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File: vsmon.exe
Name: True Vector Internet Monitor
Product: ZoneAlarm
Manufacturer: ZoneLabs
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"vsmon.exe" belongs to ZoneAlarm personal firewall, which monitors Internet traffic and generates alerts by following the security rules that users configure in Zone Alarm.

You can obtain detailed information about vsmon.exe and any other processes running in the background using a tool like Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 707 user requests for that file. 81 users classify it as harmless. 18 users classify it as not so dangerous. 33 users classify it as neutral. 24 users considered the file to be suspicious. 33 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete vsmon.exe. 19 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingZoneAlarm Personal FireWall which monitors internet traffic and generates alerts Alex
RatingIts just a mandatory Zone Alarm file. steve
RatingZone Alarm True Vektor Monitor  link for more info Funonline
RatingAssociated with ZoneAlarm personal firewall. Beth
Ratingpart of zonealarm. install the latest version, the older version have security bug
RatingThis is only a True Vector Monitor from ZoneAlarm. It take alot of memory Kev
RatingA zone alarm file, takes quite some memory and CPU usage sometimes
Ratingpiece of crap software that drains your CPU jonas
RatingI haven't not installed Zone Alarm in my pc, and I have vsmon.exe in the task manager! gabberino84
Ratinggehört zu zoneAlarm, bei hohen cpu auslastung,: zonealarm neustarten ...
Ratingsometimes it explode and starts using CPU slowing all
Ratinggehört zum programm zonealarm pascal W.
Ratingzone alarm shit, that eats up almost the whole cpu-time: restart zone alarm to get your system back under control! kolja
RatingDuno what happens... all of a sudden drains your CPU usage ABdullah
Ratingworks ok but sometimes it stops responding
RatingLäuft ganz ruhig im Hintergrund )
Ratingfound this file when i was infected with worm. dont have zonealarm installed. never did.  link for more info moorey
RatingGehört zu ZoneAlarm (neigt dazu manchmal viel RAM/CPU zu fressen) Dave
RatingIn my case it is genrating a lot of CPU usage. Checked and it seems to be doing full virus scan. Whoa!
RatingWorm_RBot.BO  link for more info sosuke
RatingEssential part of zone alarm- ignore 'dangerous' rating
RatingWhen I had ZoneAlarm shutted down the vsmon.exe blocked all my traffic to the Internet. Very irritating and it took a while before I found the damn file and could remove ZoneAlarm. Joakim
Ratingi have never installed zone alarm, but this program showed up as infected by a virus when i ran trendmicro housecall....
RatingFrißt langsam aber unaufhaltsam Speicher, dadurch wird mehr Speicher ausgelagert auf Festlatte, was den Computer immer langsamer macht! Ein richtiger Nimmersatt. Alle paar Tage mal Rechner booten (oder Zonealarm neustarten). Martin
RatingBei einem sehr hohen traffic kann es passieren das die vsmon.exe mehr als 90% der Leistung für sich benötigt. Meine Lösung: Unter - Alerts & Log - Event Logging auf off stellen. Hoffe konnte damit einigen helfen. photec
RatingHintergrundwächterkontrollprogramm von ZA PRO, ungefährlich. Selecta
RatingVerlangsamt den Internet - Zugriff Ironeagle
RatingDer Prozess bläht sich mit der Zeit auf und kostet dann viel performence Willy
RatingHabs mit MSIti32.exe(Virus) bekommen. Ohne ZoneAlarm stürtzt Computer ab. BroodwarPlayer
Ratingich habe das teil, ohne zone-alarm intalliert zu haben. könnte bösartig sein! mjm
RatingIts Part of Zone alarm, if its taking CPU its your problem, spyware etc. piggybacking, not the software it self, it has a very small footprint Scythe
RatingWorm_Rbot (Check your risk with SecurityTaskManager) Nebrezian
RatingDrains CPU usage...restart to fix Kayne
RatingSeems to have a large memory leak, if left on over 24 hours it has used over 700 MB of memory! Bill
RatingIt misbehaves shutdown zonealarm and it keeps running can block a vnc session unknowingly Michael Hickman
