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Information about wisptis.exe file

File: wisptis.exe
Name: Microsoft Tablet PC Platform Component
Product: Windows
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

wisptis.exe means "Windows Ink Services Platform Tablet Input Subsystem". It is a pen input device tool for the Microsoft Tablet PC Platform.

Note: The wisptis.exe file file should appear only the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. If you happen to find this file in a different folder, it is possible that your wisptis.exe is in reality a malicious file. Many trojans and viruses try to cloak their real identity by using the names of legitimate files. Any time that you encounter a suspicious process, you should verify the digital signature and the file path, for example using Anti-Spy.Info.

User feedback

There were 1000 user requests for that file. 84 users classify it as harmless. 9 users classify it as not so dangerous. 40 users classify it as neutral. 27 users considered the file to be suspicious. 17 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete wisptis.exe. 15 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

Ratingconnected to MS journal viewer pbt
RatingTablet input subsystem  link for more info Purg
Rating ms33
RatingComponent of TabletPC  link for more info Picha Brava
RatingWird bei OpenCanvas mitinstalliert  link for more info anty
RatingIT will begin to cause instability on your computer
RatingWhen Acrobat Reader 6 is started, wisptis becomes active. Arthur de Smet
RatingYou'll have this process running if you have Microsoft Journal Viewer or Adobe Acrobat/Reader 6.0 or MS Office System 2003 installed  link for more info John Novak
RatingDangerous in the way that you should not remove it if you have Adobe Reader 6 and Office 2003 installed. If you delete it and try to open PDF document it will ask for Office 2003 installation source. Real annoyance because it doesn't have any value for desktop users. Igor
RatingIt seems to be used by my dell bluetooth stack COM server
Ratingwisptis.exe is running but I have not started Adobe nor do I have a tablet PC - CPU went to 100 for a few moments, prompting me to check the Task Manager. Mark
Ratingcame with MS Office 97 standard installation
RatingWhen Acrobat Reader 6 is started, wisptis becomes active. dorre
RatingI do not have a tablet PC - I will investigate - on my machine the file lives in the \system32\ folder walter read - whread
Ratingis used for msn messenger handwrite plugin too
RatingSee other comments. This isn't dangerous at all, if it causes instability then there is something other then this going on in your PC (eg. bad installations) CookieRevised
RatingInstalled with Pen TAblet Graphire 2 Frederick Tronboll
RatingNot a big deal... Just helps stuff run... duh
RatingNot dangerous...but also not necessary. I find it very annoying that even though I've never even touched a Tablet PC this process runs on my system. It's not too difficult for me to remove but I'm a LAN admin, my concern is the millions of people using Adobe/MS Office 2003 that have this process unnecessarily running. It should be a process that only gets called if you're actually using the Tablet PC stuff instead of just turning it on by default. Get on the ball Adobe and MS!!!  link for more info Skye (random surfer)
RatingIt seems sometimes it crashes Opera.  link for more info Max
RatingI closes Acrobat Read but de process remains active Thaiger
RatingRuns with MSN Messenger IM windows to allow handwriting with InfoPen for Outlook. InfoPen reinstalls itself when this file is deleted. Jason
RatingWindows System File?  link for more info Jack Mehof
