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Information about svchost.exe file

File: svchost.exe
Name: Host Process for Services
Product: Windows
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"Svchost.exe" (Generic Host Process for Win32 Services) is an integral part of Windows OS. It cannot be stopped or restarted manually. It manages 32-bit DLLs and other services. At startup, Svchost.exe checks the services portion of the registry to construct a list of services that it needs to load. In normal conditions multiple instances of Svchost.exe run at the same time. Each Svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services, so that separate services can be run depending on how and where Svchost.exe is started. This allows for better control and debugging. More info More info

Note: The svchost.exe file file should appear only the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. If you happen to find this file in a different folder, it is possible that your svchost.exe is in reality a malicious file. Many trojans and viruses try to cloak their real identity by using the names of legitimate files. Any time that you encounter a suspicious process, you should verify the digital signature and the file path, for example using Anti-Spy.Info.

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User feedback

There were 5556 user requests for that file. 37 users classify it as harmless. 5 users classify it as not so dangerous. 33 users classify it as neutral. 33 users considered the file to be suspicious. 73 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete svchost.exe. 28 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingService Host Process for services that are run from DLLs Alex
RatingMicrosoft Dienst Tino
Ratingversteckte Datei von Orvell Monitoring, wenn nicht im system32 Verzeichniss.  link for more info Frank Ulbricht
RatingIn my computer runs a hidden version of svhost.exe, reallly is a lite version of serv-u ftp server, this serve runs on tcp port 65000 Pere Arroyo
RatingIt all depends which ones u have if it uses more memory than explorer it is a parsite if it dosn't its all gd. God
Ratingdas ist eine datei für das netzwerk robert
RatingWhen I Try To End Process Message Appears System Shutdown In One Minute..., Save Your Work In One Minutes. Jay Wad
Ratingmakes loads of copies of itself static
RatingSVCHOST.exe keeps trying to go on the internet, thankfully my firewall doesn't allow it too. Brian Clemens
RatingDiese datei wird häufig als serv-u benutzt ich
RatingWorms like MS-Blaster target a bug in svhost.exe. It sends a special packet. The packet has to be formed specially for 2K or XP and, if it sends the wrong one to your system, causes svhost to crash, which can force a reboot or make you lose copy/paste functionality. Svhost itself, though, is NOT a virus. A virus wouldn't announce itself with a nice error message stating its name. Troy
RatingDisabling unneeded services will reduce the count of these.... It is exactly what it says... loads a service dll into memory... you can block or allow external or local traffic depending on exactly what service it is running, you might not want to allow traffic for some of these, but you may want others, danger level depends on what it is loading and what access is allowed by your security software and settings  link for more info Jason
RatingIt can host a lot of viruses, the little bastard :)). It recently opened its arms for win32.Hidrag (a.k.a. win32.Jeefo). Dj_Cobra
RatingDie svchost.exe ist ein Systemprozess. Mit ihrer Hilfe werden dll - Dateien ausgeführt. Die svchost.exe taucht öfter in Ihrem Task Manager auf? Das ist kein Fehler, der Task Manager ist nur nicht in der Lage alle Prozesse namentlich getrennt aufzuführen. DataFighter
RatingIt is supported by Microsoft  link for more info Radd
RatingIt allows Windows Update to run in the background using BITS.  link for more info rupweb
RatingThere are copycat virus' that have the same file name,even worms.I'm staring at one now that housecall found thats in the common files folder.So be carefull people. Tasha
RatingI have 5 svchost.exe (System) runing on my processes, one of them are using 25000 K i dont know why, does somebody know? and i got 2 other svchost.exe The one is Local Service and the other is Network service :S XambeR
Ratingits taking 100% cpu .dont know what
RatingSometimes, it uses 99% of my cpu occupation, so I have to reset my computer everytime it does that. Iordachi Adrian
Ratingi cant copy or paste files..mouse clicking doesnt work i cannot drag file, it peaks at 100 percent of CPU usage and is locked there until restarted petrorig
RatingIt will take all your CPU procent in runing future proceses installed after it's arrival BBY PAVEL
RatingI have four copys of this program running at the same time and my cpu-usage is at 100% all the time,it does do something minämies
Ratingmicrosoft dienst
RatingIt's very, very annoying, I have to restart my computer every 20 minutes, it makes links stop working, and makes it impossible to do alot of stuff, is there a way to get rid of it??? Michele
Ratingsvchost is required to operate your PC. Leave it alone!
