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File: wscntfy.exe
Name: Security Center
Product: Windows XP SP2
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Risk factor (Virus/Trojan/Spyware): Rating

"wscntfy.exe" is the Windows Security Center, introduced in Service Pack 2. It displays a tray icon indicating the status of updates, virus protection, and firewall.

wscntfy.exe can be disabled by going in to "Services" and disabling Security Center (not recommented).

Note: The wscntfy.exe file file should appear only the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. If you happen to find this file in a different folder, it is possible that your wscntfy.exe is in reality a malicious file. Many trojans and viruses try to cloak their real identity by using the names of legitimate files. Any time that you encounter a suspicious process, you should verify the digital signature and the file path, for example using Anti-Spy.Info.

User feedback

There were 122 user requests for that file. 32 users classify it as harmless. 1 user classify it as not so dangerous. 12 users classify it as neutral. 5 users considered the file to be suspicious. 8 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete wscntfy.exe. 3 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingWindows Security Center, introduced in Service Pack 2 jacabnan
RatingSince I installed the WindowsServicePak 2 I am constantly annoyed with alerts. All of my firewall and Anti-Virus programs are all up to date. So far it is just bothersome. Elizabeth
RatingIt might be great for security problems, but - and I don't put appart it's only a problem with my system - since this service pack is installed, my system has become very slow ! It often freezes for split seconds. Because I did not have this trouble before the activation of this window process, I think it is not as good as it would seem. JF McDonald
Ratingthis file being related to service pack 2 for windows xp is ok. However make absolutly sure that you meet the minimum hardware requirements before you install service pack 2. Also I recommend doubling the system ram requirement for optimal performance. The anoying pop up stuff can be turned of by removing the virus monitoring and using the windows firewall. Jake
RatingIf you'd like to get rid of this process you'll want to go into your control panel and then go into the security center. Once in there look along the left bar where you'll see quite a bit of text. At the bottom of this list you'll see where it says change the way security center alerts me. Click on this. Uncheck all three of these settings  link for more info Sludg3
RatingAdded with the install of Service Pack 2. Displays options for firewall, auto updates, and virus protection. Not so much dangerous, as it is ANNOYING. Laura R.
RatingAnnoying service, depending on what AV/Firewall you use, it may bother you endlessly. Disable the "Security Center" service to never see it again. Mark
RatingInstalled with Service Pack 2. Displays options for firewall, auto updates and virus protection. Not dangerous, but ANNOYING. Laura R.
RatingIt is bothersome because i already know i have current antivirus/firewall, this seems to cause my computer to run slower. richard
Ratingtotally unnessicary for medium to advanced users...if your smart enough to be here, you obviously dont need it.
RatingEver since I installed SP2 my systems slower and freezes between tasks. George T.
RatingIt comes with sp2 for xp, it made my pc slow down quite a bit.
RatingRisky If Not Enabled Roland
RatingIt's just annoying! Altec
RatingWhile the program acts with good intent, it becomes quite a pest. Having automatic updates off, or having your own firewall is considered a "problem". haz3l
RatingIt is the windows security center program AKA the firewall you have Joey
RatingSince Installing Service Pack 2, this process was the biggest change. My computer would freeze stop motion ever so often. Since disabling it, my computer speed has been upgraded. We did good without it, don't really need it. Gamer
RatingMakes the system very slow ardi
RatingFinally, just a way to remember that you need 1. a firewall, 2. Windowsupdate and 3. Anti-virus. If you know this, you don't need that service unless you apreciate these little yellow popup messages coming out all the tiime. Laurent
RatingThe process for the security alerts (the little shield) - To remove it you can use security wizard to set Windows to 'I have a x that I monitor myself' and this will stop giving you the alerts. Mark Randall
RatingIt is part of SP2 and is known to slow down peopels computer.. But, it is not dangerous as such, it is as dangerous as the rest of windows. Joshuadwc
RatingSP2 app. to protect Windows. Essiential for an unprotected PC. Optianal otherwise DonChoudhry
Ratingsp2 protection options, shut it down if you know what your doing. TR
Ratingunnnecesary and annoying, disable in "service" Strato80
RatingIt's pure, utter and complete crap. Avoid SP2.
Ratingsecurity center is not necessary for advanced users but anyone below that should leave it running, and is only annoying because you havent taken the time to learn it or configure it properly Microsoft PC Safety Employee
RatingDoes collect information on your setup but does not link you to your computer. DominantHeart
Ratingjust change your preferences in its own options dialog jbon
RatingAnnoying on home laptop (xp home), never came up on a pc in the office (xp pro) Angelo
RatingWindows Security Centre Notification Process. It poses no risk whatsoever, its really for those who dont use a firewall etc/ If SP2 is slowing your pc down, clean install it!
RatingIf you're new at Windows security, leave it. If you understand how to protect your system then go into services and disable it.  link for more info Matt
RatingInstalling Service Pack 2 will not affect Norton AntiVirus. The Windows Security Center, which is a component of Windows XP Service Pack 2, will be aware that you have Norton AntiVirus installed, but it will not be able to determine its working status due to Symantec's tamper-protection technology.  link for more info at work
RatingFor experienced users, it's an annoyance. Richard Tarzanian
RatingDoes not make a computer any slower. disable security center and move on. Dan H.
RatingThis file has made my cpu clock speed go from 2.1 to 1.53 Anom
RatingIt is just a form of Microsoft sanctioned AdWare & MalWare. Ande Anderson
RatingAnother Microsoft attempt to scare users into using only their products! Brendan
RatingWas just annoyed that it's such a random name...gets caught in the hunt for actual spyware.
Ratingis directly related to the pop-up for security center, not dangerous at all. If you think SP2 slows your machine down, un-install it. If you dont like the little yellow pop-up, turn it off. Simple. timmy
RatingDieses Problem lässt sich einfach über eine Einstellung ändern. This problem can be solved by a setting. Gehe ins Windows-Sicherheitscenter und auf der Hauptseite auf der linken Seite unter 'Ressourcen' die Wahl 'Warnungseinstellungen des Sicherheitscenters ändern' anklicken - und deine Wahl treffen. Go to Windows-Security-Center and on the main page on the left side amongst 'Ressources' you will find a statement like 'change of alerts in security center' - and so do your choice. Polar Dragon
Ratingno idea on this file but i did find some random named processes since sp2... anyone have an idea on these... rbqjfz.exe and ghgct.exe... any info would be apreciated Chris
RatingHelpful and I think it's good for your system, but is annoying if you have automatic updates turned off, also makes many programs (mostly ones that use a lot of CPU power) not function correctly. I recommend major updating to SP2. BT
RatingIt's horrible. But, it isn't harmful, or nessecary. So do what you want. Disabling is recommended for users with slower computers. GenesisExodus
RatingDon't terminate this process unless you have experience with computers and know how to protect your system. By looking at the replies it seems like many of you don't. Arthur Vandelay
RatingSP2 made this 900Mhz PC with Cable run like a 533mhz on dialup on rox ,Disabled Security Center in Control panel and now everythings MUCH better and @ top speed, Thanks Tinysoft
RatingWindows Spionage möglichkeit M.Engels
RatingThis program is a head ache I have a solution Delorean
RatingComes with sp2 and is part of the security center. Not needed UNLESS you use windows firewall or similar services, 3rd party security software does not rely on it unit321
RatingPS2 Security Centre - A pointless piece of junk that should not be in a 'Pro' version. Anybody used to win2k will agree that we are not KIDS and do not need toys Tc
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