RatingZone alarm file. It does seem to take CPU when the PC is idle but drops it as soon as another program requires it..I have found Zone Alarm/suite to be a good, reliable product Philip
RatingVery Flakey- CPU HOG nothing but headache FXB
Ratinga valid part of ZoneAlarm, however possibility tat it could be ome infected/some viruses using its name. just a thought. Lord V
RatingIt does consume cpu memory. Shut down ZA and then restart it and everything will work fine Charlie
RatingIt uses a lot of cpu. Strange... maybe it's a bug or something like that. To fix it, you have to restart the application. Maurício Rotta
RatingZA firewall file, duh if its doing a virus scan its going to take cpu resources, disable the Anti Virus monitoring if you dont like it.. learn to configure before complaining mellamoandy
RatingIt watches for internet port access to your pc and blocks malicious scanning attempts.  link for more info c
RatingOn email download, spun my CPU up to 100% and seemed in an endless loop. Had to restart machine Brad
RatingZone alarm - after using PC for about 1 hr grinds to a halt and have to reset Graham
Ratingpart of zonealarm. essential and not dangerous, unless you don't have ZA installed (virus alert!) sekhui
RatingThe TrueVector Service is the firewall component of Zone Alarm. If you have Zone Alarm installed and rely on it for protection, LEAVE IT!!! People who say it is dangerous are just trying to get you to turn your firewall off.  link for more info CmdrTaco
Ratingused as part of zone alarm but be careful which zonealarm options you choose since it can go wild. Mark
RatingThere is a worm that poses as vsmon.exe follow the link to learn more.  link for more info Urban
RatingIt slows my PC down as it uses alot of my CPU Rico Suarve
Ratingtied up CPU and I/O to freeze my system - seemed to go "bezerk" - took almost all my memory. Phill
RatingZoneAlarm crap. It uses up my RAM and CPU. JB
RatingCritical component of ZoneAlarm, firewall application/  link for more info Chusha Kobayashi
RatingThis memory hog is also a part of eTrust EZ Armor by Computer Associates (licensed from Zone Alarm).  link for more info krade
Ratingvsmon.exe ist integraler Bestandteil der Personal Firewall ZoneAlarm. Typische Probleme treten auf, wenn Filesharingprogramme wie EMule, KaZaA o.ä. benutzt werden. Hier schaukelt sich die Prozessorlast immer weiter hoch. Bis ZoneLabs eine funktionierende Version liefert, hilft nur ein Neustart der Firewall. Ralf
RatingI noticed that VSMON is connecting to my ISP - not sure why therefore have blocked it with no affect, as yet trmbr
Ratingzonealarm vector :)
RatingZA, after a while on the net, the process eats up the memory. Papparotti
RatingMy ZA (vsmon.exe) used over 170mb of memory after few hours. When I tried to shut it down (vsmon.exe) I couldn't, but instead it released memory only to fill it again in a minute... Yarosh
RatingIt hogs memory - up to 50 megs and at times even more. It works even when ZAP is turned off.. I had it running like that for weeks without know that it is not a MS system file. Very irritating, had to uninstall ZAP  link for more info ahp
RatingI don't mind vsmon doing its thing from time to time. Zonealarm is undoubtly the best firewall on the market, keeps me 100% safe Nicked
Ratinghat manchmal ne enorme speicherauslastung... (bei mir gerade 25.000 K tendenz steigend) das bremst das sys ungemein
RatingAs of version 5.0 or 5.1 , zonealarm's vsmon.exe does have a bad memory leak. Version 4.5 seems to be fine. Guile
RatingVersion 5.01.xxxx frisst unaufhaltsam ram bei allen filesharing programmen. mittlerweile auch edonkey. Crono
Ratingzone alarm file - severely degrades System performance occasionally by sucking up Cpu time. don
RatingIt hogs about 50% of my cpu time, but only when running a Virus Scan, then 0% bigbass
Ratingslows your pc down something cronic. takes up to 80% CPU usage at times hans
RatingBlocked websites (server not found)... ie and firefox JJN
Ratingit's just the virus scan that hogs the hdd...