RatingOnce again, this program is required by windows to run. If you terminate a certain instance, it WILL cause windows to shut down and restart. See the microsoft description below.  link for more info Terry
RatingIt could be a harmless system file, or belong to SpyAgent key logger  link for more info dsa
Ratingusing this exe, some applications tries to connect to internet and due to the multiple sessions of this exe, the whole system slows down. Even switching between the windows is very slow Raj
RatingThis is one of the some svc host programms. If terminated, unleash the RPC Procedure..  link for more info Shio
RatingTrojans can run under this name as well as genuine versions of svchost.exe Alex A.
Ratingcaused major problems with windows XP not loading correctly
RatingMS says this is a generic server that handles interprocess communications. It can load multiple instances of itself to hand bundles of related processes. It is an ideal alias for trojans, worms, and viruses. To see what processes use it, use the "Run" button and bring up a DOS terminal and enter "tasklist /SVC." Dr. Dee
RatingI have 3 of them running. The are Local Service, Network Service, and System. I also get about 20 minutes online before the pc just shuts down. I run XP Pro on an old AMD Athalon 800, with no probs. This just started, so I suspect 2 of those are not supposed to be there.  link for more info Alan
Ratingaparently it is a vital process for Windows so its better to not mess with it. However sometimes it will act strange and start consuming memory, this has only hapened to me a couple of times then I ran an antivirus and since then everything has been OK A friend
RatingWhile it may be Ok if in it's correct location ie under System32, be very careful if you find it located in either Program files or Program Files Common folder. If in that location it is a worm. Jim
RatingYes, svchost's multiple copies (wierd) on my computer keep trying to access different servers. I use Zonealarm's firewall and thanfully it blocks these attempts automatically Qasim
Ratingcauses me grief at times, will use 95-99% of CPU resources, for up to 20 minutes after boot up. I will show up to 3 of these in my task manager, but only 1 takes the power. Mike
RatingSvchost.exe DOES NOT need access to the internet. I would suggest that Brian run a spyware or virus program immediately! Tribune
Ratingsvchost uses a total of 40MB in 6 different tasks.... that's funny... 3 system, 2 network and 1 local
RatingI know that my Panda blocks 400 attempts daily, and treats it as spyware. lefty_whiz
RatingIt causes your to computer to kind of crash since it is using 100% CPU Jonathan
Ratingused 100% of CPU: 2 on system: McAfee got rid of the nasty second one Brian
Ratingmine also keeps trying to run when I connect to interent fi
Ratingit won't let me access the internet  link for more info G-unit
RatingThis is one of the most annoying (alongside ctfmon.exe) of the windows processes. Why do we need 5 of them running simultaneously? I know it doesn't use many kbs but its still annoying. ?Ricardo!
Ratingit can be virus with the same name like windows system process. Be carefull at removing it. Dont remove it from registry CLSID keys. gzibret
Ratinga new dial up connection can't created even existing one not open.
