RatingIt was taking up 98% of my CPU, so after reading these comments I checked the printer waiting list. Sure enough there was something sitting there from yesterday. I tried to remove it but it wouldn't go, until I switched the printer back on. Behold, document no longer in queue, computer back up to speed Kim
RatingMy system was running very slowly, I could not get on Google or any other site. My Windows Task Manager showed that this file was running at 98% of my processes. I ran my virus software, my firewall kept saying this file was trying to access the internet. Once I had cleared the viruses out of my system(MSN introduced) my system ran normally. Claire Draper
RatingMy spool was also running at 100%cpu did research and two reason i found for this was that it could be a virus and it could be a print job in microsoft image writer que. My solution was that there was a print job in the que. I just cancel the job and it was fixed "no more spoolvs.exe running at 100% cpu" thien
Ratingasking zonelabs it says that spoolsv is required so that outlook can access the internet, I have just tested it and it is not true. Well, loads of programs also word.exe tries to access the internet without reason. Just block it. umm
RatingIt occurred due to a failure in a print/fax job, to fix the problem go to: control panel - admin. tools - services ; click on print spooler click stop , give a break (2 mins) then click start and all is ok again :) [email protected]
RatingThis was bugging me for 2 days and then I checked the printer que per suggestion, sure enough there was a test page waiting to be printed... DON'T DELETE THE FILE W/OUT CHECKING PRINT JOBS FIRST! td
RatingSame used 97% of my processor, I solved it by getting rid of the print job on microsoft image writer...and now my problems are gone...thanks who ever put that on first.
RatingSome spoolsv's check the internet for updates - Hewlett Packards especially. You can get a patch from the HP site if you are using an HP printer. Camelmeister
RatingFound something !!! : Spooler Failure Causes High CPU Usage in the Winlogon.exe and Spoolsv.exe Processes on a Windows 2000 Terminal Server  link for more info ND
RatingAs mentioned by many others, delete any jobs from the print queues and this will stop the processor from going bezerk. Hap
RatingRieky is correct. The MS Image Writer had jobs waiting and I cleared those and now the CPU usage is normal jobrien
Ratingit can be infected with some trojans... Use your antivirus software, update it, and remove this suck HeyBaby
RatingIf it tries to access the 'net/network but you don't have a network printer, it's a bit suspicious. Anon.
RatingIn my case it was a worm with such name that caused a DoS attacks from my computer... Vic
RatingSolution for XP users with High CPU Usage in Spoolsv.exe  link for more info ND
Ratingon peut pas avoir un ptit com en fr svp ? =)
Ratingspoolsv.exe hogging 99% of cpu - the fix. Here's the fix. First, get some breathing room - go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services and stop the Print Spooler. Turn off the printer. Now go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS and delete the files there. I found '00020.SHD' and '00020.SPL'. Now turn your printer back on and restart the service. Check task manager, spoolsv.exe should be at 00%. Whew! rmann
Rating99% CPU resources were being occupied, we deleted the Office Image Writer print jobs and went back down to 1-2%, problem solved. Doug
Ratinglook and the jobs on ur printer bob
RatingI have an athlon 3400 64 bit 1 gig of ram i DO NOT have a fax or printer or anything of that kind and the spoolsv process is draining alot of my cpu and ive found out it is a virus just trying to find a way of sorting it now... Ross
RatingI was using windows normally, not sending a print job anywere when my firewall poped up saying "spoolsv.exe is trying to send data to do you wish to allow?". Funny that my printer spooler wants to randomly send information over the internet :D. Nothing was in my printer queue. R3P1N5
RatingThe file "Spoolsv" isn't a virus, go to your printers folder, open de Microsoft office printer, delete the jobs, remove the printer then its done, BUT "Spoolvs" is a trojan, notice that the s and v are turned thats the trojan you ppl talk about Jeffro
RatingSpooler listens on a given oprt for incoming jobs if you have file and print sharing enabled. RealityChecker
RatingIt can be both. Yes it is a print job spooler, yes its easy to make a trojan with the same name. Figure it out for yourself, run a software firewall at least, and watch the activity. If your print spooler is trying to reach remote IP's at suspicious times (like mine was), I'm willing to guess it's not a print queue.... now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Go joe. Sgt. Slaughter