RatingIn my computer, when wisptis.exe starts with helpsvc.exe, sometimes I will see helpsvc.exe allocating memory non-stoppingly (can be over 200MB within several minutes) and cause significant delay in response. I often kill this two processes together, but I am not sure that whether there is relation between them. Joseph Choi
RatingIt is frustrating when there are processes running that you don't know about. This one just "showed" up
RatingOnly usefull if you own a Tablet PC or need the "ink service". Deleting the file leads to problems with Adobe Reader and Office 2003 so best way to deal with this little bugger is to use XP's security features (only works for NFTS file system) and deny every user and the system all rights to this file. Aldatillian
RatingIt stays alive after Acroread is terminated Magnus Holm
RatingI found 15 instances of this running for no reason, chewwing up a lot of resources Vincent
RatingI've tried killing it, but it keeps coming back stummer_cake
RatingWenn der Acrobat Reader startet ist der Dienst Aktiv Thorsten Schmidt
RatingIn "Windows Task Manager" the "Base Pri" = High. Beppe
RatingThis process screws up my graphics tablet input (AIPTEK 8000U). It isn't actually dangerous, just annoying. Amos
RatingIt was installed with Adobe 6.0, probably as part of the Windows Journal Viewer. Edwin
RatingCan interfere with Nisis tablets (namely when tblmouse is running), causing the cursor to locate to upper left corner of screen whenever the stylus is placed on the tablet. VERY annoying. Xanothis
RatingRuns without being configured to run. Runs when not needed. Eats memory. warp-9.9
RatingThis file is also need if your using these plasma screens that is why it loads with office 2003, adobe and Messenger. so it really aint usless just should only load for these type of requirements, and I agree Micro$oft and Adobe need to get with the program, and in my book any program that is left over after a program that called for it is either a virus or a memory leak. Zeus (the god of all gods, greek that is)
Ratingwisptis (Windows Subsystem Input) is a generic process of Windows NT/2000/XP used to manage the entries used by graphics tablets. The process wisptis is not in any case a Virus, Worm, Trojan horse, spyware, nor AdWare. geeky g
RatingCauses problems when Aiptek 8000U tablet installed and Adobe Acrobat started. Cursor jumps to top left and displays MS mouse image when you 'left' click with the tablet pen. KVR
RatingIt interferes with the pointer position for several popular makes of graphics tablet (Nisis, Trust, and more). It gets started by Adobe Reader 6, but can be closed from Task Manager with no ill effects. Apparently one can stop it causing problems by marking the wisptis.exe file not accessable by any user or the system.  link for more info Alex Churchill
RatingAdobe, as usual, does not clean up after itself in its bloated software M. Aldin
RatingI think it is used for MSN Messenger Plus Handwriting Plugin....! $ç]-[õII!
RatingUsed by my Wacom tablet. If i kill this file from my memory, my tablet isn't working anymore.... Rinus Leeuw
RatingIt's annoying, it's active when winamp crashes after opening other programs Markus
RatingIt start if you use MSN Plus and the HandWritting Plugin Charlie
Ratingslowes computer...
RatingIt starts when you try to set the printer type to pdf distiller. This started noticing it after installing Adobe pathc and upgraded to Office 2003 SP 1  link for more info Jacob Asariah
Ratingall i know is that i have been using acrobat reader for a long time now, and also office 2003 and today this process appeared for the first time, trying to connect to the web
Ratingyou've read the comments, it's not too bad, but I'm a fanatic about unnecessary processes, here is how to remove it safely  link for more info omar
Ratingit starts with Outlook or when writing a new email when using Word as the email editor p.o.xp!