RatingIf you more then one instances of this file running check the file folder with Anti-Spy.Info
Ratingis a windows file to run seperate program dll through it doestend to load on the memory when a process doesnt end properly,you can end it and it will restart .if it brings up the windows critical shut down counter, goto to :start/run and type shutdown -a and this will kill the counter. kcmidnight
RatingI have 5-6 svchost.exe files, They are using too much memory velid_lav
RatingI have the Gaobot worm, I can't get rid of it, and I think svchost.exe is also involved... :( did anyone find a solution?! cri-kee
Ratingit is relationated with the virus troj_istzone.h or .b it blocks the Internet conection there is also a version called svchostes.exe but this one is not as dangerous as svchost MJN
Ratingwhen i close the svchost system will shut down vibin
RatingI'm using XP Pro/SP2. svchost is constantly accessing the internet. If I stop it with my firewall, my own email program cannot pick up email and MS IE works very much slower, if at all. Iain
Ratingcheck security log in event viewer of administrative tools from control panel.most logs should have no events.mine has authentication projects and logon processes.Not Good. dtg
RatingThis describes Svchost.exe and its functions. Svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). jayfox
Ratingsvchost.exe war ein virus auf meinem pc , in C:\WINDOWS ( Jeefo.A ) , ...Start - rechtsklick arbeitsplatz' Verwalten - Dienste und anwendungen - dienste ..und dort den dienst "Power manager" deaktivieren, das ist der Übeltä das mal deaktiviert,verbreitet er sich nicht weiter auf dem pc... ! Opfer
Ratingit has something to do with VIRUSES! it drove me nuts for 5 days,I was scanning the machine with a lot of other antiviruses and antispyware programs,and I found a lot of stuff,viruses etc. Norton detected one that avg free did not,a backdoor trojan
Ratingthis file is started when i start my computer and can be seen in "startup". It slow my pc and other programs that i run. Muhammad Abid
RatingIt takes up all my CPU Anonymous
RatingI have 2 versions on the company laptop. One seems to be a fake. Eggs
RatingI recently found this file keeping my system up to 80% busy constantly. It was infected and made my system run at a snail's pace. Clearing it up with lsp fixers saved the day. Caligoiel
Ratingyou can not download the updates!!! ugrasena
Ratingit uses 26.8Mb, but it may flutuates. when i put in an external storage device (eg. CD, external HD), rundll32.exe just keeps looping itself and makes the computer super slow. But, when i close (end task) that bad svchost.exe, everything went to normal, except no sound. 3 seconds later, that bad svchost.exe run itself again... Preator66
RatingThere are four of these on my comp. They combined are taking up over 34MB. My comp. is running at 100% all the time
Ratingconstantly get an error message saying that generic host process for w32 services etc. i simply go to C:/windows dir and delete svchost.exe 35.5kb. it only last for a couple of hours before regenerating. How do you keep it off? Kilamanjarofakushka
RatingNorton advise me about the c:\windows\system\svchost.exe is infected by a Trojan, but I cant delete. any help? Cruiser
Ratingsvchost.exe is a windows file, while svhost.exe may be part of a virus. Ghost
RatingUses 100% of CPU when a Network Process is working, Am able to Shut off Process and CPU % returns to 0. Unable to tell which service is causing this networking Process to start the svchost file. Tanis
Ratingi have personally had svchost in every possible place on the computer. on many ocassions its permisions were bloked, which makes the game so much more interesting ivan
Ratingi get a physical memory dump ??? ne one can help plz i got 6 SIX copies of this thing running i go to end process and itr shutsdown my cpu Tweak
RatingI have 6 instances running, the one making me suspicious is the one taking up 22,800 K. What do I do about this? Why is my CPU usage at 100% this is bothersome! Kitsune_Baka
RatingNervt, weil sie viele Systemrecourcen in ansspruch nimmt
Ratingsystem process. no danger if you have a safe system serge
Rating Resource's waster ! Do we have-to live with this one ? ;-)P cyberblob
Ratingit's a vital part of windows and creates flaws in the security. its an essential but very dangerous file. Sharvil
RatingThis is a useless website that provides a place for people to voice their comments, whether useful or harmful. M
Ratingholy crap when i installed zone alarm... everytime i try to play my games or turn on any programs my computer crashes ... i also keep gettin w32....viruses. andi couldnt figure out where they were comming from. zonealarm
Ratingharmless see si fi
RatingI just ended task on the one that took 99% cpu and puter running fine for the moment Spyra
RatingEats up resource and provides open door to various unwanted ap.'s and cpu drainers. Needs to be reworked to include less CPU calling. Dave B.