RatingWe had errors after trying to pring a mail merge that was over 1gb! and the ram was overloaded. Jdrumstik
Ratingplease, check if the spoolsv.exe is in the system32 folder (win2k, xp etc) or system fodler (win9x) if a spoolsv.exe is found which is not in those directories then you can start worrying. the spoolsv.exe can hog up the cpu to 100% when invalid printer tasks are waiting somewhere on your pc or network, doesnt have to be in the printer's tasklist itself, but can be as pointed out here already in the Microsoft Office tools (print/scan utilities) Unz
RatingWe've picked one called spoolsvs.exe off two computers, both launching DOS attacks against websites. [email protected]
Ratingspoolsv took 100% of resources. Found unprinted files trickyt
RatingIt seems to me that if its giving you probs, then just dont let it access the internet and just end process, i know its a pain but in these times its needed paulos
RatingThis problem is easy to fix. Hold Cntrl,Alt and Del till Task manager pops up. Hit the process tab. Highlight Sopoolsv.exe line. Hit end process. Close task manager. Open start, printers and fax. Right click each printer, fax or writer with pending jobs and hit delete all jobs. Once they clear the cpu will be freed. Problem is caused by trying to write to a output device that is not or not properly installed. Don't do that.
RatingI had a friend who's computer kept freezing and when I checked the processes I found that spoolsv.exe was hogging the proccessor. I stopped the service through Control Panel and that did not help. But canceling all of the Documents out of the Printers did. All is Well now. Lorin
RatingIts easy to fix the problem of using the CPU for 100%; just delete the print jobs you have in the printer list and you will see that the CPU use is going down to +/- 25% or 10% You don't have to reboot Your PC!!! Ken
RatingI restarted the print spooler service and CPU dropped back dow to normal. rmann II
RatingIts easy to fix the problem of using the CPU for 100%
Ratingrmann Thank You Very Much!!! You were right in 100%!!! I've had the same problem with file "spoolsv.exe" blocking all my CPU. I've bought good spyware software to get rid of this problem but it didn't solve the problem. Then I entered this website and risked to do what You've said, because I was in need to restore my laptop CPU power. And it worked perfectly!!!! Thanks once more!!!! Good luck!!!! Lukasz Tronina
RatingThis file causes my Internet Explorer to be blocked. The connections all work and my computer can ping / be pinged, yet my internet doesn't work. After some experimentation, I ended this process tree and now the internet works flawlessly. I searched my hard drive for instances of this. I found 4. 2 of them were windows files (SYSTEM 32 and a SERVICE PACK), but the other two were a bit out of the ordinary. I promptly deleted the other two, and now my system has no problems. =) HY
RatingThe CPU is consumed because your printer is shared on the internet and there is a "virus" outthere that sends print jobs to your computer!!! Solution: disable print sharing! Michel Turcotte, author of Win-Hand at "MT Impossible"
Ratingwas having the same cpu until problem as others, constant 50%. went to printers, open ms image writer printer, sure enough 2 files waiting to print i didnt know about. cancelled them, cpu util for spoolsv.exe went to zero. try it. z
RatingHere is a BAT file 1st line (net stop spooler) 2nd line (del /q %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.*) 3rd line (net start spooler ) JOE
RatingDefinitely a virus, use to scan it if you're having this problem. T
RatingThe "W32.Spybot.Worm" virus takes a similiar name "Spoolscv.exe" in system32 folder. Compare with the normal processes of Windows when power up will see the problem. Check out Symantec web site Ben
RatingSee the note. Search the file and look at its properties. MS Spooler server is ok, anything else is not. If it is the Spoolerserver, a propable cause is the driver for a disconnected printer (notably HP) still polling said printer. Uninstall the driver and you'll be fine. Victor
RatingWhat's the deal with it trying to access the internet... I've been a bit cautious for the past few weeks because I had a few trojans on my CPU... If somebody could tell me why this is happening cos' I don't believe that it's due to my printer (Lexmark 1100 series) Tumppi
RatingControl Panel/Printers and Faxes/Right Click on the Microsoft Image Writer/Cancel all jobs, and you're done mehmet
Ratingit's annoying me. my kaspersky av program finds worm.win31.soriw in the spooler directory. and spooler.exe dominates my cpu usage. i can't get rid of this file or whatever it is! another windows silly pack problem i thing !!! Ersin
