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Information about P2P Networking.exe file

File: P2P Networking.exe
Name: P2P Networking
Product: P2P Networking
Manufacturer: Joltid Ltd (

To see an overall evaluation of the P2P Networking.exe (and all other running background processes) download the free trial version of Anti-Spy.Info. Please note that malware files are often named like well-known files to cover up its true intentions. So it's recommended to validate the file and the file's location on your computer. If you find the file belonging to a "non-Microsoft" process in your Windows folder, then it could be malware.

User feedback

There were 156 user requests for that file. 3 users considered the file to be suspicious. 2 users classify it as bad and recommend to delete P2P Networking.exe. 3 users didn't classify it ("don't know").

RatingI am scared of this file
RatingHas something to do with Kazaa Dave Haak
RatingI don't have Kazaa. Possibly also linked with Grokster? noob
RatingKazaa Seuche
RatingIt is from the creators of KaZaa and apparently does the same thing. It has no business being on my network servers and the fact that it's there means to me it is dangerous. Dano
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