RatingThis should be the Windows RPC service. It is also required by javascript and vbscript, so if you remove it, webpages and folder views will look strange and not work. Unfortunately there are several viruses, worms and trojans that either disguise themselfs as this file or actually use a security hole (RPC+DCOM) in the real microsoft file to take over control of it remotely. (the MSBLASTER worm is an example) Make sure you have the latest security patches from MS. (Why the hell did they make RPC a required system component anyway!?) Prophet
RatingEvery 5-10 minutes Norton Internet security keeps telling me that a low risk program (svchost.exe) is attempting to access the internet. I have tried many times to have norton allow, configure, deny access and still get the same alerts! Chris
Ratingit's supposed to be in the system32 directory, I have a copy in the windows directory which is 124k, the one in the system32 folder is 12.5k, I
RatingPeople be Careful. Go to start, run, type: "tasklist/svc" and see where these process are running from...with a little investigation you will find out which ones are not in the system32 file in windows. Tiggerboyee
Ratingits what your video card runs under and its not dangerous if your running windows xp and close it your computer will look like windows 98 tomas berrum
RatingIt runs fine on my computer but I block it from the net anyway Scott
RatingI think there's ONE good one and the rest are crappy viruses or the like. I'm havin truble w/ this one---I got the one minute b/s message too. Geester 314
Ratinginfiziert massenweise .exe dateien U.P.
Ratingcheck it isnt scvhost.exe as this is a trojan. svchost.exe is a microsoft program and is not a trojan/virus but can be attacked by other trojans. you will usually have as many as 5 running at the same time-this is normal. i recommend using norton with all updates. ad-aware adwatch and if you still have problems find a forum and post your hijack this log someone will help you. they are good like that! iamevl
RatingI just blocked an incoming attempt from an ip originating in china which tried to connect to all adapters using some port
Ratingit's running 5 times in my windows taskmanager. :S 3 times system local service and networkservice. (win server '03) yoon
RatingDon't know if it links somehow with CISVC, but ever since disabling "Indexing" this 100%CPU issue dissappeared for me. Ian
Ratinggeneric host process speaking shortly. Any way if you it is somewhere else except /system32 delete it. If you got problem, run win in safe mode, then delete. Dont worry.
RatingEs will nach Verbindungen zu anderen Computern lauschen und auf meinen MSN Messenger zugreifen. Ob ich es blocke oder nicht, mir ist noch keine Veränderung aufgefallen. Thomas
Ratingif ur cpu is running at 100% it could be a trojan or a worm try the link google and typ on search windows trace remover is svchost.exe running 4 different times thats oke its part of the os but the trojan or worm is using that system to hack ur pc or is already downloading files!!  link for more info Alex Raptor
RatingMay be a virus if file is present somewhere else than system32 folder  link for more info Delwin
RatingXP gives more info if you type "tasklist /SVC" at command prompt  link for more info James Balletta
RatingA strange and annoying M$oft program, yet another reason to go Linux.....I keep it blocked for internet access, yet sometimes I find that Mozilla Firefox cannot connect to any sites unless I allow svchost.exe internet access. I try always to block it's access  link for more info @Damski
Ratingrun cmd and go tasklist /svc and you'll see all the apps this "service" is running laughing
RatingThis file is used for networking and communications! if removed or blocked by a firewall then there is no more internet connection and nothing will work. This program is very dangerous. It allows any DLL including AOL AIM and other programs to access its communication ports. My firewall has been picking up incoming connections on ports I don't even use and that would be considered spyware or virus. MS better get their act together with security or else they will have more lawsuits on their hands from companies being broken into due to a faulting communications program. We have no control!  link for more info
Ratingsvchost.exe is a brilliant execuatable that prevents your computer form being inundated with corrupt files and internet bugs. It does this by utilizing existing 32 bit DLL's and Norton antivurus code Boris Beckham