RatingI had the same problem and I found out that the Microsoft Image Writer was trying to print a doc. Delete that doc and everything is back to normal. Dumi
Ratinga mi me paso lo mismo. ocupaba al 100 del cpu, reeinstale, y seguia igual, leyendo sus comentarios revise los trabajos pendientes, y efectivamente ese era el problema a, antes de checar antivirus revisen que no tengan un trabajo pendiente en la impresora, Gracias a todos emilio
RatingI have fixed this problem a few times myself. I basically went and deleted all printers within the print spool folder and then I change the registry. I had to modify the spooler in the registry I just change the 2 to a 0 and rebooted then went back in a modified it back to 2 to start the service again and everything was fine again and the problem hasn't come back. [email protected]
Ratingmy computer is clogging 99% recurses, too eagle
RatingIt makes a PC slower than Timex2048. It is indeed a threat.Still. I don't know what is the extent of the damages besides CPU overusage. Velut Umbra
RatingSpyware - It just keeps the cpu usage under 100%. If u kill the process, it will restart after a couple minutes. im still trying to find a way of destroying it, since all antivirus i tried dont detect it as a virus
RatingDunno what it is but all my prog working on it, my blackice detected it. And it keeps to try sending emails. I think its a worm... yannickvdb
RatingI had the same problem , high cpu (98-99%) all used by spoolsv.exe I removed the printer tasks and it seems fixed now. Sylvester
Ratingvor der installation von service-pack 3 war die spoolsv.exe ca. 50kb groß und hat mich nicht genervt - jetzt hat sie 57kb, will ins netz und wenn ich sie im taskmanager klicke, wird sie ständig wieder gestartet... vielleicht weil unter windows/prefetch eine datei sie wieder startet? außerdem liegt spoolsv.exe bei mir auch unter C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\fa6fb01ac82a6e60ca928c584157ebda... ich bin kurz davor, die teile alle zu löschen und durch die alte zu ersetzen! was meint Ihr??? gruss genervt.
RatingWindows system file for printing Lorenc
RatingSolution for XP users with High CPU Usage in Spoolsv.exe kenny
RatingIt is a windows file. I get the CPU hogging problem only when using one program (Print Shop) to send labels to the printer. I can get the machine working again by going to the winnt/sys32/spools/printer folder and deleting the files there. It doesn't explain however why the problem is occuring. I am doing more research to see why this can happen. jbdiver
RatingIt is a windows file. jbdiver
Ratingincreases cpu space to 99% if not terminated. id like to thank RMANN for his comment. it worked! now my cpu isnt running at 100 percent now, and my printer now works. thanks alot martin mika
Rating A client's Task Manager showed spoolsv.exe using 95-98% cpu usage. I deleted a MS Office Image Writer print job and problem solved! Ken
Rating I want to thank everyone for the info. My new (2 days) machine suddenly start behaving like a 60 meg W31 machine. Found this site and checked and lo and behold I had 3 print jobs in the que. Don't even know how they got there, since I hadn't installed a printer yet. But it was using 98-99% of my 2.5g cpu. Again THANKS EdC
Ratingit's only a sytem file ! don't worry it's very easy to resolve salah amleh
RatingHabe Zonelabs installiert, danach kam eine meldung dass spoolsv.exe sich mit dem internet verbinden will? schon seltsam! aber vielleicht liegt das ja daran, dass auf dem pc 3 benutzer laufen...(XP SP") Spoolup
Ratingwhat i know is that it says windows system 660 kb usage 00% cpu use Alex Raptor
RatingDouble clik on windows Image printer and remove the docs for printing Fraist
Ratingif using all your cpu , mail me for instructions to sort it out.  link for more info Geoff
RatingTroj/Graybird-A ist ein Backdoor-Trojaner. Wenn er auf dem Computer des Opfers aktiv ist, kann auf diesen Computer unbefugt zugegriffen werden.  link for more info hg_butte
RatingA realy microsoft fioe and problem, a program accidentally sent a job to the Microsoft image printer (or fax), spoolsv.exe took 50%-100% cpu, even after reboots. Cancelled all print jobs for all printers (one at a time) fixed the problem Jack Feder
RatingThose having computers running Spoolsv.exe between 90% to 99% CPU usage: I have been told it may be a virus or malware. I checked and rechecked and my system was clean. I found an artical that advised there may be something "jamming" up the printer spooler. The article advised to 1. Turn off the Print Spooler in Services 2. Turn off the printer 3. delete all files in folder C:\WINDOWS\System32\Spool\Printers such as '000x0.SHD or 000x0.SPL'. 4. Restart the Printer Spooler in Services. This resolved my issue. Nathan W.