RatingIf no Zone alarm installed - WORM,VIRUS!!  link for more info Mr.G-C
Ratingvsmon.exe using 320Mb after 2 days - evil darce
RatingIt is a legitimate file in the repair folder of Zone Labs Integrity Client, this program will never request for network access. But there is a virus known as RBOT that also is using this filename to confuse the computer user. See the document on the ZoneLabs website.  link for more info Eric Van Hoof
Ratingthis file is danguerous with Emule Kad network  link for more info SpeGase*
RatingTrueVector Service, an essential part of Zone Alarm firewall.  link for more info Derchalia
Ratingpain in the butt - restart ZA to clear JB
Ratingthis "vsmon.exe" file is a pain in the but cos its eats up ur memory ,so u need to close and restart ZA but other than that its a good firewall, just an issue that the devopers need to fix Robo
RatingPart of zone alarm can stop internet responding. beowulf
RatingIt's the Zone Alarm antivirus -- that's why it slows your PC down -- be patient and let it finish Professor Bloggins
RatingZoneAlarm file which caused enormous disk activity and thus slowed my PC. After stop/start of ZA everything is oke Foxbox
Ratingits slowing cpu big time not sure what i got but when i watch dvds and play internet it lages up chips:)
RatingNot sure if it's high cpu consuming issue is related to eMule - N!K -
RatingIt's a Zone Alarm file. If you have ZA installed and it's "hogging"'s running an auto-virus check probably. End the scan or wait for it to finish and you'll see it drop back down. Common Sense... Steven
RatingI have Zone Alarm, vsmon.exe is not dangerous but it uses a lot of ram and cpu!! ItalyMafiaSpaghetti
Ratingvsmon in Zone version 4.5 very CPU consumable also!
RatingIt may use lots of CPU memory on a certain perior.I recommend Scan HD for viruses,if none found then restart PC and everythink Okay.Zone alarm file.It may become Very irritating sometime. PDP
RatingEats cpu time especially when downloading using emule. Emule has to be closed down by task manager. Spinning Cow
RatingThis file is made for control and check your mail traffic, if you are well user of your email and know how files you can open, you can turn down this mail proteccion at zone alarm console, and you can see how your use of cpu turn down and incresase you speed machine Abraham Genoves
RatingIt has the highest I/O read of all processes on my laptop, making it swap as hell regularly. oli
RatingIT lags my computer urns88
RatingIt causes your internet to be blocked because it thinks your infected. Just open your Task Manager with ctrl+alt+del, and end the process "vsmon.exe" it worked for me. It also will ocasonally use up all your cpu and cause your computer to crash. Conker
RatingThis file is recently replacing by not-yet-known virus [trojan]. It has the same name as ZoneAlarm vsmon Paul M. - Poland
RatingI have the file in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Zonelabs
RatingA helpful Zone Alarm file, but can slow the comp sometimes. Jason
Ratingpcpitstop says that 10.7 % of the computers they scan have vsmon but less than half a percent have Zone Alarm. Nevertheless they ID it as being part of zone alarm. A Friend
Ratingit uses 400mb memory after 12 hours!!!