RatingWhat a little pest this thing is. First of all, is it scvhost.exe or is it svchost.exe? I've had a LOT of problems with this little file. Basically, scvhost.exe keeps causing 2 pests to recur on my machine. I can remove these pests using Pest Patrol, but they just keep reappearing, esp on windows startup. So I disabled the scvhost.exe under the Startup tab in the system config utility (msconfig) and this seems to have done the trick. Kevin Wilson
RatingIt Seems pretty Necasary (excuse spelling). Pisses me off though because i have about six running and gamers are very nosy about whats using their RAM OGK - spAzo
RatingI delited all SVCHOST.EXE's and now on windows start up it asks me for it in ..\windows\svchost.exe I cant find it anywhere O.o NewsLetter
Ratingsvchost.exe takes 99%-100% of CU is a virus...visit  link for more info bendzins
RatingIf you get the RPC System Start - Run - and type "shutdown -a" (for Windows XP) to end that is a "needed" component for windows to maybe you should leave it there? I dunno but it keeps multiplying and making my pc slow as hell... Marzwar
Ratingits so dangerouse. all of my program that I compile in delphi has this virus.I say it again! it's dangerious!!! loghman
RatingNimmt unerklärlicherweise zwischen 60 und 90 % meiner Systemrecourcen in Anspruch und macht meinen PC daher super langsam!!! Kilian
Ratingsvchost.exe when running 100% , it means you are in danger of being exploited at that moment. try to restart ur pc.. but only a matter of time your pc will experience svchost.exe 100% again. internet is full of hackers and worms. better have antivirus running when experience 100% of svchost. very common got trojan in ur pc already. this svchost.exe is very vunerable to exploit and attack. it is very lousy product when dealing with internet. andrew
Ratingthese file can be deny access to internet. must be deny, else your pc will got 100% load (you are being exploited, there are files being x'fered into ur pc under your nose) . if you force shut it down using 3rd party application, then your pc might not function properly, like what they said, auto shutdown in 1 mins (use cmd , type in shutdown -a to cancel that auto 1 mins shut down), or you might experience file explorer can't do copy , move... right mouse click got problem...etc.. weird sort of problem, at least the person who tried to exploit you failed. you still can continue to use interne andrew
Ratingused by the OS as multiple processes. never had any problems with it. andrei
RatingSuper place for trojans Volod
RatingIt slow the computer in a way you can't work, it corrupt exe files Tarek
RatingCritical System Process - LOL Jay Wad - you can avoid the automatic shutdown when that message appears. Simply type shutdown /a in the run box and the autoshutdown process will stop. Usually you'll find that you no longer have sound (or other capabilities). Svchost will run for MANY programmes, if you keep your sys clean with AV and Antispyware/Antitrojan scans, then you've nothing to fear. Gasur
Ratingmy virus scan finds and removes some svchost-caused trojan at least once a week and at most a few times a day. What's the cure? On-Access Scan mode. With a good firewall and a virus scan running simultaneously, this should not be a problem. Do not mess with svchost, as you may damage your computer or force it to shut down. svchost itself is not the problem, it's the virii, trojans, worms, etc. that mimic its name you need to worry about. Erika
Ratingsvchost.exe is sort of like rundll.exe except is for running some services instead of running DLL's.  link for more info Craig
RatingIt is a Windows file, but is annoying in that you can have multiple instances of it running and sucking up RAM resources. Don't try to end the process or you could end up shutting down your computer Barb
RatingI have 7 of these running on my computer..One uses more memory than explorer..Virus scans find nothing though...I only have one of this file in my computer when i search. Alan
Ratingthere are four files of the same name SCVHOST.EXE and they shoot up the CPU usage to 100%.This makes normal offline working also horribly slow. Added to this is the RPC error system shut down in 60 seconds. While spyware guys have their reasons, it is better if they realized that many of us use the computers for earning our bread working on the system (doing taks like editing and typing data) . So Please stop this cynical and sadistic kind of programmes. Rao
Ratingsvchost isnt dangerous at all...but viruses take advantage of it. do not mess with the prog itself, if you are havin problems then try to find worms i.e. sw
RatingIt takes up all my CPU....