Ratingthis process can be securely turned off and on again if u will use ur printer. by control panel, administrator settings, services, select printer spooling and make that stop or disabled. ccresanto
RatingMAKE SURE it is "spoolsv.exe" and NOT "spoolv.exe" - that's causing the slowdown because "spoolv.exe" is a virus  link for more info Paul V.
Ratingif the file is located in c:\windows\System32 then its safe and required for print jobs, if its located anywhere else its a trojan, virus, keylogger etc. Bruiser
RatingIt's not harmful, although I suffered the CPU takeover problem - I deleted a print job in the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer and everytihng returned to normal. Tomas
RatingUsing XP Pro. I had 100% utilisation Only after printing. By looking at each printer i found a corrupt print driver. Was unable to remove it as it caused 100% utilisation every time it was clicked on, so had to manually remove. Unable to follow Microsoft example of removal, as drivers were 'in use'. So disabled the spoolsrv service, restarted and manually removed the registry entries as per Microsoft instructions (see Link). After restart, made spoolsrv an auto start service and had no problems since. My PC has a new lease of life !  link for more info snowy
Ratingthe Microsoft Image Writer was causing my problem where this process was taking 25% of my CPU's resources (dual pentium 4 HT 2.4 ghz) Benny
Ratingi tried to delete it, and it just re-appears. i have had no problems cept, zonealarm allows it to access the internet. spud
Ratinghappened to me. FRUSTRATING I had print jobs waiting in the MICROSOT IMAGE WRITER queue Noel
Ratingtheir is a virus variation of the spooler that sits in the system32 folder called spoolvsc.exe. Trendmicro's on line scan picked it up. tom
RatingI deleted all Image writer print jobs and still had this problem. I used your fix and my PC is back to normal.! Sau
Ratingit is part of the OS in normal circumstances, if there are outsatnding print jobs on any device it uses up loads of cpu Rob
RatingHad the same issue, Due to M S Image printer, Deleted awaiting print job, solved the issue, Cheers Guys! Ben
Ratingif u dont want it just disable the printer spooler service, but it would be easier to cancel any jobs waiting to be printed SZ
RatingFirst use a system search and type in spoolsv.exe. If it shows up anywhere besides systems 32 or whatever then delete it. k
Ratingcan I just delete all instances of this process. I don't print or fax anything off this box and I keep seeing instances of it running.
Ratingscrew it. i odnt have any printers installed
Ratingnet stop spooler jonas
RatingThis is a windows file xpert
Ratingit is taking up all my cpu and i have a good comp Bob
RatingThis consume sometimes more than b 90% /b of CPU usage and slow down your system. End task this process if no printing job is in que. Amit
RatingIt's a print spooler. If it's clogging up your CPU, check all your printer connections for waiting jobs, especially networked printers. Strebor Ekim
RatingThis program only takes up about 600 K of memory on my system and uses almost no CPU power. It shouldn't be hogging up all the resources! Core Master
RatingIt was not a virus in my case, print jobs waiting. When I cleared print jobs in Microsoft Office Image Document Writer, CPU util% went to 0 Sung
Ratingi found it in my Microsoft Image Writer from one of the guest computers on my network - no dramas - just delete the print job & the problem goes away - all fixed :) Rick Spitzbart
RatingThis file took up all my CPU space I don't even own a printer! Once I deleted it, it freed all the space again. Persisted for a while, but then disappeared totally. Maximus
RatingTo avoid the large cpu usage of the spoolv file.. simply go to the properties of the printer and turn off spooling and have the documents sent directly to the printer. James
RatingVery Suspicious: always trying to connect to the Internet (zone alarm detected), changing itself and worse: - It comes back after I have deleted from both system32 and ServicePackFiles/i386. LEK
Ratingwhen is using 100%+- of your processor is because the print processor is halted. Just go to services and stop/start the print spool service. Then you will be able to delete the stucked jobs. bandolex.