Ratingcannot be shut down, it reappear within seconds of being shut down jim
Ratingrunning in background, but serves no purpose tysonius
Ratingstart with Adobe Acrobat Writer val
RatingOpen "add/remove programs", select "MS Front Page 2003" and click "change" button. Now chose "Add or Remove Features" and click next , there expand "Office Shared Features" and click on "Microsoft Handwriting Component" and select "Not available" and click "update". If that's no help then expand in the same tree "Alternative User Input" and do the same for "Handwriting" option. Niksha
RatingGDI Object leak causes Windows to eventually stop responding. (Unless wisptis.exe is killed) Tim V
Ratingunnütz für desktops Mike
RatingMost people have this because they installed Journal Viewer from Microsoft update. Generally not needed so just uninstall and it goes away! jlib
RatingI have a program that analises all running processes and it says it has something to do with Microsoft Visio 2003. Vanda
RatingNot dangerous at all... just used with Word 2k3 and MSN Messenger Plus! HandWriting plug-in. EepP
RatingWhen/If you use MSN Messenger 7 it uses it so you can handwrite. It's fine. MarK - UK
Ratingwas installed as part of a handwriting addon to msn messenger
RatingIt starts to run with the MSN Handwritting option... doy
Ratingstart with msn messenger 7 (handwriting) MensRea
RatingWhen my system slow: I issue "taskkill /im "wisptis.exe" /f from the commandline - that can be done without destabilizing the system CW
Ratingit takes over 6 MBs of my precious memory, what a dumb software design decision by Adobe and M$. Sonny
RatingStarts with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 and causes a performance loss in IE6.0 that is noticable with Flash media apps and animated image files. On larger files this can cause lag in bringing up menus and other such fun annoyances. Knitting
Ratingit blocked connection via RDP mirek
Ratingits horrible, its not a cause of issues, but rather a system hog, it grabs USER and GDI objects like they are going out of style, not a probl for home, but in an office with heavy 2d windows (financial markets) once your system runs out of user and gdi objects, you run into odd situations where programs wont start or right clicking wont work - this of course is just symtomatic of the system being able to render an more 2d windows for new or existing apps -- killing a task with a few hundred (add view in task mgr) of these objects gets around it but, since this little sucker is using 1200 GDI.. Adrian
RatingMSN Beta(7) handwriting and stylus purposes gerard joseph
RatingAcrobat 6 the culprit Ron
Ratinghes not open before i open one zip file atach on mail, now he run if msim (outlook express) is started
RatingE um processo bom. Nao se preocupem.. Voces podem ate finaliza-lo. Ele so fica chateando Willibom
RatingNot much exept that it;s some M$ file theeta
Ratingi don't know how it's dangerous soncao
Ratingstarts with msn plus handwriting plugin st
RatingStartet jetzt beim MSN 7.0 weil man dort auch mit Handschrift schreiben kann. DiamondDog
RatingInstalled with Acrobat 7 Professional Sailor
RatingWhen Acrobat 6 is started this file starts, cause system instability
RatingMessenger 7.0 Jackie Cao
RatingUsed in MSN 7.0 MrSh0cKeR
Ratingi just kill it on start up via. task manager rilma
Ratingtruns off with task manager or process explorer turns on with Acrobat reader 6 but not with photoshop elements 2 albert
RatingRuns without being configured to run. Runs when not needed. Eats memory. David fefko
RatingI think it came with windows journal viewer, i never had it b4 then, so im not conserned Diabllo
RatingEverything that comes with Adobe Reader sucks, this is no exception adobe
Ratingi run 3 pcs i have the handwriting on 1 and what charlie says is 100% correct so nothing to worry about. no it doesnt slow pc down its just a plugin thats all icky
RatingI have handwriting installed for MSN Messenger Plus!, so I know why it is running. mulrich15
RatingEats a lot of GDI resources. Can quickly reach the 10k application limit and will drain the 16k System limit (W2K only) which causes a system crash. Brody
Ratinginstalled as part of windows tablet viewer. installed from windows update. you need the files if you ever decide to view files created by a tablet pc application with handwriting Roc
RatingRuns as a subtask under SVChost.exe. I dislike bloatware and any type of app that runs without the user's knowledge. When is MS and those other freaks going to realize that not all users are stupid? Steven C.
RatingFor MSN 7 BETA,: kill process and see you won't be able to draw no more in MSN 7 BETA. Dave
RatingIt eats up system resources, and has little or no use, below link can be used to remove it safely Richard Colletta
RatingIt's completely useless since i never had tablet and probably not getting it anywhere in near future. it wastes my RAM and CPU which I really don't like, so I blocked it from running Serge
Ratingsomething to do with msn7 beta, first noticed it after installing this prog anyway stimp
Ratingstarts with adobe acrobat reader (free one) mombala
RatingI have a beta copy of Messenger 7 which features a built in handwriting function. This process has appeared since I installed that. Tony
RatingIntefered with my wireless connection - closed it and everything was fine Jimmy
RatingBecomes active when you use "virtual pen" on powerpoint
RatingIf tampered with, it will cause Acrobat Reader to start up extremely slow of freeze at the splash screen Louis
RatingAppears to be installed as part of the MSN Messenger Beta, and is used to provide the functionality of the "handwrite" tab.