Ratingthere is a virus but the name is diffrent: scvhost c before v
RatingTakes up alot of memory! KiLLa
Ratingvery important file for windows AWAIS
Ratingit makes my internet all solw and pausy and msn wont sign in Bob the man
RatingI have tons open, but just three copies, one in sys32, the update, and a "prefetch" file Paradox
RatingIf it is scvhost or spoolsrv32 or spoolsrv.exe then it's the AGOBOT VIRUS removal is easy John Moody
RatingThere's a normal file and one with the same name, but is a worm. It keeps coming back and sucks all your CPU power Mashira
RatingI find the one run by "network service" starts using up all of the processor power, slowing down the internet or stopping it sometimes. Tom
RatingEasy to contract, even with some virus & Firewall protection, Hard to remove! Ony clue your infected is the svchost.exe running CPU cycles up to 100%. Prometheus
Ratingthe message appearing that your computer is going to shutdown in one minute is due to a virus infection .the name of the virus is sasser worm . microsoft has released the patch for it and it can be obtained from its home site dt
RatingI'm reading that this can run in multiple instances, it's running seven seperate times in my task manager and when I ran a search for tis exe It only comes up in two places: c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386 ...something aint rite here!
RatingAll I know is it slowed my computer down and my spyware identified it as malware. My computer techy deleted it from multiple locations in the drive and in the directory. I hope this works. It renamed itself in my windows temp folder every time I restarted the computer. Starlite
RatingDependent on it's location, it's either a genuine part of the operating system (ie it's in c:\windows\System32 folder) - otherwise it should be deleted. I recommend that the registry editor is used to search for references to any other instances of this file, and those references deleted. Leave the genuine file alone, though! Wobbledoggy
RatingThe real thing is a critical OS piece that may legitimately need to perform an Internet request on your behalf. It is also a common name for malware to try to masquerade. If you have problems with this file, shut down, take a few deep breaths, when the PC is about ready to load Windows again, start tapping F* to boot in safe mode without networking. Search for all files named 'svchost' and delete any outside system32. Shut down and do a normal boot. Goyo
RatingThis file is not dangerous if signed by microsoft corporation. but there are copies out there that may be a viruse. Everytime I boot up my cpu is at top (97-100%) and its only one that are hogging, its svchost.exe. I have stopped it but it keeps starting up in every bootup. For the time, I just have to spend 70 seconds (takes long time with 100% cpu to get up the task manager) to stop it from taskmanager! I do not like this process and want to KILL it! but, no way to do that! Lars89
RatingI have three versions of svchost.exe (system) running in task manager and one of them is always above 35,000kb and each time I end the process it comes back. I just ran Symantec Virus scan and it says I have 6 detected viruses all of which are in svchost.exe(system)... Randy Lahey
Ratingsvchost.exe is harmless. It's just used for hosting programs / information. If you have a virus that appears to be svchost.exe, it is most likely a virus using the name svchost.exe. It does make copies of it self, however it only did this when I pushed my PC to the limits of memory and hosting. Pete
RatingIt tends to get infected pretty regular in my experience. Another badly designed file. Sphinx
RatingRetrieves the serial number of any portable media player connected to this computer. If this service is stopped, protected content might not be down loaded to the device. Wizord
Ratingsystem file, which once infected with spyware will slow down ur computer. U cant stop this thro. task mnger. Cos it restarts itself again and again . manvir