RatingAs mentioned by every one it is a Windows file. Pretty much a valid file. I looked for pending print/fax jobs and cancelled the job. Everything was back to normal. Greg
RatingI had a document running in microsoft image writer and was taking up loads of cpu. Deleted document in queue and all is calm. In fact, I deleted ms image writer as a printer! Styler
Ratingtrojan, virus- do a search on your system for spoolsv.exe. There should only be one account of this file in the system32 folder. If there is another that is your trojan- DELETE the sucker!! Emma
Ratingtrojon, virus Emma
RatingCan be dangerous. It is used for spooling prints but there is also a trojan ciadoor backdoor viruse that uses the same name. But if it is going really slow that doesn't mean delete it because the normal spoolsv.exe can slow things down substancially if something that was waiting to be printed was canceled. So get something to scan it with and if it says its a problem get rid of it. Chris
Ratingif you are on a windows 2000 server and its going to slow open your printer folder you can go to services and stop and restart the printer spooler seb
Ratingthis is taking 50+ of my cpu time. even if i end the process after 5 minutes again it is starting and taking over cpu time Nanda Kishore Pamidi
RatingSolution: Get a Mac  link for more info The Cleaner
Ratingi have this on my computer it's take 87-92 ! bud i just stopped the processus and for the moment he d'ont comining back!!!!
RatingI found that the cpu usage was 99 % . I removed all my printers and reinstalled them. The Image Writer had a print job waiting to print. Once I removed the print job the spoolsv.eve cpu usage went to 0% Jim Fratto
Ratingsome printers access "the internet" to print or connect to the printer, they are not really accessing the internet but my HP 3030 gives itself a port on localhost (eg: localhost:1234) zonealarm and firewalls like that think "oh crap and warn you" i have plentl of other things like a pocket PC that also bringsup a warning in zonealarm. tim
Rating90 % of the time its unprinted documents in the print que and you can fix it by just cancelling all documents for all printers installed. Youll have to put up with slow computer and start the spooler again (start, run, net start spooler) go to printers folder, r click on each printer and cancel all docs. If that doesnt work, then yes you have the trojan. A good spyware program will remove it. ShadowShot
RatingAttempts to access internet at random times - usualy your DNS server or ISP's DNS server Anthony Stump
RatingI found this file to be taking up alot of resources. It was down to 8 print jobs being stuck in a print queue. I removed these jobs and now everything is back to normal. Check this before worrying about Virus/Spyware. BendITmorE
RatingSearch for the file and find where it is located on your system. If the file is in the Windows\System32 directory (XP) and is about 56.5KB ins size it's OK. Check your print jobs.It also appears in the Windows\$NtServicePackUninstall$ directory and Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386 directory on my system. These are all identical file sizes. Anywhere else is probably a virus. Jay
Ratingprobably just a Windows file but it slows the system better have the .bat "BAT file 1st line (net stop spooler) 2nd line (del /q %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.*) 3rd line (net start spooler ) " on your desktop to click it and speed up your system when spoolsv goes 100% suaritos
Ratingit keeps on taking my 100% of CPU unless i cancel it. but it still comes back chandan
Rating spooler.exe and spoolsv.exe are not the same. The spooler.exe is a virus, even symantec finds it as a virus. MrGrey
Ratingdefinitely, absolutely a virus which blocks internet explorer,freezes the machine,and prevents to restart or shutdown.U cant easily delete it,or just prevent it by disabeling printer share from the services..I am gonna try Ramnan's advise.. xazal21
RatingI had the same problem on Win2KServer, as suggested by rmann, go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS and delete the files there. It works fine now KS
Ratingit can be a virus. However in my case, it is not. like some people said check all of ur printer physical and virtual, mostly virtual ones like microsoft office documents there will be job waiting to print. and to make sure scan your computer. fake
