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Information about common Windows files

Here you find information and user opinions about common Windows files.

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cli.exe CLI.EXE or CLI Application (Command Line Interface) ATI Technologies Inc ( ACE or Catalyst Control Centre
cfd.exe CFD or Client Foundation
ccproxy.exe Common Client Network Proxy Service or Symantec Network Proxy Service Symantec Corporation ( Common Client or Client and Host Security Platform
cdaengine0400.dll WebDriver Content Delivery Agent Engine WildTangent, Inc ( WebDriver Content Delivery Agent
ctdvddet.exe CTDVDDET Creative Technology Ltd ( CTDVDDET
ccregvfy.exe Common Client Registry Integrity Verifier Symantec Corporation ( Common Client
cidaemon.exe Indexing Service filter daemon Microsoft Corporation ( Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
cteaxspl.exe Startup Splash or Eax Splash Creative Technology Ltd ( CTEaxSpl
cisvc.exe Content Index service Microsoft Corporation ( Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
cmicnfg.cpl CmiCnfg DLL C-Media Corporation CmiCnfg Dynamic Link Library
csbb.dll CSBB Module
cdac15ba.sys Macrovision SECURITY Driver Macrovision Europe Ltd ( Security Windows NT
ccpxysvc.exe Norton Internet Security Proxy Service Symantec Corporation ( Norton Internet Security
cursorxp.exe CursorXP
ctnotify.exe Disc Detector Creative Technology Ltd ( Creative Disc Detector
csrs.exe Csrs Microsoft Corporation ( Csrs
connmngmntbox.exe ConnMngmntBox Module Symbian Ltd ( Symbian Connect or ConnMngmntBox Module
cpqdfwag.exe Compaq Diagnostics Application Compaq Computer Corporation ( or Hewlett-Packard ( Compaq Remote Diagnostics Enabling Agent
contextmenu.dll Adobe Acrobat Elements or Adobe Acrobat Context Menu Adobe Systems Inc ( Adobe Acrobat Elements

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