RatingCursor freezes when expanding and minimising windows when this is running Chris
RatingI found it running recently after installed the MSN Handwriting plugin. It's not dangerous.  link for more info -
RatingThe number of open GDI handles by wisptis.exe was above 1000, which is unacceptable.  link for more info andrikos
RatingAgree with Knitting. Also starts with Photoshop. Kills IE and takes awhile to end the process. Uses a lot of disk activity. Bytemite.Com
RatingResource hog, bad design. Let's start calling these things what they are; I didn't ask for it to be installed, it is detrimental to my system and nothing I want on my system requires it to run. It's a virus. I don't care that it comes from a company. I should be given the option to remove it easily or to not install it in the first place. M. Spurlock
Ratingstartet mit dem Acrobat Reader mit, warum weiss ich nicht. J. Sinclair
Ratingit's not spyware etc. as others have stated but seems it can cause problems; i've used acrobat and msn messenger for a coupla years and i only just saw it in task manager, even though now acrobat is closed (and i don't use handwriting stuff or have a tablet or have journal viewer installed). In this case it seemed to cause Winamp to jump on a normally fine music file, i killed the wisptis.exe process and it's fine now. Stupid MS and Adobe =+( jadester
Ratingit showed up after installing Acrobat Reader 7. Adobe insists on supporting off-brand operating systems and seldom gets anything right jimzone
RatingAfter a while it soaked up 8000+ GDI Objects (as reported by the task manager) and caused haywire on rendering of all windows. Erhhung
RatingSimple program used for features in MS programs. If you have a tablet it will over run your tablet's manufacturer software. Caused probelms for me since I'm running a dual screen setup which specifies special configurations on my tablet. If you have this problem, this link provides a script that will disable WISPTIS and not allow it to install agian.  link for more info WebGuy
RatingBei mir ist das eine Office 2003-zugehörige Datei Little
RatingThose of you complaining about memory usage by this file, if you understood the data that goes into creating an RTF document, you would know why the memory usages is so high, if you don't know anything about an RTF document, don't worry about it. It is part of the Windows Journal Viewer, most people get this update from either tablets or the windows update service. To have handwriting in MSN Messenger, you need Windows Journal Viewer, if you don't want it, uninstall it. It's like having a pet, you have to feed it, if you don't want to feed it, you shouldn't have a pet! Jevian
RatingNot really dangerous, its a acro read file indeed. No harm, wdfmgr.exe is much more annoying! pff J!km!l
RatingLinked with MSN 7(beta) for handwriting Andy W
RatingInstalled the windows journal viewer today and now it is present. Used for MSN messenger's handwriting messages Rob M
RatingFrom MSN Shell Program of 'Manu-Writing' Kuro
Ratingwhen running firefox, this process can cause firefox to run at a high memory usage for no real reason. eric
RatingMSN 7 Handwriting.. Borg
RatingThe file is reinstalled by microsoft office 2003 every time i change its name to .bak Ron
RatingIt opened with Acrobat 6.0, but Acro doesn't clean up after itself. Joe
RatingI got a message on MSN Messager, so it could be msn messenger handwrite plugin
RatingStarts with Adobe Acrobat Ben
RatingCauses Sonic Scenarist 3.01 to Crash ZD
RatingEats memory, kills handwriting on MSN7 if you stop it once. Frankdoom
RatingIt slowing a lot the system and Tim V get right with his answer !!! iulian
RatingInstalled with itunes came with ipodservice as well somesting fishy MayBe steeltips
RatingNot dangerous, but at some point it was using 9,999 GDI objects on my system. More than all other running applications together. SubSpace
RatingI don't have a tablet PC and this was running on my computer any one with out a Tablet PC should delete this file now! anyone with one should replace it with a good copy of the file Sean