RatingIts a normal/required file for Zone Alarm Don morris
Ratingseit der Installation arbeitet mein PC sehr langsam und manchmal wird alles blockiert. Ich muss mein ADSL Verbindung am Tage manchmal bis zu 4-5 mal löschen und dann neu aufladen Hülya
RatingDamn true vector, slows down pc like shit. Really irritating. Taufique
Ratingvsmon slows down system after hours of running bye chewing up memory. Use task manager to end process and it will ask if you wish to restart and the problem is fixed and system resolves itself. Takes 24+hours to become a problme Bearinc
RatingI do not know what it is for but vsmon.exe just eat up all my memory (Win XP). Otherwise ZA is cool z
Ratinguses only 14% of my resources and that is only during a virus scan. it does slow the system down. takes a long time(~20min) to do a scan though. Darrow
RatingMy computer hangs up since I installed the latest Zone Labs I will now dump it-Vsmon(not responding) continuasly John L
Ratingseems to caise memory leakage +++ Rich N
RatingI concur with Crono and Guile, the most recent versions of ZA seem to have huge issues with leakage. I was fine before these last 2. Perhaps it will be solved in future releases. Tim
RatingGood progy......been using it for a bit now.......ill give up the cpu to protect my computer mike
RatingI noticed file started to take up my cpu power when the antivirus kicked in. Not to mention that ZA never told me it was scanning... faded
RatingCPU Hog Astrogirl
Ratingcan not be deleted w task manager; persists even tho zone alarm has been uninstalled & system rebooted; tried to uninstall thru ad remove but could not find it. [email protected]
Ratingzonealarm Peter
RatingZoneAlarm file. It takes more CPU and memory every hour. Until I have to restart ZoneAlarm. I'm using Zonealarm 3.0 serig
Ratingswitching off the automatic update function in ZoneAlarm seems to stop the cpu and memory problems on my machine solution
RatingPart of ZoneAlarm. ZoneLabs licenses its technology to third parties, so it can be found after installing other products (Cisco VPN Client?). Not Dangerous but sometimes causes a memory leak. Aethereal
Ratingzonealarm pro 3.7 installed this file. Required for safe surfing. passing
RatingBestandteil von Zone Alarm. Hat bei mir 90% des CPU gebraucht. Nach Neustart von Firewall behoben! der Rohrdesigner
RatingTries to phone home to even when ZA configured not to do auto updates. Brings up DUN window about once an hour. PITA.  link for more info dillthedog
RatingVSMON is the Virus Monitor. Uses Increased RAM when running Virus Scan. Zonealarm Fan
Ratingstands for Very Small Mamal Online Numbskull neil diamond
Ratingif the only instances you have are in folders called zone alarm then its file. just copy the one in the repair folder of the instal directory of ZA and paste into the Zonelabs folder in widows\system32. worked fine for me Stubbz_nzl
RatingIt takes alot of ram and cpu, it fails the panda unknown treaths service. Use sygate firwall. Good and stabel, or use pandas firewall. Not as good and let things trough, but should work for normal net surfing and gaming. If mp3, movie and program downloads from other computers on network, it is unsafe Viagra
Ratingpart of zone alarm. i have had no problem. only uses 5mb when idle on my machine Dahvid
Ratingpart of zonealarm, occaisionally uses a lot of cpu when i run emule, restarting emule fixes this. perhaps a bug in emule? altho i suspect it has something to do with not having port forwarding setup correctly.. trent
Ratingnur ne zonealarm anwendung die nix kaputt macht... Ruhla
RatingZone Alarm file - When i try to download stuff etc it goes mad and takes up all my CPU time and i have to reset my computer. Never done it before... Just after i reformatted my computer and installed it again. Morri
RatingEats up CPU and is blocking all activities.Perhaps is a virus but is not detected by antivirus software Ender
Ratingthis is the core file for zone alarm, not dangerous but blocks pop ups and intrusions into your system. zone alarm is a very reliable product Khan
RatingLook on the Zone Alarm site. There is a virus/worm (WORM_RBOT ) that exists in a file with the name vsmon.exe. But it sits in the system directory. the genuine file sits in the zonealarm directory. What I want to know is why the genuine one keeps grabbing more and more and more memory until a reboot is needed. Yes I do have the latest version.  link for more info Gary
RatingIt gets annoying sometimes, it drains 98%+ of your CPU just 3 days before your trail day is over. Ke
RatingPart of Zone Alarm It crashed my system. Get rid of it.
RatingI dont have zone alarm on my computer! It was an up date from microsoft. It eats my cpu like 85% WTF?
RatingAfter no probelm for ages, my system was hanging when I started Outlook Express due to vsmon.exe process taking 99%. I disabled email scanning module of my recently installed AVG upgrade and problem went immediately..