RatingI too was having the 100% cpu usage problem whenever I started up IE. My problem also may have been linked to indexing. I switched 'DNS Client' to manual using the XP component services manager and now I have no problem. I suspect the CPU usage thing may be more a software than malware problem--potential XP service pack 2 glitches. John
RatingIts a secure file you can trust  link for more info Joe Koe
RatingIf svchost takes up 100% of cpu it is a virus. If you click see also: Link it will ask you if you want to download the software for this virus.  link for more info Afeek
RatingGet removal tool at this link Afeek
Ratingc:\windows\system32\SVCHOST.EXE is a VERY important file required for the proper operation of your Windows. Some of the links already pasted will give you details on why it is so critical. Now if you have a file with the same name 'SVCHOST.EXE' in a DIFFERENT FOLDER, any other folder apart from system32, THEN and ONLY THEN could it be a cause for concern. So just run a file search on the file on all drives including all system and hidden folders, and if you find any instances of this file in any folder other than windows\system32, then delete it immidiately. Mr Duckk
Ratingi don't much about this file but i agree that it affects your CPU usage. I tried to disable one of them since i was running a couple, and it shut down my computer...
Ratingif it gets on to your internet files it doesnt' let you to go on some web sits
RatingAbout 100% memusage:It is most likely the rpc worm. If you didn't have a service pack installed, your system would've bootd automatically, but because of your service pack installation, this msblast worm will just reserve 99-100% of one of your svchost.exe. You have to go and apply a patch KB823980 (msblast). You can google it e.g. "index of" msblast - 1.2MB file called WindowsXP-KB823980-x86-ENU.exe for xp at least should do the trick. If you are patient, you could go find it from the mazes of too. There is also a virus called scvchost.exe in addition to those already mentioned Ville N
Ratingthe file isnt bad, its just that MS. Blast has the same names in different directories... i stuck with that virus i dont know what do to, i formatted my comp about 5 times... and its still there, i didnt even connect to the internet and i saw the Svchost.exe on task manager, I do end process or end process tree and i it shows the "shutdown
Ratingi have two of them running on my pc when searched i get only one
Ratingi have 5 or 6 on my cpu... it doesnt slow it down at all! i have an AMD athlon 2400+ and this process never slows it down the slightest, my computer used to be slow... but i cleaned up all the spyware and it sped up alot... also most spy ware programs dont pick up all the spyware... make yourself a list of all your running processes then investigate the folders they are in and their signatures which usually give you alot of hints as to what should be running and what shouldnt. my computer runs at about 0-4%. and regularly check the processes that are running to make sure you dont have anymore. mick from australia
Ratingi deleted it svchost, but in need. how do i get it back Brown
Ratingit needs to be on my computer jon domico
RatingIf your system is slow it is not because of svchost. It is because you have spy/ad ware, you are trying to runn to many apps at once or because your system just plane sucks. The majority of the people here say to leave svchost alone, so... JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. kikoku
Rating7 times in my task manager, 4 times system (cca. 35M of memory), 2 times network (cca 7M of memory) and once local host (6M)... b0b
Ratingalright, ive got 4 going, and my pc is suing 3 % of its usage percentage, therefore svchost.exe is a safe file Chris
RatingUses 100% of CPU and blocks other pending operations. When I stop this svchost.exe my processor occupation goes straight down to normal level and my PC works normal again. Evert
Ratingif your runing XP and svchost.exe is in c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe leave it alone, but if your on any other OS make sure you delete it might be a IRC backdoor used to scan/upload to other peoples pc.