Ratingspoolsv.exe is growing in size each time I print a job. During the day it grows upto 500 Mb Ram before i delete it and reboot. We are currently deleting the file and rebooting at least once a day. edd2edd
Rating"spoolsv.exe" is a windows built-in service for managing the printing jobs and operations. If you don't use a printer, it's better to remove/stop this service. Xoy
RatingDoor het bestand was een worm onder de naam NAVW32.exe binnen gekomen, waar door mijn processor op 100% draaide. Ik heb de worm moeten opzoeken en verwijderen! Tommy
RatingIf you end up with 99% CPU usage delete the contents of C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS  link for more info Joel
Ratingit is very easy to fix i found the solution from the following link copy and paste this link  link for more info Prabagar B
Ratingit is very easy to fix i found the solution from the following link  link for more info Prabagar B
Ratinggo to the following link and you can find the solution  link for more info Prabagar B
Rating95% of CPU ? that is terrible. Ahmet
RatingIt continues to build, 2 days ago had 3 *.spl files at about 3GB each, had 1 today at 8gb.
RatingFollwed the advice of those who said there were pending print jobs. Click on EVERY printer you have listed and delete the pending jobs. Worked instantly for me. Thanks. Ray P
RatingI deleted the print jobs from the factory and now everything is running great. Vicki
RatingI had 100% cpu usage by spoolsv.exe lasting 5+ mins for each print job.. As suggested above, I went into Control Panel, Admin Services, services, and stopped spoolsv.exe, then restarted it. Problem seems to have disappeared for now. Tom
Ratingspoolsv.exe is a valid Windows file, however, there are virus out there that will spoof themselfs as the service. First check ALL your installed printers for print jobs... I have seen the "Mirosoft Image Writer" issue stated above (where the print jobs are waiting in the Microsoft Image Write queue). Next, make sure the file is in the C:\%windir%\system32\spoolsv.exe, otherwise it may be a virus. Working on it
RatingIt causes alot of problem for something that's quick to dort out when you know what to do Malcolm Gilks
Ratingrunning with no problems so far. i need my printer so i let it be as it is and rely on my antivirus and firewall systems Bill Toerttoe
RatingThis is the Print Spooler Service, do not delete. you need it to print stuff zawetzel13
RatingEither the Windows' print spooler, or a virus disguised. There are several viruses that call themselves SPOOLSV.EXE in order to confuse the infectee. Please do not dismiss odd activity from this process, BUT be sure that you are infected before deleting essential Windows files! White Hawk
RatingI have 2 1 in the C/windows/system32, the other in c/windows/servicepackfiles/i386, I think the second one is also valid... weedmonkey
RatingDeleted several extra printers I had installed, and removed all pending print jobs... Spoolv.exe no longer takes 100% cpu time. Darkwing
RatingSpoolsv.exe is a system executable for the printer, but having multiple or if the executable(s) are eating 90% to all your resources than you better scan your comp for viruses and check the registry to make sure nothing funky is there. 1337Nerd
RatingIf spoolsv.exe is taking too much memory, its simply because there are printing jobs waiting. Just go to the printers/faxes area and delete all the files waiting to be printed. Joed-Up
RatingIt manages the printer and fax spools. I have WIN XP and it took more than 90% of my CPU. Do not delete file, first review the root cause. As Distaxia and Tommy finally concluded : Go to the control panel for printer and faxes and cancel the pending jobs. In my case it was for MS Image Writer pending "Print" file. Miguel
RatingUsing 98% CPU. Went back to normal after turning the printer on. larryw
RatingBottom line this could be a harmless Windows file or it could be a worm/trojan. Check the file and the spooler settings before making judgement! Harry
RatingOn my comp it is not a Virus or a file waiting to be printed. Nobody has ever given an answer on how to fix this if it is neither. qwad
RatingMine was using 100% CPU!! Checked the printer and there was one print job waiting, cancelled it, and cpu went down to 4%!! V
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