RatingZoneAlarm process... Keksäramän
RatingZoneAlarm pro - TrueVector version sharon . o
Ratingmy system takes more time to start due to this file suman
RatingEssential but causes major cpu drainage combined with Windows leak
Ratinggehört zu zone arlarm, bei hoher cpu last -- zone arlarm neustarten Greg
RatingIn my system it uses about 5.7MB memory, and not any significant amount of cpu Snow
RatingLooks like spyware: takes http and https connections to internet, no matter are options disabled or not.. Tahvo
RatingI do have zone alarm, but sometimes it uses the cpu (once it showed 200ko, and when you only have 256ko: ouch!) badoooo
Ratingit's the Zone Allarm engine... use really a lot of ram and cpu... i guess i'll never find decent free firewall... Darkman
RatingIt's either a zonealarm "good" file, or a "Win32.Rbot.GE" worm (bad file). Go to this (zonealarm) link for more definitive information:  link for more info spacedoig
RatingZonealarm security suite - can take up lots of cpu time when performing antivirus scan. I'd be worried if I didn't have a zonelabs product! h0me5k1n
RatingIf you have zone alarm, open up the control center, click the antivirus tab, then click antivirus options and set the time for sometime when it won't be annoying. If you don't have zonealarm, destroy it.
RatingWhen doing windows update..VsMon caused error in USER.EXE Perf.%age down. Have zonealarm,norton,spybot,and this too much?Disabled Zone and NOrton while scan/defragged..still only 65% performance. jaysgram
RatingYes it made my computer work as hell too. Wen't into ZoneAlarm, don't really expected to find anything but... ZoneAlarm was checking for Viruses!!! You can't really see when the program searches for viruses. That is the reason for that the program sometimes uses a lot of cpu. Badfellah
RatingWhile this element of ZoneAlarm is crucial to your internet security, it indeed does consume much cpu 'bandwidth' and can noticably slow down your computer. From what I understand, this program stores temporary data it has glanced over in its own cache. After much internet browsing with this process running it can buildup much stored memory. This is probobly what accounts for a majority of the 'slowing down' factor that many people have witnessed. To avoid this memory buildup, one can simply restart ZoneAlarm after few hours of internet usage, thus clearing out and resetting its memory buildup Michael Y
Ratingthis file has a memory leak - if used on a server (including eMule kad network)  link for more info tanji
RatingAnti Spyware tool
RatingSlows your PC and u cant disable it cause its "protected" as its important. Maza
RatingZA file, tends to appear during update or while you are running a virus scan. is a background process and it chews up memory but is not malicious (if legitimate) Dancyboy
Ratingit only takes a lot of cpu when it is doing a virus alarm doesnt tell you its doing it unless you look but its fine to have going cuz its a virus scanner after all! nizzy1115
Ratingtakes up lots of CPU time Arpit
RatingZoneAlarm Personal FireWall which monitors internet traffic and generates alerts abhi
Ratingpart of zonealarm  link for more info Hemant
RatingIt is a part of Zone lab firewall and it is not dangerous if u have zone lab firewall .If it try to connect the internet then scan the file may be it is a virus  link for more info ajamit007
RatingWhan my system was runnig about 24h vsmon took whole memory and only restart of my pc helped!!! It is always the same! It is hopeless!!! silmarilh
RatingIt's a Zonealarm or "TrueVector Internet Monitor", the worst thing it does is take up quite a bit of memory
RatingSlows my computer down to a halt. Huge memory hog. I have ZA - but the virus scan is disabled - so that is not the issue. jooj
RatingFor five years I have had a memory problems could not understand why. I now have 1gig of ram in a P4 2.4cpu and I was still running low could not even play music while working on 20-60mb files in Photoshop my son was and he has a slower Pc at that. I run a clean Pc house to. Well today I found a file called vsmon.exe in windows task manager taking up 222.270k and my CPU was going nuts this time I did not re boot I put the file name in google and came to this site. I just re set zoon alarm and my CPU went back to normal. Carl..........
RatingPart of ZoneAlarm. Bad thing: it consumes huge amounts of cpu, making me shut down the firewall entirely... Arjen
Ratingpart of zonealarm. read 110MB IO according to task manager (slowing everything to a crawl) on boot and then disappeared.
