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Information about winmgmt.exe file

File: winmgmt.exe
Name: Windows Management Instrumentation
Product: Windows
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

Winmgmt.exe is a core component of client management in Windows. This process initializes when the first client application connects or continuously when management applications request its services.

Note: The winmgmt.exe file file should appear only the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. If you happen to find this file in a different folder, it is possible that your winmgmt.exe is in reality a malicious file. Many trojans and viruses try to cloak their real identity by using the names of legitimate files. Any time that you encounter a suspicious process, you should verify the digital signature and the file path, for example using Anti-Spy.Info.

User feedback

There were 302 user requests for that file. 11 users classify it as harmless. 1 user classify it as not so dangerous. 9 users classify it as neutral. 6 users considered the file to be suspicious. 5 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete winmgmt.exe. 9 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingWindows Management Service, contains the WMI repository Alex
Ratingit stops me loading up doalogue boxes, windows explorer, image preview etc. When I end task it terminates the process and loads up by itself about 2 minutes later
Ratingcore file john smith 3rd
Ratingwhen i login it's shown winmgmt.exe has generated error and you will be closed by windows and reapeated continueosly not able to appear desktop afsar ali
Ratingits a windows management file alee
RatingAs stated twice above, "winmgmt.exe has generated errors...". For me it also causes problems with the DNS on my PC. joe shmo
RatingIt makes everywindow i have show up wrong, and after ending the task, its starts back up right away
RatingThsi Program try to connect to the following IP "" with that Name "" on Port "6667". I see it on my Firewall. I research that there are two Task running with the same Name but ist was a bit different. One is called "WinMgmt.exe" an the other is called "winmgmt.exe" The once with the uppercase m is the Systemtask that was explained from Alex. But the other one do that what I say above. Bully
Ratingstandard win 2000 system file - could get infected bby a virus. rus a scan Aaron
RatingAgain and again a dialogue box appears and says winmgmt.exe has caused some errors. the program will be restarted. What is that? I can't understand
RatingIn my case, prevented Windows from shuting down, causing to abort the shut down process and keeping the system up. Daniel
Ratingits within system32, but in its own folder? Markay
Ratingthis is windows file.  link for more info shadab
Ratingpart of win
Ratingbringt mir immer nur fehlermeldungen? [email protected]
RatingWithout it system info will not work, MSINFO32.EXE is disabled, it is required if you want system info to work. Why it pops on, it is collecting info about the system. It can also be used to manage remotely on a network. It changed a lot since W95. Rob
RatingThis file is safe if within windows\system32 if you have a problem with it try uninstalling recently installed programs because it can be launched automatically by windows if your application requests access to the WMI vincent
RatingI installed the latest Sygate Firewall update and this file now shows up in Task Manager every time I boot. Dennis
RatingJust another one of the many holes in windows. I have win2k and it just sits there listening for connections on ports 2265 and up, no idea why. Anyone know how to plug it?
RatingI can't disable the exe file - it runs in the background and prevents my computer from completeing scan disk or disk defrag operations.
RatingEvery time i try to delete it, it reappears again 2 seconds later! ali :oP
RatingEats a lot of memory &sometimes locks computer till i ctrl alt delete end task wimmgmt.exe then comp goes back to normal . Im wondering if its safe to remove Slayer0420
RatingWas suddenly running in my system after installing 'Windows Install Clean Up', from the MicroSoftWebside. It slowed down process-speed dramatically. After removing it via regedit and a restart, all's ok. It seems I don't need WINMGMT.EXE in WIN98! Rini
Ratingall i know is i downloaded microsoft antispyware and didnt validate my windows after install WinMgmt.exe is trying to connect to the internet, i believe this microsoft seeing if you have a cracked copy of windows. anyhow im not letting it access the internet. Bear
Ratingwinmgmt.exe is a normal Windows process. winnmgnt.exe (notice the "gnt" instead of "gmt" at the end of the name) is a backdoor program an should be deleted  link for more info Sindri
Ratingwhen i login it's shown winmgmt.exe has generated error and you will be closed by windows and reapeated continueosly not able to appear desktop  link for more info c collier
Ratingseems part of Win, was causing mem leak in 98se machine, removed from registry seemingly without issue GlenMichael
RatingIt shows up in a Xoftspy scan as a worm. I looked it up in Google and it shows it as something created by sun java. Webm is the folder it is in, web business management or something like that. I am not sure weather or not to have Xoftspy remove it, going to ask my bro who woks at M. The Minus One
Ratingthe file is in system32\wbem and second of all it's also in dllcache dir, which means it's protected by wfp, which means it will get replaced when you try to delete it jgs
RatingI know it run in Windows 2000. I also know that on my PC at work it takes up to 40% of the CPU time and makes the HDD churn endlessly, slowing down the system completely.
RatingDepends on were it is. if its under %windir%/system32/ its okey. BUT if its anywere else - delete it! Tim 'gk^' Nilimaa
RatingMy system runs fine when I don't see winmgmt in the task manager, very unstable with memory leaks when I do see it there. dreamer-71
Ratingit makes a warning window appear on my screan each couple seconds Mohammed
Ratingseems to be same as above just pops up and says it has generated an error and i must close down the computer but when i do it doesn't change ... when i leave the computer on overnight it the message pop upquits popping up but I don't like leaving the computer on all night. kathi
RatingPart of the W32 OS
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