RatingIt is necessary for anything that involves handwriting: Handwriting for MSN Messenger (mouse), Powerpoint 'Virtual Pen' (mouse) and PDA's/ Tablet PC's with text recognition (pen). Don't jump to conclusions because of its location - it would probably be spyware or st. if it were not a Microsoft process. Teplotaxl
RatingI have Adobe 7.0 and Office`03 and am using msn messger(beta). It only appears in task list when and after I use "handwritten" feature in messenger. I deleted it from task list with no probalems. G
RatingMessenger Beta feature "handwritting feature" Only appears in task list when i use this feature. Adobe 7.0 or Office `03 not using it on this machine
RatingAcrobat reader 6.0 become to use 96% of CPU solenoglypho
RatingProbably loaded when installing XP. I had a WACOM tablet already attached. Killed the process in Task Manager and pen mouse still fine. chris-E
RatingWurde istalliert mit .net Framework alternative
Ratingis a process added when you install the beta msn messanger 7.0. Which is why people not on a tablet pc have it running. If removed you cannot use the handwriting function of the program and may infact cause instability in the program itself. [email protected]
RatingThe GDI object count was above 2500, which ended up pegging the CPU. Marshall
RatingHorribly annoying, makes my inet go slower and makes my computer also slower, but I don't think it's dangerous Ewout
RatingIts a Microsoft file embedded in Journal Viewer "so you can view tablet pc files?" on a regular pc. Quote from ms page: This accessory enables users who do not have a computer running Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition to view files that were created in Microsoft® Windows® Journal on a Tablet PC. I downloaded journal reader just to make handwriting in msn messenger.  link for more info Eproxima
Ratingnever saw it in task manager. just renamed it for now cwolf
Ratingit messes up with the program c:/windows/system32/lsass
Ratingsaw it once, deleted it, never saw it again... JohnnyTurbo
RatingServes no purpose unless you need tablet services but consumes system resources. Doug Haden
RatingIt is a MS file.. it is save.. Properply installed with MSN 7.0 Final Beta, Jensfradk
RatingGreat Plugin for MSN no danger here :)  link for more info Francois
RatingAppeared on my system after updating to Adobe Reader 7... simply ended the process tree, no negative results. It reloads when Reader is opened, no lagging or freezing at all. Da Phuzz
RatingJournal Viewer Component. Use it for handwriting on MSN Messenger 7.x Arkane
RatingIt starts when I use handwritten messages in MSNMessenger 7.If I stop WISPTIS.EXE I can't use that feature in MSN anymore. Amicus
RatingMy mouse was running through treacle. Killed this process and all was well. Thanks for Journal Viewer tip. Uninstalled that and all seems well again. Steve
Ratingi found it would not allow me to copy and paste with it running kevin
RatingIt's installed with Journal Viewer, which is required by MSN 7 if you wish to use the drawing feature. Terminating wisptis eliminates the mouse freezing, of course, but then you can't draw in MSN 7. John
RatingBecomes active when torrent client working a bit more than 24 h B52
Ratingthis file is used now in MSN 7 for handwriting, i think its from the "windows journal viewer. whatever its from, it slowed my computer right down to a crawl, everything took a few seconds longer to load, switching programs takes and eternity now, so its either form that, or the new msn 7
Ratingafter a repair of windows this files comes up with adobe and tries to locate messenger installer package (which at least here it is unsuccessful at finding). It starts up an installation modification and the install cannot be cancelled by regular means it will just restart. the adobe process must be terminated.
Ratingused for running MSN 7,0 handwriting / journal viewer
RatingIt's also used for MSN 7 handwriting. Not dangerous.
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