RatingZoneAlarm firewall file - very irritating and memory-consumable... I've got my computer on for a couple of days because I'm downloading stuff from eMule (not the illegal stuff of course ;) ) and now the vsmon.exe is using approximately 300MB of my RAM and up to 75% of my CPU... Mishuggah - Poand
Ratingshuts down when you right click on the tray icon & select shutdown .. does consume a lot of RAM .. consumption increases every minute for as long as ZA is running .. probably a memory leak genious_2k1
Ratingseems to be doing a scheduled virus scan David Martin
RatingVector System Monitor, its useless to stop emailchecking / antivirus - option cause vsmon.exe is essential 4 zonealarm!  link for more info Özi Sahini
RatingVector System Monitor  link for more info Özi
Ratingzonealarm POS when u have multiple internet connection (in or out) it will suck up processing power, don't matter if u have 1 extremely large and fast transfering file open, it only matters when u got somesort of connection open
RatingGehört zur Personal Firewall "Zonealarm" + wird von dieser benötigt Hagman
RatingGot all my ram after 5 days of working non-stop... pc was very slow at that time. Restart ZA and everything was ok. Scr34m3r
RatingZone Alarm file, I dont get this eat's up CPU/ SYSTEM RESOURCE, this must be running a very old spec as i use zone alarm over a number of pc's that are nothing special,yet receive no slowdown. Bizzy
RatingIf it is not Zone Alarm, it is an incidious virus that controls your browsing; prevents downloading virus and adkiller updates.  link for more info thebeerdrinker
RatingTrueVector Service of EZ firewall or ZoneAlarm. The Zone Labs vsmon.exe process will never request network access.  link for more info WORM_RBOT
RatingIt asks for permission to connect to the internet when I'm running agnitum outpost firewall. I also have Zonealarm installed but not running at the moment. Zonealarm says it never will ask for accsess and that it is a fake/worm . Be careful  link for more info drhardlove
Rating Was asked to turn off True Vector to install a upgrade for Zone Alarm pro 5 rob hanes
Ratingsome times it goes mad and eats up all da memory available dang3rous
RatingSchon 2 mal musste ich meinen PC Neustarten da nichts mehr lief bzw. sehr langsam, und den Prozess konnte ich auch nicht beenden. Danielle
RatingThe file is not dangerous. The sudden bursts of CPU usage is the schedule virusscan running. It doesn't give the user any hint as to what it's unless asked specifically :( . If you don't like it try disableing scheduled virusscans. Lithyum
RatingIt is a ZoneAlarm file. After 2 weeks of having it running without restart it started to use all my cpu. I shut it down and up and everithing goes fine again jicidre
RatingI restarted ZoneAlarm and a light went on in my navel. zardoz
RatingFrom the ZoneAlarm application. its ok, i mean, it doesnt bother me, but it uses a lot of RAM and CPU! :( max_00
RatingZoneAlarm's lookup table is small, and the code that parses through the lookup table is inefficient and has a small memory leak. Shut down ZoneAlarm Pro for 15 seconds and relaunch it once VSMON.exe is taking up more than half your memory so you can continue to operate. DRCray
Ratinghas memory leak in my Win2K systems. Keith
Ratinggehört zu ZoneAlarm, schluckt bei mir grad aber 388.000 K Jarod
RatingThis is a real shit this firewall ZoneAlarm... The best solution is to change with an other one Denis
RatingRuns when Zone Alarm performs a schedule scan, as a result it takes up CPU resources. To eliminate the "problem" simply set up the scheduled scan to run when you don't use the PC - i.e. the middle of the night. If you simply turn it off the PC will never get scanned!!! Jeff
RatingIt needs too many resources! anyway I found it's NOT related with ZA security threats. FabZ
RatingDisabling the automatic update function in zone alarm stopped the memory leakage in my machine Leo
Ratingseems to be on my machine with since i installed sp2 drains on cpu and hdd and memory. restarting ZAP will bring it under control
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