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Information about winnet.dll file

File: winnet.dll
Name: casinopalazzo trojan
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"winnet.dll" is part of casinopalazzo trojan! (You can found winnet.dll, run_dos.dll, rnr.dll, taskmgn.exe,,telnetxp.exe in you Winodws\system32 folder!)
You should remove it!

Note "wininet.dll" is a Windows system file from Microsoft!

If you you were unable to get rid of winnet.dll, please try Anti-Spy.Info. This application can remove or quarantine processes and tell you whether this file is needed on your computer.

User feedback

There were 33 user requests for that file. 1 user classify it as harmless. 1 user classify it as bad and recommend to delete winnet.dll. 1 user didn't classify it ("don't know").

Ratingit prevents mcaffe firewall from loading it attaches it self to the mpf file and prevents the setup from completing [email protected]
Ratingprocess made by a generic worm, you should scan your system, virus found will show you the generated FILE NAME. Then end the process and remove the file name found by the virus scan. MarZi
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