Ratingusing 97% of CPU time.. sean Yee
RatingNo danger. See Microsoft & Symantec. Bomvelt
RatingVery dangerous exe takes whole of CPU can't delete or diasble makes the performance of m/c almost zero. Guranteed its a virus Shatadal Mandal
RatingAs "God" said, "...if it uses more memory than explorer it is a parsite if it dosn't its all gd." -- my svchost.exe uses about 14,000K while explorer uses 9,000 -- should I be worried? and if it is a parasite, what do I do? is it still necessary then for the system to run? also, it tries to access the internet... Anastasia
RatingI have 2 of them in my System Network Process and 1 in my Network and 1 in my Local Process. Which ones can I safely delete? Rainay
RatingI have 6 of them running all the time on windows XP when i close them they make my computer look like windows 98 an its horrible. Not a problem with CPU usage, highest is 7.938k Mistah
RatingIf it needs all your CPU usage, then go into the Taskmanager, right click it and end it. Then the PC will shutdown in 60 sec. To stop that, you need to press start, run write cmd. Then a Dos window appears and you can write shutdown. Then it will stop and you can go on. The link below is in german!  link for more info Martin
RatingNormally safe but can represent a disguised parasite. To prevent shutdown after ending this process, in CMD prompt run 'shutdown -a' Marcus
RatingIt stands for Services Host. I have 3 instances of this file running, 1 is in Local Service and 2 are in Network Service. But as I know what it is I will share it with those of you who are getting worried. The process in Local Service Is my System, The other 2 in Network Service are my other 2 systems which are networked therefore 3 systems on a network 3 Services Host Processes. 1 svchost per networked user. See, not that difficult. As always, if in doubt close it, but you WILL lose network access and your system may become unstable Si UK
RatingDie Datei benötigt über 25000kb, wenn ich versuche sie zu deaktivieren erscheint eine Warnung das sich der Computer in 1 Minute abshalten wird. Ich kann keine neuen Datien Installieren und die CPU Auslastung steigt manchmal auf 100%. moses
RatingService Host Datei die man Braucht um DLL's zu starten. Gefährlich wenn ausserhalb des WIndows\system32 Verzeichnisses matze
RatingOS Part  link for more info Julio
RatingEverytime I start my computer, appears a message that says "svchost has generated errors and will be closed by windows" I was opening the task manager to stop it but now I can't open the task manager Davin
RatingThis file really fadeup me, cuz its slow down my system speed, and some time it irriates me too much when its disable my copy paste option ,and all the time i have to restart my system Nida
RatingIt hosts multiple services, and it seems to fork multiple copies of itself to handle those services... ok so far nothing wrong with that. But now I've seen a weird 'jerkiness' problem when playing movies or games, and one of those svchost.exe processes jumps to 100% cpu momentarily... it is also using a lot more memory than the others. I havent yet discovered if this is a virus installed as a service, or just some badly written service that got installed as part of some other junk.... Neko
Ratingsvchost lstet die cpu zu über 90% aus und bremst daher mein system ungemein aus und es lässt sich nicht deaktivieren da Windows sonst innerhalb von einer Minute herunterfährt ich habe bisher kein Programm gefunden durch das sich dieses Problem beheben lies Hell
RatingStop complaining about symptoms and start looking for causes. svchost.exe cannot be deleted. use task manager and show the PID, then use tasklist/svc to identify which services are using the PID in question. My 100% usage was being caused by my DNS Cache complaining about using a large hosts file. I disabled the DNS client service and the problem is gone with no side effects. This was nothing to do with svchost.exe rather the service that svchost.exe was called to use. Ben
RatingIt is not spyware or a virus if it is in Windows/System 32. Don't block it! If you block it, some programs might not work (including Mozila Firefox). I don't know why it used 100%of the CPU because it didn't on my computer. I will respond again if I find out. It is not bad if there is more than one running. For XP, follow the link for more info.  link for more info Pi
RatingThis is taking up 100% CPU memory at times and you couldn't really tell between the fakies and the real. A real headache! Have formatted my PC twice!
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