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Information about common Windows files

Here you find information and user opinions about common Windows files.

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tfswshx.dll Drive Letter Access Component or Direct Access Component
tsm2.exe tsm.exe
toolbar.dll iSearch Toolbar or IE Toolbar ( or IE Toolbar iSearch Toolbar or IE Toolbar
tgcmd.exe tgcmd Module or Scheduler and Command Dispatcher or ComcastSUPPORT / Agent, Inc ( tgcmd Module or Scheduler and Command Dispatcher or ComcastSUPPORT / Agent
tablet.exe WacomService Wacom Technology, Corp ( Wacom Win32 Tablet Service
ts2.exe ts.exe
tbps.exe SearchToolbar Plugin Server or WebSearch Toolbar Plugin Server
tppaldr.exe TPP Auto Loader Application Cypress Semiconductor ( or In-System Design, Inc TPP Storage Adapter
tmlisten.exe Trend Micro Inc ( Trend Micro OfficeScan
taskmgr.exe Windows TaskManager Microsoft Corporation ( Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
tfnf5.exe TFnF Toshiba Corp ( Toshiba Hotkey Utility for Display Devices or Toshiba Hotkey-Utility zur Geräteanzeige
tdispvol.exe TDispVol TOSHIBA Corporation ( TDispVol
tbpanel.exe EXPERTool : Display Control Panel Gainward Co ( EXPERTool : Display Control Panel

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